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Frontier Name Change Policy – 2022[updated]

Frontier Airlines is the US-based ultra-low-cost carrier that operates from its primary hub at Denver international airport. Frontier Airlines gives customers peace of mind when traveling, knowing they will be protected against type errors or misspelled names or needing to change their name, which can now be done hassle-free and without spending too much. Here are the important highlights from the Frontier Airlines name change policy:

Frontier Airlines Name Change Rules

I was just reading the information from Frontier’s Name Change Policy and here are some important points they address.

Frontier Airlines Name Change Fee

To change or correct the name of a flight, passengers should contact Frontier Airlines Customer Service (for example, to add an email address they’re travelling under) and book new itineraries with that updated name.

How to Request Frontier Airlines Name Correction on the Ticket?

Those passengers wishing to change their itinerary can do so easily. Frontier provides different options for passengers.

Change Name on Frontier Ticket Online

To process the Frontier Airlines name correction request through our Complaint Resolution department, follow these simple steps –

Change Name on Frontier Ticket over the Phone

Reach out to the  Frontier Airlines customer service phone number  and wait for a representative to get connected.

Change Name on Frontier Ticket at the Airport

If you want to speak with Frontier Airlines executives while on your flight, they can be found near the nearest desk or on your way into the airport.

Frontier Airlines Name Correction Policy  – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frontier Airlines allows passengers to change their names online if they need to. To do this, passengers will have to book another ticket instead of the original and put the correct name down on that ticket.

To correct or change the name of your reservation, make an edit in your Frontier Airlines reservation. You can also use their website or app to do this. You may have to pay a fee and any fare difference may apply.

In an effort to prevent mishaps and errors with Frontier’s flights, it is best to change the name at the ticketing website before 24 hours have passed. A full refund will be given, and then a new reservation can be made with the correct name.

When traveling with Frontier Airlines, passengers must have their name match on the ticket and the government designated photo ID of the airline’s travel. A passenger may be denied boarding if there is no matching name on the traveler’s Frontier Airlines ticket.

Frontier Airlines helps name changes happen easily and quickly. Passengers may change the name the day prior to their departure, but then are limited in their ability to change it for other bookings.

Only changes to Frontier Airlines’s name that are pursuant to legal obligations such as finishing divorce proceedings, getting married, or due to a change of legal names on government-issued forms for identification would be allowed. Customer service teams can process name request at Frontier Airlines customer service number.

If you are traveling on Alaska Airlines and need a different name to get on the flight, you will have to pay the different name change fee in addition to the difference in fare as well.

Frontier Airlines will not accept transfers of tickets if a different person is planning to fly on that ticket. No other passengers are allowed to use the travel credit either.

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