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Etihad Name Change Policy – 2022[updated]

Etihad Airways will help look into your concerns and fix any mistakes you might have made by requesting name changes without any hassles.

Use this information to understand when people might have to change the name on their flight booking. This also helps you to ensure that you are always clear about the rules for changing a name on your flight booking. You might incur a fee if you make changes to your flight or you need to make changes because of short-notice travel or an emergencies.

Etihad Airways Name Change Policy

Every time an Etihad flight departs, the name on the ticket must exactly match their government-issued photo ID or passport. They don’t want you to take the flight if you don’t follow the rules correctly.

Etihad Change Name on Ticket – Types of Requests

Under the guidelines of Etihad’s name change policy and the federal aviation authority, it is important to provide the correct name of a passenger. The ticketed name should ideally match that of an official document like a passport.

You have questions about which name changes airlines allow. You can make changes to your booked flight, or don’t hold any family name, if you want to add or remove any suffix/prefix from your ticketed name.

If you make a typo error in the name of the passenger, you can simply talk to Etihad customer service by phone or email and they will correct it. You can correct any errors online via the Manage Booking section. The changes will be subject to a name change fee and fare difference might apply if the ticket is issued in the higher class of service in the same cabin as previously booked.

Sometimes your passport may have your full name on all lines. If you are allowed, you can call to update the name on your booking. See our terms and conditions for more information.

As part of the Etihad name change policy, the airline provides a maximum of 39 characters. Passengers need to add as many names as possible from the first, middle, and last names on their passport. And omit the rest of the characters when there is insufficient space on their ticket. In this case, passengers need to contact Etihad Airways to complete the update. They only need to pay for any necessary name change fees.

You can customize your name on British Airways flights. In order for us to process your change request, you must contact their customer service phone number by calling it. You may be asked to pay the airline’s penalty alongside the fare difference.

When the last name does not exist, airlines use a longer label for their flight that includes information about the origin and destination.

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 DORSEY/MR should be added to the booking  

Paying the name change fee is mandatory. They would be charged the fare difference if additional fees are due instead of receiving any cash back or voucher.

When you have inserted the first name or last name more than one time, it can be corrected via phone. Etihad Airways charges a name correction fee and calculates the fare difference. For example, the request name and correction should be Jimmy Anderson.

Correction from – Anderson/JIMMY JIMMY to ANDERSON/JIMMY

Etihad airline allows travelers to change the names on their tickets due to legal obligations such as marriage, divorce, or any other reasons. An unused portion of the ticket will be applied for free.

How to Change Name in Etihad Booking?

Passengers can request a name change online at an airline’s website. They can also take advantage of the one-stop information and support options through our convenient customer service phone number.

Online Name Change/Correction

Travelers can make changes to their airline reservations online. They can request name corrections according to passports as well as know more about the rules/fares that are changeable with a refund. There are multiple ways to do this, including but not limited to:

Etihad Airways has a specific policy for passengers changing name on an airline reservation. Passengers must understand the rules before making changes to their reservation.

Name Correction/Change through the phone

You can request your own name to be changed or added, but you must do it before 24 hours from when you are scheduled to depart. If any legal names need to be replaced, or there is a duplicate name for an individual in the system, then you can contact the Etihad Customer Service phone number.

Etihad Name Change Fee

You will not be charged a name change fee within 24 hours of booking, but it’s important to note that alterations are subject to cancellation fees. You can find out more by looking at our resources page or have a better understanding of the difference between cancellation and name changes.

Booking Time Window Economy Class (in USD) Business Class (in USD)
60 days before departure 200 150
30 days before departure 250 200
15 days before departure 300 225
24 hours before departure 350 300

Etihad’s name change fees apply to any name changes due to scheduled changes or re-branding of their company.

Etihad Airways reserves the right to change a booking name or amend any errors or mistakes in it at any time. The airline will verify your identity against your passport and/or other acceptable identity documentation as well as your payment card, and as a result may or may not allow you to change the name on a reservation.

Whenever a person is considering changing their legal name, they should plan to begin the process 7-10 days before their departure date. This allows time for all those involved in the change to process the necessary information and transition.

Etihad Name Change Policy – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The documentation (Passport or ID) must be valid for the journey. We require your name to be present on the ticket. As a result, please take extra care when adding your name to the ticket.

The easiest way to change your name is on your ticket before you go. Log in to to complete this within 2 hours of departure time. We charge you the airline fee for changing your name or ticket on the spot at the airport or bus station.

As per the Etihad name change policy, they charge up to 350 USD depending on the type of service and class of flight booked. They give a change fee as well which increases as your departure date gets closer.

No, the airline does not allow a reissued ticket. If a passenger desires a reissued ticket, he or she would need to contact the airline in order to inquire about flight availability.

If the said flight booking is purchased within 24 hours, then passengers can cancel and claim a full refund on the booking. Sometimes you have luck with rebooking a flight this way.

When you’ve inserted the first name or last name more than one time, it can be corrected via phone. Etihad airways requires a fee to be deducted from your fare and a correction difference must be paid if it’s less than 10$.

Yes, your name is corrected on this ticket and you’re good to go.

The airline offers a 24-hour risk-free cancellation that allows passengers to void their booking and claim the full refund. To avoid this, you have to make a new booking with the updated name on it.

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