Finnair Baggage Allowance, Fees and Policy [2021]

Finnair has a global network of flights to and from, and within 34 destinations. It’s important to know the baggage allowance policies so you can avoid any last-minute delays and have plenty of space in your bag. Finnair usually doesn’t allow people to carry more than 18kg on board their flights. There are certain rules when traveling internationally as well. For instance, you will be required to take off any form of plants and foods you eat in order for it to be considered “cosmetics.”

If you’re buying a ticket in Finnair, there is a limit of possessions that go with you. The checked baggage allowance is one and personal items are also one. Determine how to make your experience simple by getting some advice on the weight limitations for each type of bag and the restrictions for items.

Finnair Carry-On Baggage Allowance

Regardless of the weight limit for carry-on bags, try your best to pack what you need. If you are traveling during winter, this is especially recommended by airlines. People often bring their coats and other items and ultimately, the flight ends up short on space. This causes a delay for the flight as the ground crew has to come remove the excess baggage and redirect it to the cargo hold.

The overhead locker is for carry-on baggage and the personal item under the seat in front of you can be taken out instead. If you do not bring any carry-on, you can put your personal item in the compartment instead. If you bring a coat or jacket with you, there might be a hook near your seat where it can hang.

Another thing to note is that only passengers sitting on the emergency passenger seats or in the smoking compartment can use their locker located over the row of emergency exit.

You can always choose between different travel classes. Depending on their size, the amount of carry-on baggage you will be able to carry with you may also differ.

Finnair Business Class Allowance

If you are flying with companies, you have two baggage allowances and a personal item. The bag can be 40 cm in width, 23 cm in height and 55 cm in width at most. There are restrictions on what you may bring. A laptop or tablet would be considered a personal item while smaller things like makeup bags and handbags would not be. All of your belongings may weigh no more than 22 pounds when packed.

Finnair Economy Class Allowance

One personal item and one carry-on are the most economy class would allow. Thankfully, the size requirements have the same weight allowance constraints as that of business class. Only, the baggage allowance has been downgraded to 8 kg or 17.5 lbs., considering business class allows two carry-ons.

Finnair Carry-On Special Allowance

No matter if the adult is carrying any extra items, they have the same baggage allowance as children. If it is a small child with no baggage on a flight, then they can bring a stroller or car seat along but not much else. Similarly, adult passengers will be allowed to bring food and milk for their young ones as well.

You should remember that you may only bring one carry-on bag, which includes a foldable pushchair. Because hold luggage is limited to 22kg and this may be over the limit for being able to take it with your provided baggage allowance.

Commonly used devices such as canes and musical instruments cannot be brought on board provided they don’t exceed the limit of 1 carry-on baggage. You are allowed to bring one violin that doesn’t weigh more than 20lbs but not a piano.

If you are travelling by plane, it is important to know that the contents of your bag are counted as carry-ons. This is because if you do not adhere to the carry-on rules, you would have to pay excess baggage fees.

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Finnair Carry-on Restricted Items

All liquid items, like water, juice and other drinks, as well as semi-liquid food items like honey, jam, etc. are banned from the event.

Mostly, liquids are not allowed. There are many restrictions on the types of liquid you can bring in an airplane cabin. 1 liter is the maximum allowed amount, where the liquid will be stored in 100 ml sealed plastic bag to avoid mixing with other passengers’ liquids. The airport security needs to inspect the plastic bag and will decide if it is fine or not.

We’re sorry, but all liquids of any kind are not allowed on board with us. Toiletry items, cosmetics, medications, contact lenses and anything else you can immerse yourself in are not allowed on the LATE.

Knives, scissors, and skating are some of the items that are not allowed on a plane. Some of the other things that are not allowed on planes is alcohol, tablets, and devices that emit heat.

Fireworks and pyrotechnics, but also lighters, matches, lithium-ion, and metal batteries are restricted by law. However, for batteries, 2-gram lithium or 100 watts are still allowed.

Finnair Checked Baggage Allowance

Economy class is the best option for travelers weighing less than fifty pounds. The checked baggage can be a trolley or a huge luggage container. Business-class offers more space and brings your checked baggage up to seventy percent of the total weight.

For the classes, both men and women are provided with one option to take. These can be sports equipment, musical, snowboard, or anything that fits within 220 cm. For any bags above the maximum weight limit an additional fee will apply.

Airlines often have weight limits. You will break the limit if you bring in some items, such as luggage or sports equipment. Don’t bring your own wheelchair, but airlines often allow this. The best thing to do is pay online for baggage fees before you fly instead of carrying them with you on the plane. Airport-based baggage fees are more expensive.

Finnair Excess Baggage Fees

If you carry more than 50 pounds of baggage on your flights, you must pay a fee of €75 or €55 depending on which airline you are flying with to/from Finland, Scandinavia and international flights and countries in North America.

There can be a fee for any baggage that is greater than the specified for an airline. You’ll have to pay extra if you fly with bags wider and taller than 220 cm or heavier than 50 lbs

If you have a business class ticket, 70 lbs doesn’t arouse any charges. If you’re an Oneworld Emerald member or Finnair Plus Platinum member, you can take your luggage on board without extra costs!

Extra fees apply to a few other special categories of baggage.

  • Traveling with guns via airlines always includes a fee of 45 Euros, 80 Euros for Asia and North America. If you exceed 50 pounds in baggage weight at the same time as packing your guns in another bag, then an extra fee applies. Bullets and firearms have to travel separately in these cases.
  • If you were wondering, here’s the answer to your question. Musical instruments over 50 lbs cannot travel with you on Finnair unless special permission is granted, and anything heavier than 70 lbs still has to be paid for as extra baggage.
  • It’s always best to contact Finnair representatives as soon as possible to ask about the pet fees. In some cases, no fee is needed for a small dog, but an airline representative will know the details.
  • Restricted Items
  • Flights from Finland allow passengers to bring a few types of items as checked baggage. If a passenger is carrying something that might create problems, it may not go in their carry-on luggage at all.

Everyone must not bring any type of dangerous projectile such as guns or firearms inside the cabin. Any object that has sharp ends does not have a place inside. People wearing a taser will not be allowed in the cabin either. All tools and instruments are prohibited on the property of CabinLandz.

If you need to carry any kind of ammunition, fire drills will be impossible. This means nothing can blow, explode or start a fire in your checked baggage as it is banned by law. You should carry it on an airplane that is kept safely under surveillance until leaving the country.

Finnair Special Baggage

There is a fee for carrying two pieces of checked baggage, but if it exceeds the 50 lb weight or 70 lbs weight allowance, it’s considered special baggage. If your luggage falls under that limit and meets the requirement for a special suitcase, then you should let your airline know early so that they’ll make sure to keep an appropriate area available for you.

We offer sports equipment, including golf bags and tennis rackets. This service includes delivery, collection, and transport all in one package.

  • Skiing equipment, surfboards weighing more than the airline’s weight limit will be considered extra baggage. If you have some other items in your bag that weigh less they would not be considered extra.
  • Packing well for golf can be a challenge. The golf clubs, balls and other equipment have to fit in one bag.
  • Diving is cheaper when any diving equipment is checked as baggage. Small tanks of oxygen, which are not included in luggage because they are heavy, are charged a fee if theirs is mixed into the luggage with other items that are not really necessary.
  • A bicycle usually costs more than $50 if it’s less than 50 pounds. But always inform the airline in advance if you are carrying a bicycle because you will have to wrap it in a protective case.
  • A country’s embassy has to be contacted before you are allowed to board firearms for sports on the airplane. Inside a firearm case, 5 short arm guns or 2 long arm guns can be brought on the flight as long as they are securely wrapped in individual cutouts that do not allow extensions of their gun barrels. Ammunition cannot be made out of combustible materials and must be stored in separate cases that do not contain explosives, steel cores, or balls. Regardless of the firearm type (pistol, rifle, shotgun) these measures must also be taken with each single, shot fired.
  • The stick needs to be packaged separately from regular baggage. Ice hockey and fishing are standard baggage unless the assembled stick is in a separate package.
  • The vaulting poles are extra checked pieces. Each flight will have a different fee for luggage so there is no need to worry about transport charges.

Special Baggage- Musical Instruments

  • Instruments which are being checked as carry on items, have to be inside a hard case with no dimensions exceeding 125 cm. The weight of these instruments also has to equal the weight of all luggage that is being check.
  • If you have to carry your musical instrument inside the cabin but you are unable to take it as a carry-on or personal item, there is an option for purchase.
  • If you need to take an instrument larger than 50 pounds on your flight, there will be a conversation with the airline. They’ll decide if they can make the space for you but it may come at a cost to you.
  • If a passenger is injured in an accident, he or she should file an accident report.
  • Whether you’re traveling for pleasure or for business, accidents happen that can put a damper on your trip. Finnair has policies in place to keep you covered in case anything happens.

Finnair Lost Baggage Policy

Landing at the airport and arranging for transportations can be hectic, especially if you have a business meeting in a few hours. It is startlingly common occurrence for passengers to lose their belongings. Carry-on baggage is usually light – don’t forget that it’s easy to forget its weight, since it doesn’t weigh much while your holding it in your hands.

Finnair sent a message to all of the passengers who had lost baggage that same day.

Finnair Delayed Baggage Policy

You can create a report for a baggage delay. There is a report option online where you can register one with the ground crew before leaving the airport. Once you have made the report, you can leave the airport and go about your day. The Finnair staff would personally contact you so an arrangement can be made for you to receive your belongings.

You can access your answers and updates when it comes to tracking your lost baggage. If even after 72 hours, your baggage is not collected by the airline, this form you created can help you piece together what happened.

We also compensate people who had their baggage delayed, no matter how they were impacted. The compensation can be requested directly through the airline or through your insurance company, who would contact the airline on your behalf.

Finnair Damaged Baggage Policy

If you notice your bag has been damaged and you are still at the airport, contact a Finnair service team. Depending on the situation, some packagings will be reimbursed. This can include the cost of a new bag or even partial reimbursement for missed flights and other expenses.

If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an air flight accident, Finnair will work with the appropriate insurance company to help you get your compensation.

On the vast majority of flights, popular airline Finnair does a good job with handling your baggage. Whenever you damage your bags during the flight, other than regular wear, it is not considered as caused by mishandling.

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