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Eva Air Baggage Allowance & Policy: Size, Weight & Extra Baggage Fees 2022

Eva Air has the most international routes and is entirely privately owned, operating a totally international route system. The airline has created a number of policies for its various offers and one of them is Eva Air’s baggage policy. EVA Air has a pretty reasonable baggage allowance, but don’t get caught snagged by overweight checked luggage.

You can find information on how many bags you’re allowed to carry and the size of carry-on baggage.

The United States and Canada have a standard baggage allowance of 2 checked bags weighing 50 pounds each and 1 carry-on suitcase weighing 15 pounds each for economy. Passengers from Latin America can also bring 2 checked bags weighing 50 pounds each for economy.

It is possible to charge you additional costs if your checked luggage is going to exceed the limits for your cabin class.

Carry-on Allowance policy

You can check your small luggage in at Eva Air. Relative to other airlines, your baggage will also be checked for security purposes before you board the plane. Your carry-on luggage might go overhead or under the seat in front of you.

Royal Laurel, Premium Laurel, and Business Class

Passengers in Royal Laurel Class can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep thanks to a well-appointed sleeping area, complete with soothing lights and Lavenders essential oils. The Premium Laurel also has a luxurious feel and an anti-stress system for an even better passenger experience. Furthermore, flying in Business Class is a fantastic experience in its own right. Passengers can even check what they’re paying for before purchasing an airline ticket.

The weight system:

Premium Economy and Economy Class

When it comes to flights, also know that business and first class seats aren’t so different. Both of these tickets will get you to your destination in luxury, while the difference is that business seats are cropped in comparison with first class seats.

The weight system:

  Number of bags allowed Weight system Dimensions
Economy 1 7kg 56 x 36 x 23cm
Premium Economy 1 7kg 56 x 36 x 23cm
Business Class 2 7kg 56 x 36 x 23cm
Premium Laurel 2 7kg 56 x 36 x 23cm
Royal Laurel 2 7kg 56 x 36 x 23cm

Some flight attendants might tell you that you cannot carry on a bigger bag than is allowed by your airline. But, see if there’s a storage compartment in the cabin and if not, treat it as checked luggage.

Checked Baggage Allowance

Two ways are used to find out EVA Air’s checked luggage limit, one based on pieces and the other on weight. If you’re flying from the US or Canada (or certain destinations in South or Central America), you’ll have to use the Piece System to check for your bags. All other flights follow the weight system baggage allowance.

The Piece System:

Surprise your friends and loved ones with an upgraded surprise with Royal Mail, Premium Busines Class Service and Extraordinary Gift Royal Laurel.

For Premium Economy Class passengers:

For Economy Class passengers:

For Economy Discount passengers:

The Weight System

Royal Laurel, Premium Laurel, and Business Class passengers enjoy the comfort afford by our wonderful products.

For Premium Economy Class passengers:

For Economy Class passengers:

 Ticket class Piece System Weight System
Royal Laurel 2 x 70lb/32kg 1 x 88lb/40kg
Premium Laurel 2 x 70lb/32kg 1 x 88lb/40kg
Business Class 2 x 70lb/32kg 1 x 88lb/40kg
Premium Economy Class 2 x 62lb/28kg 1 x 77lb/35kg
Economy Class (Up fares) 2 x 50lb/23kg 1 x 66lb/30kg
Economy Class (Standard/ Basic fares) 2 x 50lb/23kg 1 x 66lb/30kg
Economy Class (Discount fares) 1 x 50lb/23kg 1 x 44lb/20kg

Members of Infinity MileageLands and Star Alliance are eligible for additional luggage allowance. These members can take the following with them:

When the members of the Infinity MileageLands Silver Card are traveling and discover out when they’ve reached their luggage allowance, they can quickly book another reservation.

Your baggage must be notified 48 hours before you trip departure if you want to take anything that exceeds 70 pounds (32 kilograms) with you, including musical instruments, sporting equipment, household goods, photographic equipment, medical equipment, and pets.

Excess Baggage Fees

EVA Air charges an additional luggage tax for passengers who exceed the weight limit. Baggage taxes and fees vary on a number of factors, some of which include the zones in which your luggage is kept and their baggage systems.

Where excess baggage taxes are charged per 2.2 pounds (4 kilograms) for 4 zones. There are taxes varying from 115 to 230 USD per kilogram depending on which zone you fall into. A 45 USD tax will be applied in the clockwise direction from Bangkok, Vienna, or London Heathrow, regardless of which lane you find yourself in.

This applies to excess baggage when traveling or moving by air. Excess baggage taxes might also differ based on the number of pieces in every of the four zones. Normally, it’s between 8 USD to 60 USD per piece.

Whenever there is an airline charge associated with carrying extra luggage – no matter if it’s because of weight or size – the excess baggage charges remain the same.

Weight/Dimension Additional Fee

( Over 23 kg/ 50 lbs and up to 32 kg / 70 lbs )
USD 32
( Over 32 kg / 70 lbs )
3 times the additional baggage cost per item
(Over 158 cm/ 62 in and up to 203 cm/ 80 in)
USD 100
( Over 203 cm/ 80 in )
USD 100

Prepaid Excess Baggage Fees

EVA Air offers a 10% discount for pre-ordering luggage on their website. They also offer excess luggage right up to the departure date, and part of your ticket down payment goes towards purchasing a bag.


What is a 2pc baggage allowance?

The length of a checked-in bag and its weight limit typically appears on your adult ticket. Each person typically can bring two bags in their suitcase at the same time, and each piece has a weight limit of 23kg.

Is Eva Airlines any good?

EVA Air has made a name for itself by offering quality and service. The company is ranked 5-star from the Better Business Bureau, which shows users that airplane products are as important as the staff aboard.

Does Eva Air have first class?

We offer three cabin classes on all of our planes. Our first-class cabin is a no-frills option, Royal Laurel offers the features of Business Class, and Premium Laurel offers more amenities than most budget airlines.

What is EVA Air Royal Laurel Class?

Cabin service upgrades have been made to EVA Air’s new Boeing 777-300ER aircraft in the Royal Laurel Class. There are a few comforts available for passengers on EVA’s luxury international flights, including Noise-Cancelling headphones and comfy sleepwear.

What liability does EVA assume for my irregular baggage?

There are also prescriptions in your checked luggage that might incur extra charges on international flights but it can be determined by the conditions of your travel insurance.

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