Emirates Name Correction Policy – 2022[updated]

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If you were booking a flight with Emirates Airlines, did you misspell your name on the booking? Nope! You can still travel on your ticket, regardless of the name mistakes if you must adhere to the Emirates name correction policy. You don’t need to cancel your existing Emirates Airlines reservation and claim refund so that you can book a new flight with the correct name. Passengers can request a Emirates name correction for their flight

  • Emirates allows passengers to find an error on the first, middle, or last name. The 4 character conditions shall not be misunderstood as each for first, middle, and last names.
  • If you change the names of people on your booking, Emirates will not allow you to print out boarding passes. In order to rebook your flight, you must cancel your existing flight booking, process a refund on the booking value and then rebook the same Emirates flight itinerary with the correct passengers.
  • As per Emirates airline’s policy, airline passengers that are legally required to change their name are given the opportunity to do so.
  • Emirates Skywards reserves the right to deny any name corrections requested. You can only change the first four characters of your name on an Emirates Skywards points flight booking with existing, accumulated miles.
  • Emirates will change your name on a ticket after you take care of the transaction, and this is where issues may arise. If there are any adjustments in the fare price, then an Emirates name change fee alongside an applicable fare difference would be assessed per passenger.
  • After a flight check-in, passengers would be required to remake the ticket purchase, pick their seats again. This is due to an existing Emirates ticket name change policy that states that it is not possible to swap seats between the old and the new PNR.
  • Emirates has a policy that if you make an error while booking a flight, they will require you to cancel all of your flight segments so no further work needs to be done once the mistake has been rectified.
  • Per the name correction policy published by Emirates, passengers on the flight must match exactly as they appear on their government-issued photo ID or passport. They are not allowed to board a flight if there is a mismatch in the ticketed passengers and their name.

Emirates Ticket Name Change Rules

Is there any way to change your name on your Emirates flight ticket? The answer is yes and depends upon the certain circumstances. Here are the following guidelines that will apply when applying for a name change from your Emirates flight ticket procedure.

  • When booking with Emirates airlines for international flights, passengers are allowed to change up to four characters on their first, middle, or last name provided that the flight segment on the booking must be operated by Emirates.
  • Passengers are allowed to change the middle name of their Emirates ticket as per Emirates name correction policy. In certain cases, passengers are liable for the rebooking fee and may have to pay a higher fare as well.
  • Emirates airline only allows alteration of a passenger’s name with legal cause and must be presented with a valid photo-ID. The fee is up to the individual passenger. Customers must submit the acceptable document, which includes their initial flight ticket, in order to change their name.
  • Adding a title/suffix/prefix to your name -Did you forget to add the title to your name? No worries! Emirates allows passengers to add the title/suffix/prefix to their names provided their name must match with the government-issued photo ID. In the case of domestic flights, only the Emirates name change fee would be applied. In the case of international flights, Emirates goes above and beyond for clients by charging only half of what it would otherwise cost for visas.
  • Emirates Skywards lets the easy process for a name correction that easily lets travelers transfer their name online for free. As per Emirates airline policy, passengers are allowed to swap their first or last names under legal circumstances like marriage, legal name change, and divorce without any fee. However, a fare difference may apply if there is a difference in cost based on prioritization of the fare type.
  • Azaris Airlines will change the name on your ticket from whatever it is now to whatever you want. If you need help finding the name that needs to go on the ticket, you can use our search tool here.

Emirates Flight Name Change Fee

Here’s what you need to know about the new Emirates ticket name change rule, including how far in advance you can request one, if there’s a cancellation fee, as well as what differences may occur depending on if it’s a discount or not.

  • Emirates has different payment options for name changes. The charge varies depending on the class of service needed and the ticket type. In some cases, per-flight charges are applied for name corrections.
  • Passengers flying on Emirates would be liable to pay the fare difference in price between the cost of the original flight booked and the cost of the flight at which the Emirates name correction request was made.
  • Emirates Airlines changed the name request for only one direction of a trip: for example, if you have a flight from Dubai to London, then your inbound flights would need to use your old surname, but you could change your surname on the EK317 outbound flight later.
  • Emirates does not allow passengers to change their names the day after booking. They even have a 24-hour waiting period, so passengers need to book the name change before purchase.
Emirates Name Change Fee Basic fare Best Value Economy Flex Business Basic Business Value Business Flex
Name 250 USD 250 USD 250 USD 200 USD 200 USD 200 USD

Emirates Name Change Procedure

Passengers can request a name change on their tickets online, or over the phone, depending on which method they prefer.

Emirates Name Change Online

Allow passengers to correct/change the name on their reservation. Here is the step-by-step process of doing so.

  • Search online for the correct itinerary for your group or individual. You must enter a six-digit reference code to price the flight or hotel reservation.
  •  Click on the ‘Emirates name correction’ tab to start the process.  As per Emirates’ name change policy, passengers are allowed to make corrections of up to 4 characters of their first, middle, or last name. Please note that the inclusion of the 4 characters shall not be misunderstood as the 4 characters each for first, middle, or last name.
  • Ticket the correct person – match exactly as it appears on the government-issued photo ID. Please note that the passenger’s name to be ticketed matches exactly as it appears on the passport or any other government-issued photo ID.
  • When you search for a flight on Emirates, it’s not too hard to find the name you’re looking for as we use advanced information technologies. Just enter your request and you can watch as it is sent to the airline, wait for a reply, request a reissue in another class of service or pay the name correction change fee.
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Emirates Name Change Phone Number

Here’s the step-by-step process for passengers to change reservations they made with Emirates Airlines.

  • Dial the Emirates phone correction number and wait for the flight executive to guide you through the process.
  • Provide the Emirates airlines reservation credentials, who will use the information to make sure your name is visible on your ticket
  • Passengers can adjust the spelling and pronunciation of the name they’re given. For example, multiple passengers on the same flight could all be named Adam. They would just need to enter their desired name before printing their boarding pass to make it clear who is supposed to check that way.
  • Passengers flying with Emirates must provide a passport to travel, otherwise not traveling with proper identification might result in an invalid ticket.
  • As soon as the Emirates name correction request is completed, passengers will receive an e-ticket along with their official government-issued photo ID and new name.

Emirates Name Change Policy

Due to a complex policy, passengers are not allowed to change the name on the current reservation. In such situations, the passenger must cancel the reservation and find a new one with available travel dates. Here are the important considerations from refunds in notable circumstances –

Emirates Change of Name Before a Ticket is Issued – 

  • Emirates Airlines makes it easy to update the information on your ticket. They have a lot of flexibility because they can change up to four characters on a name at any point in time.
  • Requests for passenger name corrections through United Arab Emirates airlines go as effeciently as possible, with a space-character included in the count of 4 characters.
  • With some exceptions, including passenger type codes and infant, any changes made for booking purposes (replacing dates of birth with ages, renaming names) should not exceed 4 characters.
  • We don’t always get it right the first time, but if you need an Emirates ticket and get a mistake, please contact our customer service.
  • If you legally need to change the last name, first name, middle, title, suffix, prefix, or any/all combination of those things on your ticket from Emirates Global Airline then please provide a government issued form with legal verification.

Emirates Change of Name After the Ticket is Issued – 

  • For service requests related to Emirates name correction or name change as well as addition, deletion, or alteration of an infant after the ticket is issued.
  • Emirates requests the original tickets in order to change a passenger’s name. Passengers must present their legal document, such as a marriage certificate.
  • Requests for Emirates name change on a ticket where the passenger legally changed his or her last name, first name, middle, title, suffix, prefix, or any/all combination of them will have to be supported by the official legal document.
  • To change the Emirati’s name or to have Emirates PNR created by exchanging of Skywards rewards booking is restricted at all times.
  • Emirates name change policy never allows people to change their name
  • If an airline changes your flight’s name, we will change the ticket to match. If a fee is charged for this, we will charge it based on your original fare and any difference in price.
  • Emirates airlines do not accommodate itinerary changes under the Emirates name correction policy. If a flight must be corrected, same seat preferences cannot be provided retrospectively.
  • If individual flight segments are associated with the wrong persona or misspelled name and, before the scheduled departure time, Emirates has to cancel those flights due to no-show and deny the passenger claiming them for refund, passengers should contact Emirates Airlines Name Correction Phone Number.

Emirates Airlines Name Correction Policy – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, as per Emirates’ name correction policy, passengers can correct up to 4 characters on the first, middle, or last name. The 4-character conditions do not need to be understood as each for first, middle, and last name. Add to that, passengers are also allowed to swap their first name or last name under legal considerations such as marriage, legal name change, and divorce.

Not on your face! Airline Emirates don’t allow passengers to board without the correct name badge at check-in time. This is so their check-in agents can make sure all the passengers in their airport have been screened and approved by the aviation authority for boarding.

Airlines may charge a fee for name changes even after the initial 24 hours of booking, as long as it takes place within 60 days of travel. Passengers will be asked to pay an additional fee per their ticket type and class of service.

What happens if you need to change flght reservations on your ticket? When you buy your Emirates ticket, one of the terms of the agreement is that you cannot resell your ticket. If for some reason a family member or friend needs to take your flight and change reservation details, then you can cancel your old booking and process a refund. Then rebook your new flight with the passenger who would otherwise have arrived instead of you so they could adjust their plans.

Yes, as per Emirates name correction policy, under legal circumstances such as marriage, divorce, or any other legal name change, passengers can change/correct the name against the fee provided that they submit the government-issued photo ID for validation.

This means that to avoid a waiver, passengers have to agree to have their name corrected as well as meet all the requirements for the name correction.

Yes, passengers are able to change the name on their Emirates Airlines reservation within 24 hours of the day they purchased it, as they are not required pay the $100 fee charged by Emirates as long as they make the change before their original flight.

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