Fiji Airways Flight Change Policy – 2022[updated]

Life happens so as our plans change. Fiji Airways’ change of flight policy means that you do not have to worry at all. You can reschedule the trip, which appeals to those who are not in a rush to plan, or enjoy the trip hassle-free with a change/cancel fee.

  • When you book a reservation through Fiji Airways customer service phone number, through official website, at the airport ticket counters, or at the nearest Fiji Airways ticket office, you can change your reservation without any fee if you cancel within 24 hours of when you purchase.
  • Fiji Airways policy on flights changes. Customers should purchase their tickets through Fiji Airways customer service phone number, official website, airport ticket counters, or nearest Fiji Airways office.
  • Fiji Airways will gladly provide a free rebooking when needed. Its experience of travelling within and outside the US shows that travellers get to cancel flights in a timely manner, so they offer this feature with no strings attached.
  • If you wish to change your departure time or destination, you must do so at least 24 hours before your scheduled flight.
  • In the case of discount airline segments (OCL), passengers get to pay any changes in fare, fees and surcharges. The Fiji Airways change fee is applicable when the difference from Fiji to Auckland is the same or less than what the other airlines would charge for a similar travel itinerary.
  • Fiji Airways is not responsible for any contingencies when you change your flight date during a booking. It may be more difficult to plan things like hotel and ground transportation, so please contact the airline.
  • Fiji Airways recently updated their one-way and return point-to-point flight policies. Now, they will only allow these types of flights if they are a direct route.
  • We’re only liable if a booking has been made, and it still hasn’t started to fly. Our company covers every aspect of its booking service, so no matter what your situation is, you can book with confidence.

Fiji Airways Change Flight 24 Hours Policy

Passengers are allowed to change their flights within 24 hours of purchase as long as the scheduled departure date is at least 7 days in advance. The following terms and conditions must be applicable for Fiji Airway flight change policy –

  • One must fly from Canada to the United States and then from the United States to Canada.
  • Our flight change policy is that we don’t offer the changes requests within 24 hours on bereavement fares, military fares, and reservations made with frequent flyer points.
  • If you change your flight by plane 200 USD may be applicable within 24 hours of the scheduled departure date within 7 days at the time of flight change.
  • If you change the dates of your travel, you can’t use this future credit as Fiji Airways already has 24 hours to make changes within.
  • Fiji Airways never charges a change fee. If the day happens to be different from when you bought your ticket, the airline will collect any difference in fare.
  • When booking any flights through the airline’s website, you can get a refund and change your flight up to 24 hours before departure.
  • Fiji Airways’ 24-hour change policy applies to all fare classes, types of service, and all ticket conditions.

Fiji Airways Change Fee

Fiji Airways has a FAQ page that is really helpful when someone is trying to find out how much it will cost them to fly.

Period before the commencement of the Booking within which Fiji Airways change flight request is received by usFiji Airways change fee
From 60 to 31 days25% of the purchase price of the Booking + any applicable fare difference
From 30 to 15 days50% of the purchase price of the Booking + any applicable fare difference
Less than 15 days100% of the purchase price of the Booking + any applicable fare difference
After scheduled departure100% of the purchase price of the Booking + any applicable fare difference

Fiji Airways Flight Change Request

You’re allowed to change your Fiji Airways flight. From changing a date, time, destination, or seat selection to changing flights on the same day of travel.

  • Say that you booked a flight with Fiji Air and realized 11 months before the travel date that you had another opportunity come up. You can request a change to the travel date by adjusting your booking so it’s within 11 months, or by paying an additional fee of $150.
  • At Fiji Airways, passengers can change their name on their ticket up to three characters in the first, middle, or last name. A count of three characters shall not be understood as three each for first, middle, and last name. At Fiji Airways, a fee of 200 USD would be applied along with any fare difference if there is one.
  • Check-in online to choose your seat. The option to upgrade a plane ticket and make it easier for passengers and more comfortable for the plane by choosing an exit row is also available for a fee of 65 USD per substitution.
Fiji Airways change seats
  • Fiji Air changes their destinations twice a day. If you need to, you can change two destinations for free. Each destination only takes about two minutes to change, and will require one form completed per person instead of five, as long a fee for the change is paid and there are no special changed fees or differences.

How to Change Flight with Fiji Airways?

Flights booked with Fiji Airways may be eligible for change through phone and at airports. You can make changes by following these three simple methods: see the original sentence.

Effective February 18th, 2016, Fiji Airways is implementing a manual change procedure that will require you to contact your travel agent or any Fiji Airways call center.

  • Book your flight through the Fiji Airways website. You can also contact them by phone if you need any more information about their tickets.
  • Passenger is not traveling at this point or there are no flights going. It is unavailable to fly.
  • One-way and return point-to-point itineraries only.
  • Hey, did you book your flight yet? Let me know if you still need to do so.

You can avoid flight changes by booking your flights directly with Fiji Airways. They provide you with flexible options to make the best choice for your travel needs, so there’s no need to worry about finding last-minute flights when it’s too late.

  • Visit
  • On the left panel of the home page, click on the tab that says ‘Manage Booking’.
  • Get traveler’s booking information. Booking one way or round trip, it’s easier than ever with our unique tools and filters.
  • Some flights have dates or departure times they don’t meet, so it might be necessary to change them. Click on the updated itinerary to proceed.
  • On the next page, enter the new travel dates and/or destination. Enter changes to your preferences as per what you want to know.
  • Visit the countries on our int’l flights page and choose a departure route. Select the newly added flight options, subject to availability.
  • You may see possible changes to the cost of your trip with Fiji Airways as well as the price difference of any flight options.
  • Choose your preferred flight options, according to your budget and preference, and click on the ‘Confirm my flight’ to proceed at the checkout page.
  • Fiji Airways consults with customers to help them make the best possible bookings. Once the payment is successful, confirmation of the new booking will be forwarded for approval and signoff within 30 minutes.

Fiji Airways flight change phone number – Dial us to find out if schedule changes are available, and get the assistance of our friendly Fiji Airways staff at 1800

  • Your Fiji Airways booking confirmation can be located in your email or provided by phone. Just give the 13-digit ticket number and/or a 6-digit booking reference.
  • Fiji Airways has a change-flight-policy and travelers need to submit their rebook requests at least 24 hours before the scheduled time of departure.
  • Let the agent know if your flight booking qualifies for the flight changes.
  • Please specify the new travel dates and/or destination, as per fare condition. The agent will offer you the new flight options, subject to availability.
  • You can find out if you’re eligible for a refund or not before booking. Find out more by going here and following the steps next to “when’s my fare refundable”.
  • If you’re booking a ticket with us, we’ll process your changes. You’ll receive email updates about the status of your payment and any changes to the flight in 30 minutes or less.

When you check in for a flight, you should check the section where it says ‘last-minute flight change request’. If this is something that you need before your flight then make sure that you are aware of what Fiji Airways policy is on rebooking flights.

All you need to do is – 

  • Fijian Airways has customer service reps available at the Fiji Airways booking counter who can provide your booking confirmation details.
  • Speaking to an agent about making changes is the best way to find out if your flight booking can be changed.
  • If yes, provide the new travel dates, and/or destination, as per fare condition. The airline will offer you the new flight options. We’ll be happy to transfer your booking if there are no issues.
  • If you need to change your name or destination on your Fiji Airways booking, then you only need to pay a fare difference.
  • Once the payment is successful we process changes to the existing booking. You will receive confirmation within 30 minutes of the changes being processed.

Fiji Airways Schedule Change Policy

Here are the highlights of the voluntary schedule changes in the Fiji Airways ticket change policy, including refund and cancellation terms.

Change of a booking by Fiji Airways 

As per Fiji Airways flight change policy, the airline reserves the right to change a flight schedule or reschedule a flight to a new date, and/or time as it sees fit which are not controlled by Fiji Airways.

Passengers are typically advised before any changes, unless it is a last-minute change. It is important for passengers to plan for the change, such as with an early check-in.

Fijian Airways allows passengers to alter their flights within a 30 day window. Their passengers may only do this if there is a change in circumstance due to which their ticket is not valid, however.

  • If you want to change the relevant travel service associated with your booking, please send an email and we will take care of it.
  • When you’re applying to essential travel services providers, they may request that you provide information regarding your eligibility to receive a refund.
  • If Fiji Airways ever required a minimum number of passengers, but there were not enough to meet that requirement.
  • When we find that the essential travel service from our provider is not available on your booking anymore

If the airline decides to change the Fiji Airways flight, you will be able to get a travel credit of the cost of your original booking. You will not be able to get any other compensation.

Schedule Change Under Visa Obligations

Fiji Airways charges a fee if you have to change your itinerary. Extra flight costs will not be refunded, but the unused flight segment’s value is converted into future travel credits.

At the time of purchasing a flight, you can use your travel credit voucher to help you get a good deal. You may have to pay taxes and fees for the flight.

Guests who bought their ticket with in-house or third-party insurance will not be charged the Fiji Airways change fee. However, guests would still have to pay the difference between the original ticket and their new ticket.

Fiji Airways Flight Change Policy – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You can change or cancel your booking online – make it a breeze with these simple steps

  • Visit official website.
  • The left side of the home page has rooms for ‘Manage Booking’. The tab says this so I clicked it to see more.
  • Find your booking with the name of the passenger. Search by destination, airline, or route. If you’re unsure which provider operates a particular flight on your desired day, you can search by last name.
  • On the left sidebar of our website, you’ll find your last itinerary. You can click ‘Change’ if you need to make any alterations or if your reservations change.
  • On the next page, you can adjust your travel dates and/or find a new destination once you enter them into the form.
  • Choose the flight option that is best for you. You can likewise make a reservation at any time.
  • With each flight option, you may see Fiji Airways change fees and fare differences, like their flexible booking policy.
  • Choose the flight option according to your budget and preference, and click on the ‘Confirm my flight’ button to proceed at the checkout page.
  • Changes are made to an existing booking by taking your payment if you elect for this option. If you opt to cancel the booking, a confirmation email will be sent to you within 30 minutes of Fiji Airways processing a cancellation.

Passengers are entitled to rebook their flights within 24 hours of purchase provided that the scheduled departure date must be at least 7 days in advance.

People with a first, middle, or last name change ticket can submit the name change for free and at Fiji Airways discretion. Additionally, passengers should be aware that there are no guarantee your changes will be approved by the airline. They might ask you to pay a fee and also will charge more for your trip.

Anyone interested in changing their airline affiliation with Fiji Airways, please contact our airline’s desk at.

It’s the airline’s policy that their flights are subject to change in case of any requirement on the part of the airlines. The flight changes would be minor, as the customer would be notified by email. It’s also their policy to varying booking at certain circumstances.

Take a note of the following circumstances under the updated Fiji Airways change flight policy —

  • If there is a change in the relevant travel service associated with your booking, we will let you know.
  • If required by the relevant travel service providers, our staff will assist you in connection with your booking.
  • If no Fiji Airways carrier has reached their minimum number of passengers, the airline does not need to cancel the flight.
  • When you book one of our educational trips, packages, or tours, we recommend the most relevant service for your needs.

Fiji Airways flight bookings purchased with the frequent flyer do not support online changes. However, people can reach all Fiji Airways change flights queries and concerns at a 24/7 customer service number.

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