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FRONTIER AIRLINES CARRY ON SIZES, Allowance & Fees Guide [2021]

It can be exhausting when you’re traveling and trying to find an acceptable carry-on size. You end up overpaying or paying more because of extra weight. It’s never worth it to worry during your travels, especially when you want to keep on flying with ease, again, particularly if there are young children with you.

Then, if we’re talking about a different airline, they may have a reputation for being stricter than others. The carry-on size they charge might not be an easy buy with fees for each pound you add to your flight plan. Let’s take a look at the carry-on size rules for an easy, relaxed flight.

Frontier Carry-on Size

The baggage charges are expensive and you only get one carry-on bag. There is a limit on how much weight the baggage can weigh, but if you need to be overweight or go over the limit, the charges will apply for every extra pound.

The carry-on size limit is 35 pounds. It should not be much larger than 16 inches in any direction except the width, which can be more than 10 inches. That’s because the handles, straps, and wheels of a bag need space given that they are part of the same dimensions.

Is there anywhere I can hang my bag? There are the overhead bins or there is space under the seat in front of me.

When you pack for a trip, there are a variety of choices that can be made. While most people opt for either a duffel bag or a backpack, some carry on bags have smaller compartments inside; which should fit beneath their seat during the flight.

Frontier Carry-on Bag Fees

The baggage fees depend on the length of the air route, as well as other factors in order to calculate how much your bags will cost you. With that information and taking into account cable, gas money, and a car, the price for a carry-on ranges from $37 to $39.

If you’re offline, you should have done it within the 24-hour window after your flight’s departure time. If not, it carries a fee of about $42 most of the time. Different types of reservations are all priced around $43 too. You should try to book close to when you first bought your ticket if possible. The prices increase with additional wait periods and expire with new tickets that are booked, usually reaching $55 – $65 per person.

Carry-on bags must be checked in at the airport, unless you happen to do it at the gate.It costs $5 more per bag to check in your luggage at the gate. The price of checking in your bag will depend on how far you have traveled.

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Care about quality, security, comfort and travel within the temperature range when flying with Frontier Airlines.

Frontier’s policies for their personal items are surprisingly limiting. This means that most airlines can sometimes be a little slack which leads to you not being guaranteed the space or your item in hand, so what do you have to do when they want to charge more?

On the bag sizer, there is a square for a personal item. Your one must completely fit in that square. Now, you might ask what counts as Frontier personal item size?

For many people, this usually means the backpack, tote bag or briefcase of their kids, but there are also more than just one type of personal item typically included.

If you’re looking for affordable shopping, there are options that include a CPAP device, some sort of support equipment, or crutches with no additional cost.

Here is a small but significant difference to keep in mind when it comes to Frontier and personal item size. Paying for carry-on bag or a personal item isn’t free of charge on Frontier. If the carry-on bag is over your size limit, additional fees will apply, but if your personal item is over the standard restrictions, there are no charges.

This leads to more people not wanting to go over the size limit on personal items. It also makes it harder for people who are carrying a lot of luggage and are forced to pay for checking their bags and maybe even leaving their item behind at the airport because they’ll have to pay extra fees.

You’ll have trouble with your personal items if they exceed the size limit by even a little bit. There is a risk of losing your passenger if you choose to check it in at the gate even though it would be much cheaper to buy it there and take your chances with the delicate case.

You are also allowed to carry a water bottle as your personal items. However, the material of the container in which you keep it holds must be 100 ml or under. The bag you carry it in has to be transparent and fit in the personal item size limit rules.

Travellers can avoid paying baggage fees by checking bags before they leave their hometown. Travellers can also avoid paying extra money when they buy a bigger suitcase or bag.

Baggage not exceeding 62 linear inches would be allowed. For example, a bag that is 3 feet wide and 5 feet long and weigh less than 100 lbs would be too small. Anything bigger than 110 inches in rollable dimension will have to be left behind.

For travelers over the weight of 50 pounds, a pre-established charge is added to the existing checked baggage fees. You need to pay an additional $75 if the bag is bigger than the weight limit as well. In general, it may be better to just pay for your check bag when purchasing your travel tickets. You can use your credit card to pay for that as well, considering you’ll save nearly 50 percent off of what would have been charged compared to waiting closer too departure date.

Frontier Free Item Allowance

There are extra items that Frontier does not charge for. You can bring on your personal item and carry-on, these items the company’s size limit would depend on whether or not there is sufficient space and it could fit in the aircraft’s storage area. Other than your personal item and carry-on, some other items you can keep with you at all times.

Child Restraint Seat

It is best to purchase your tickets ahead of time. If you have an infant with you, please consider purchasing one or two additional seats in order to ensure that the baby is safe and includes a child restraint seat. If a separate chair is not problematic, go ahead and purchase a seat beside your child without the child restraint seat. Parents are often split up during their trip if they had not purchased enough seats beforehand.

You can use a harness or FAA-approved car seat for your child at all times. If your child is younger than two, then you do not need to purchase a seat at all if you do not wish to do so. Your child can travel in your lap and you would be allowed to bring a diaper bag on the airplane without any extra fee.


Baby strollers and car seats must travel under the passenger’s checked baggage. In some cases they will be allowed through as a carry-on if they fit under your seat and you have enough room in your luggage to take them along with your gear.

Strollers are checked at the airport before departure. One of the Frontier agents will travel with your stroller. When you arrive at a destination, another agent will bring your stroller to you so you can use it there too.

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A coat or a jacket is anything you can have on your body. Our advice for carrying items in the cold weather is to bring an item with lots of tiny pockets. This way, you will be able to quickly find small pieces of information such as a lip balm when you need it.

Support Equipment

If there is a person who has special needs and support equipment or assistive item is required by their airline in order to keep them safe during the flight, the airline won’t charge for it. As long as there’s enough proof of what this person actually needs, the airline shouldn’t charge for it.

CPAP Device

Passengers with life-threatening allergies can request allergen protection materials aboard their flights. A portable oxygen concentrator or something similar can be brought on board, as long as the passenger has appropriate documentation and tests. The customer must also make last-minute arrangements before or during the flight.

OXYGEN DEVICES – Frontier Airlines requires passengers to be able to fit their device and canister within the prescribed size, though every now and then travelers do exceed regulations. The airline also doesn’t come with power, so you’re going to need a charger or another power source.


Books can also be taken with you or any other reading material, but it’s all about what the airline allows too. It has to be a reasonable amount and not many that would cause problems for the safekeeping of baggage. For example, two paperbacks wouldn’t set off any red flags. However, 4 hardcovers might cause an issue so Airways might ask you to leave those behind or keep them inside a larger bag.

A Rug

Certain religions need rugs outside of the house for the purpose of prayer. If you are unsure if your rug would be appropriate, not to worry! You will still know if it is 3 x 2 inches or no larger than that and it will still be free to bring on the flight.


If you are taking an aircraft, then bring your cane. This can also be used in other vulnerable ways like supporting someone using crutches for balance or even as a foldable walking stick for people who have mobility issues. As long as it does not cause problems, then there should be no cost to you.


If you don’t want to pay extra to the retailer, we will not require you to buy the airline’s food. In fact, you can bring your own food from home or buy at the airport and then bring it on board. That way, even if you’re traveling alone with just basic necessities in your carry-on bag and don’t need a checked bag, we won’t charge for it at all!

Consider carrying Frontier on your type of pet luggage.

Frontier certainly does not allow passengers with their pets to take them along for the flight as baggage. Unfortunately, this means that carrying your pet becomes a huge pain. This can be avoided by traveling light on Frontier and bringing your pet along as carry-on baggage.

Here are the requirements for traveling with your pet. The carrier must be carry-on size that can fit 9 in tall, 14 in wide and 18 inches deep, without adding any extra storage. In order to make sure you get your complete amount of luggage on your flight and don’t have to pay extra fees, the carrier should have an airy ventilation system. The single pet carry-on fee costs $99.

Frontier Prohibited Items

Transportation Security Administration discourages any item that can cause a panic. Some items are prohibited to be brought on an aircraft, regardless of where they fit into the carry-on, personal item, or checked baggage fees size limit.

Many times TSA will not allow certain objects from being brought onto a plane. Certain items, such as magnetic force receptacles, require proper special labeling. Here are a few examples of items that can lead to being banned from carry-on luggage.


You should never have insecticide in your carry-on luggage. However, you can pass it through the checked baggage holding area if you label it properly as HAZMAT. The HAZMAT here stands for specific categories of hazardous material, in this case clothing and luggage.

Nonalcoholic beverages with a high sugar content

If you have a small quart-sized bag with you and a bottle with an alcoholic content that can fit within the bag, wrap it up and stay legal. The percentage you can bring on the airplane has to be under 70 percent.

We provide a safe service for securing dangerous substances.

You are not allowed to bring ammunition for your carry-on bag at the airport. You cannot bring anything that could harm other passengers with you either. You can also ask airline staff if you would like to pay for checked baggage fees that way, or have them transport your items that way.

Sharp Objects

Something like a box cutter cannot be carried on. If you need to bring it with you, make sure to pack it securely with the proper documentation required for transport and do not wrap around any personnel causing injury or harm. This is a common misconception among many people as well as companies who handle deliveries from Amazon or large retail companies.

Knitting needles are not allowed as carry-on items. Again, you have to make sure your knitting needle will not cause any harm to other travelers.

Baseball Bat

The TSA regulations list certain sports equipment as dangerous if they can be used to injure someone, such as a golf club or baseball bat. These are items that are allowed only in your checked baggage so that they won’t go through the security checkpoint.


Here at Frontier, you can take your bike on a plane with you as carry-on or check it for free if you’re willing to pay the checked bag fees.

Frontier Military Member Exemptions

Military members who are on active duty get to enjoy exemptions on some trips. They may be allowed a single personal item, one free carry-on bag, and two checked bags while traveling.

An overweight baggage can be submitted with no fee as long as the qualifying weight of their baggage doesn’t exceed two times the standard limit.

Members of the military flying on active duty would have to check in any bags for free at the airport before arriving. Their family members may still be charged for baggage service, but this does not apply to active duty members.

However, if military personnel prefer to check in a carry-on bag under their name instead of their spouse, it should not be a problem.

Frontier Check-in

Besides having the ability to check-in, passengers can meet and connect with friends, find their baggage if something happens on the trip, or do whatever suits them.

The online check-in window opens about 24 hours from the flight departure time. Then, it stops about 1 hour from the actual departure time. In the check-in window, you can see your entire schedule and get your boarding pass printed. For your bags, it would be better to check-in online since the airport carry-on bag fees may cost you more.

If you are traveling with Frontier Airlines and are checking-in via their mobile app, click the “boarding pass” link to get your mobile boarding pass and skip the line.

There are different types of check-in options available at Frontier airports. You can use your confirmation email, the code, ID, passport, and credit card information to check your itinerary, purchase checked baggage, or carry-on baggage. You can also get your boarding pass printed and get your seating upgraded.

You’ll need 2 hours to get through the airport before your plane takes off. You might have to print a boarding pass, carry your credit card, and check in all the necessary bags. It’s helpful to arrive at the gate with a little time left in your hand so you can settle in for your flight.

If you require a wheelchair, be sure to ask special assistance in advance or include your requirements when you are booking your flight. A wheelchair would be brought onto the plane for you in the airport cabin before departure. When you reach the boarding gate, make sure any assistance equipment is accompanied by sufficient documentation and identification to meet regulations.

There’s also the matter of luggage checking in time. For domestic flights, passengers have to check-in their bags 45 minutes before. For international flights, passengers have to submit their bags 60 minutes before the flight takes off.

You should be at the airport gate 30 minutes from departure time.

Please make sure to find the right travel option to ensure a smooth journey.

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