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EL AL Baggage Allowance, Size, Weight, Fees & Policy Guide [2021]

It’s vital for travelers to carefully read up on their airline carry-on policy before flying with the EL AL Israel Airlines this year. Today, we’ll share a detailed blog about what limits they have for checked and carry-on baggage so you can have a smooth check-in process when you arrive at the airport.

EL AL Carry-On Baggage Summary

EL AL is a low-cost airline that offers carry-on baggage perks for all economy class ticket holders.

Within EL AL Israel Airlines economy class offerings, they sell three different ticket types: Lite, Classic and Flex. These fares are available for all of their flights. They don’t include North American flights. Depending on the type of ticket you purchase for your flight, you’ll find that your carry-on baggage allowance varies sightly. Before purchasing make sure to check out their site.

The EL AL airline has some of the best luggage policies available. You can bring on board items that you need for your trip and worry about finding space for later.

If you’re traveling on first or business class with EL AL, it’s worth noting that there are additional luggage allowances for the passenger cabin. The size requirements aren’t costlier than standard economy, and business class is like a first-class fare with EL AL Israel Airlines. There are no differences with their luggage allowance.

EL AL Israel Airlines Carry-On Baggage Policies – Tips from EL AL Israel to make flying easier

Regardless of the type of ticket you purchase, there are similar restrictions in place for all hand baggage for an El Al flight. All of the carry-ons we’ve discussed above can be brought into the passenger cabin for free. They must be able to be stored in the bins above your head or underneath the seat on the flight. Make sure to pack anything that is important as well as something which might fit below your pile. This can make life a lot easier!

Airlines sometimes have problems renting out the main cabin. When this happens, they might offer to store your luggage in the hold of the aircraft and ask you to collect it with a checked-in bag. Don’t forget some of the more frequently prohibited items around carry-ons like liquids, aerosols, or medicaments.

EL AL Personal Items by Cabin Class

Sometimes, people prefer to pack a laptop bag or another personal item in their carryon luggage to avoid having to pay extra for additional baggage. Unfortunately, some airplane companies have different allowances between the classes. EL AL Israel Airlines is one airline that offers additional exemptions for each class, but does not stipulate differences between them.

EL AL passengers are only able to carry a maximum of 18 x 38 x 30 cm in size hand baggage. If your bag is bigger than this, they’ll need to pay the excess baggage fee. The levy on these fees is dependent on how much your baggage exceeds the size limitations listed above.

If you enjoy shopping at the airport, note that duty-free items purchased in addition to the piece of luggage you carried into the airport will count towards this allowance. Those items must be placed either in your personal item or hand baggage, otherwise they’ll count towards excess baggage.

When flying to North America, EL AL has restrictions on what you can bring

EL AL offers flights to North America, but the carry-on baggage policies and booking terms vary on these flights. Make sure that you keep the EL AL baggage policy in mind when packing for your flight next year. When booking an EL AL flight to North America, your hand luggage allowances are as follows. All bags will have the same size guideline

These cases will be acceptable for bringing on board when flying first or business class, and this allows you to bring in one piece of luggage.

EL AL customers travelling to North America, who are checking-in luggage weighing more than 20 kg, must pay US$19 plus US$9.50 per kg in excess of 20 kg.

The personal item requirements for each type of cabin are the same for a North American flight and don’t change for first and business class. A personal item can be a purse, camera bag, laptop bag, briefcase, or any other excellent size that business passengers may require. The personal item should always be 18 x 30 x 38 cm in dimension regardless of the class what has been booked in when making your advance arrangement.

Our company reduces excess baggage fees and luggage allowances. Easily find the prices before making a decision on whether you are traveling with less baggage or needing more, which can save you money.

It is usually recommended to check the requirements for traveling with excess baggage ahead of time before purchasing your ticket or making flights. Certain destinations may have different weight limits depending on the region and country you’re traveling. If excessive baggage would make it difficult for one to fly with EL AL, we can upgrade the baggage allowance when your luggage is checked in, or through travel agents

In Europe, the amount of baggage you can carry is limited because of the restrictions put in place on flying.

Economy Lite doesn’t receive a free suitcase allowance to put in the hold when flying and you’ll need to purchase this in advance of your trip or when you arrive at the airport. If you’re traveling with more than carry-on size, Economy Lite can book an extra bag on your behalf. The price difference varies based on how many bags are needed (1-5 required) but it’s $90 per additional bag. Special luggage, such as sports equipment, requires special arrangements which should be made through Economy Lite prior to travel so we can meet you at check in to ensure that will be delivered safely and on time.

If you plan on checking as excess baggage and your bag is too heavy, the cost of this depends on whether you purchase this more than three hours before your flight. If your luggage is between 23-32 kilos, you’ll pay $95 more than three hours before, and this increases to $110 as you get within three hours of the flight.

EL AL offers flights connecting Israel to places like South Africa. Whether you fly in economy or first and business class, make sure you check your luggage allowance before heading to the airport so you don’t exceed the recommended dimensions and number of bags allowed with EL AL baggage.

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