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Frontier Carry on Size, Weight & Fees 2022 | Frontier Baggage Allowances in Details

Travelling efficiently will cut down on the amount of stress you need to deal with. One would be regarding the airlines. If you have a recent flight to take with Frontier airlines, one of the many popular ones, then scanning their rulings and policies comes first.

And that is how you can find out the carry-on size of the land, giving you some ideas on what rules to follow. Today, let’s give you some information on why it’s important to pack light.

Carry-on bag size and weight all depend on the airlines. Bags need to be no more than 35 pounds in weight and 16x10x24 inches in dimension (length x width x height). If they are called frequently, they might be suspicious that you are carrying something else to your destination, like weapons or other items of concern.

Frontier Carry on Size Allowance:

The “Frontier size” for carrying on bag basically refers to perfectly fitting in the overhead compartment. It can also go under your seat. And that’s why you can carry a diverse range of bags including backpacks, duffels as well as suitcases. Keep in mind, that the dimensions would include bag wheels, handles, and straps.

Specification of Bag Frontier Carry on Size.
Height 24 inches
Width 10 inches
Length 16 inches
Weight 35 pounds

When ensuring your cargo is within the stipulated dimension and weight limits, follow these rules. If you fail to follow them you could incur additional charges, that could increase based on how much you exceed them.

Frontier Carry on Bag Fees:

We are all about price. Whatever you need to know about what, wherever, we will give the price so that you can compare the rates and make a decision in less time than it would take for someone else to do the same.

Usually, the prices of frontier carry-on luggage depend on a few more factors, like number of items, weight and dimensions.

As you notice, there is a difference with varying costs depending on the situation and travel dates. If you make the payment when booking, it would cost around 36-40 dollars.

Booking hotel rooms can cost quite a bit of money, with many websites charging fees as high as $25. However, if you are calling their customer service line the fee is just $14.

Keep in mind:

If you wait and don’t pay at the ticket counter, be sure to bring an extra bag ahead of your flight so the cost will be at less than 60 dollars. If you decide to pay at the gate, be prepared for a higher price minimum

You can enjoy free carry-on bags when you sign up for our premium membership. This is one way we keep a close relationship with the airlines, another reason many of our clients subscribe.

Here is the table with three columns: Type of Service, Rates per day, and Package size. It is organized this way to help you choose which service or package would work best for everyone in your group.

Type of Carry-on Bag Fee
Pre-booked Type. 30-55 dollars.
Checked at Gate Type 60 dollars.
Online Booking 42 dollars
Web check-in 43 dollars.
Call Center Booking 25-55 dollars
Paid at Ticket Counter 55 dollars

Every Frontier – led leash is designed and made with comfort in mind.

There are specific rules and regulations for what you can bring with you on an international flight and we want to help you not get hit with any surprise charges. Leisure travelers need to know.

There are limitations on carry-on size with Frontier, however there may be a few items you can bring personal. For example, briefcases, laptop bags and purses that you can bring without charge. You can only bring one personal item on each flight.

There are items that not to be carried on the plane. The limits for carry-on luggage vary among airlines so do keep an eye out for restrictions.

Some seats don’t have the storage that passengers need. If you’re in a class with bulkhead seats, your carry-on bag must be within the maximum size allowed on any aircraft overhead bin.

Personal Item Details:

Airlines allow you to personally carry on items not purchased at the airport. They do charge a fee for the privilege but it is worth it because those items nearly always make it all the way to your destination intact

Frontier Checked Bag Allowance & Fees:

Frontier doesn’t allow bags that weigh over 50 pounds. They also have a height and width restriction. The total dimension of their bags should measure 62 inches.

This is because the pricing for the desired rides fluctuates, depending on what you want to do and how long your desired vacation will last.

Here is what a typical charge for domestic flights in the United States costs.

Type Of Checked Bag Fee Range Length + Width + Height Weight
1st Bag 30-50 Dollars 62 Inches 50 lbs.
2nd Bag 45 to 55 Dollars 62 Inches 50 lbs.
3rd & More Bags 5 to 95 Dollars 62 Inches 50 lbs.

Special Items & Sports Equipment:

Travellers travelling with sporting equipment need to bring appropriate bags. They should use a size and weight allowance. Some examples of what would be prohibited in checked baggage are lacrosse equipment, fishing equipment, skis, golf bags, hockey.

There are two ways you can get special items at a discounted price: for free and as a paid customer.

Firearm & Ammunition:

As of May 2016, all private weapons can be transported without additional permits

Refer to these guidelines for more information on how much to allow your child for allowance

Smart Bags Rules:

You are not allowed to bring a bag that has a lithium battery if your battery isn’t removable on an aircraft. If a bag feels too heavy, too big, or doesn’t stay in place easily, it can’t be brought.

Damaged & Lost Baggage:

Airlines take responsibility for a few items. They typically do not accept liability for any items that are in your checked baggage, including musical instruments, business documents, jewellery, money, medals, keys and accessories, and computer equipment.

In cases of lost bags or damaged, air travel policies can be complicated. Here is the information you need, what to do if you have a problem with airlines losing your bag.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size bag is free on Frontier?

Anyone who purchases the frontier basic fare ticket can bring a personal item for free. This is applicable for bags that do not exceed 14x18x8 inches in dimension. Remember this is different to carry-on size allowances, it refers to individual items.

Is a backpack considered a carry-on Frontier?

Many carry-on bags are also considered backpacks. Most do not count travel wallets, small makeup kits, laptops, or whatever kind of accessories you might have inside as part of one’s bags.

How strict is Frontier with a carry-on?

At frontier, they are quite strict with their rules when it comes to carry on luggage. You can say that their rules make transporting your personal items a bit difficult. So, it is best to stick with their guidelines to reduce the stress that you might feel.

How does one know if they have purchased their ticket to the Frontier Airlines Flights?

When customers make a purchase of their carry-on luggage and check in, they can mark their luggage with the tag from Frontier. Frontier will be able to recognize that this luggage is theirs, while they won’t be able to see anything on the tags coming off of any other bags checked in.

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