Egyptair Change Booking Policy – 2022[updated]

Egyptair is the flag carrier of Egypt. The airline operates scheduled passenger and freight service to over 75 destinations in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, and South America. When it comes to requesting flight changes, Egyptair’s change booking policy is said to offer maximum inclusivity and minimal change fee.

  • You can make all the change requests for your ticket by visiting In order to change your ticket, you’ll need to call the airline’s customer service number and speak with an agent.
  • With multiple airlines involved in the PNR, the ticket pricing is determined according to the most fare rules, and changes will apply for flights on Egyptair. Changes are subject to the change flight date fee, as well as any applicable difference in fares.
  • For all the changes passengers will be making to their reservations, Egyptair has an easy online system through which passengers can have changes made before the flight departs.
  • Egyptair allows only the date and time of the flight to be changed online. They will only allow changes in booking for future flights.
  • They can only change the booking policy if you don’t fly on the unused portion of a flight segment and only if the routing before and after the segment change is the same.

You can find out if your Egyptair booking plan is eligible for change by viewing this table.

Changes to the date and time of booking​DomesticInternational
One way bookingsAllowedNot Allowed
Return bookingsAllowedAllowed
Multi-city bookingsNot AllowedNot Allowed
Partially traveled bookingsAllowedAllowed
No showNot AllowedNot Allowed
Multiple changesAllowedAllowed

Egyptair Flight Change Rules

Here are the important terms and conditions under the Egyptair change booking policy.

  • If you find that your destination would change, we will be happy to accommodate for the final charge or ticket fare. Please note that any applicable luggage charges as well as EgyptAir’s change booking fee will be billed in full and deducted from your credit card.
  • No refunds will be offered on any part of your booking and the entire value of your reservation will be converted into a travel voucher where passengers can use the voucher to purchase new flights.
  • As per Egypt Air change booking policy, passengers who use a travel credit voucher that pays off the fare difference in case of a lower value, will not get a refund but have the remaining credit converted to another flight. In case the total price using the voucher is too high, they need to pay extra along with the change fee.
  • Egyptair offers 24-hour cancellation without penalty. If, however, a passenger decides to change the date of purchase, he/she will be responsible for a booking fee which covers the cost of difference in price.
  • If a passenger decides they want to cancel their Egyptair change flight request, they can redo the procedure at any time anywhere, and it is subject to availability, and also to the applicable fees and fare difference.
  • One way fees, re-routing fees, change of return flights fees, and any applicable fare difference for a flight that requires a new flight departing outside the advance booking limit of the selected flight reservation must be charged per person for every flight.
  • Egyptair has change booking rules that passengers can’t make changes on already booked tickets.
  • Requests for Egyptair flight changes must be given to the airline up to 24 hours prior to departure, both domestic and international.
  • Passengers who purchase the Egyptair flight voucher can use the travel credit to get a new ticket with a destination and time of their choosing.

Egyptair Change Booking Fee

Here is everything you need to know about the Egyptair change flight fee.

  • Travel to new places can be expensive, but we try our best to make your visit worthwhile. Let us know if the costs get too much and we’ll work with you.
  • If you are traveling within the 24-hour window of your confirmed flight, you do not have to pay a fee when changing tickets. However, if there is a fare difference in your new ticket, you will need to cover the difference.
  • The change fee is not charged to passengers if there is a significant schedule change where the passenger is arriving at the final destination or a stopover no less than 3 hours later than the original arrival time.
  • If passengers choose to change the flights due to any technical issues or other reasons, they will not have to pay the Egyptair change booking fee.
  • Egyptair will charge passengers a change booking fee of 65% if the passenger requests to book after the scheduled departure, and any additional fare difference due to using Egyptair.

Egyptair Change Flight Request

Here are the options for booking an Egyptair flight. There are many different services and fares you can choose from, it is easy to change these as soon as you book instead of on the day.

Egyptair releases new updates on their site with news of changing important data for passengers. Passengers can update information about which airports to fly out of, who to contact if you have special needs, or give them the completed ASIOA request form if you’re flying from and into the USA.

In Manage Booking, passengers can add or change a flight itinerary. All you need to do is make the changes before 2.30 PM local time.

  • Modify your booking to suit your needs, and click on the ‘Change flight’ tab.
  • If you want to change your Egyptair flight, we’ll show you all available options and help you connect with customer support.
  • Confirm your changes online

Passengers can change or add the seat to their sets online via the Manage Booking tab. You may have to pay for the seat selection fee. You can also change the seat to a higher class of service when using an Egyptair ticket. Fare differences should be noted, as well as applying fees upon flights.

Passengers can choose from a variety of meal options for an entire trip. They just have to specify their itinerary on the Manage Booking section, and click on the MDS selection button to complete the order.

Egyptair changes flight ticket seats. If your fare allows for early and/or late booking, book it online through the Manage Booking section and follow the easy steps to get the changes

  • Tap on ‘Change to Flight’ in the top right corner. They’ll be taken directly to your booking
  • Contact Egyptair to book your desired flight. If Egyptair requires a fee or fare difference, don’t worry – they’ll make it right.
  • Confirm your changes online to find out if you need to make any changes.

How to change flight tickets with Egyptair?

You can alter your flight at the Egyptair portal, by telephone, and at a nearby airport. Change booking requests can be done in three ways – online, over the phone, or in person.

Egyptair change flight online

Egyptair makes it easy to change your flight when you’re a life-time Egypt Air passengers or have membership with the loyalty club.

  • Visit, find out how the booking widget works, and please book your next holiday with us.
  • Find the passenger’s flight reservation confirmation. Enter the six-digit code on the right hand side of the confirmation to be able to view or print out their record locator.
  • Egyptian air changes booking policy because the passengers who want to change their flights should do so until three hours prior to their original departure time.
  • If you have already book a flight and found that it is too complicated, you are able to make changes.
  • Select the new flight date, time, or flight destination as per your travel needs. Click on the ‘Change’ tab to proceed.
  • Passengers were unable to select an available flight option with Egyptair. They will need to pay the charge and any corresponding reference that may have been displayed on the screen.
  • Select your new flight option. Click on that to confirm information before continuing to the checkout page.
  • You can pay for your desired flight change with the debit or credit card that was provided at the time you made your original booking.
  • Wait for the transaction to get successful, and check your email as you’ll receive a new flight itinerary for your Egyptair change reservation.

Egyptair change booking over the phone

If the option “change booking” does not appear, or you may not be able to change your reservation online via, feel free to reach our airline’s executives at Egyptair customer service phone number.

  • Remember your booking details when you get connected with the customer representative, this information will make it easier for the executive to retrieve your booking.
  • The agent will check whether they can do anything to help with your flight booking.
  • Egyptair change their booking policy. When a buyer purchases flight tickets, there is an unused portion on the ticket; they must be changed before this limit
  • If you’re eligible to change your travel plans, go to the ‘air travel change plan’ page and provide the new dates, flight time, destination and/or combination of all of those. We do have an Egyptair change booking fee which you will have to pay if there’s no counter space left once you’ve updated your information.
  • Let the agent know of any changes to your flight itinerary and they will update you with the new details.
  • You can pay to change a flight on the phone with your credit card in case you missed the flight you originally booked. Or you might have a technical issue like lost luggage and need to change your ticket.
  • Wait for your transaction to get confirmed, and then check your email for the new itinerary you have been assigned. Got to in order to find a flight back without complications

Egyptair change booking at the ticket office or airport

If you think you’ll need to change your flight plans and last minute, it is recommended that you cancel your check-in, leave the ticket status to open, and proceed with the flight changes.

  • Read about how to visit your departure airport, then head over to Egyptair and book your appointment along with a helpful counter representative.
  • Provide your six-digit booking reference to the airline’s executive. If there’s trouble with a flight, ask them to change it for you.
  • Please note that in Egyptair’s change booking policy, passengers can change their flights up to three hours before the scheduled departure.
  • There are a lot of travel bloggers that regularly make posts about which airlines have the best promotion and where you can find the cheapest flights.
  • If your travel plans change, you will have a few different options for bookings. You should provide the new travel dates, flight time, or destination.
  • Let the agent tell you the latest route the flight takes, airports in the current and next leg, and hours in the next and current east coast airport.
  • Egyptair accepts payments for changes online and over the phone. Complete your changes online and via Live Chat
  • Wait for the company to process a new itinerary. You will receive the final itinerary minutes after the transaction is complete.

Egyptair has many frequently-asked questions. They have an FAQ page that allows people to learn more about what they can do if their reservations are canceled.

As per Egyptair’s change booking policy, passengers are allowed to alter the booking within 24 hours. They have will be charged a Egyptair change booking fee, but not a difference in fares.

If you haven’t been able to change your reservation online or through your phone, call the availability hotline number to speak with someone.

Egyptair allows passengers to pay only for most international and domestic flights. They charge 275 USD for international flights and 200 USD for domestic flights.

In order to process an Egyptair’s change flight request, it always depends on the fare rules associated with the booking. If the booking is eligible for changes, it would be against Egyptair’s change booking fee alongside required fare difference according to the available flight options online through My Booking using the booking reference and last name of the passenger.

In changes that are minor or not significant, the airline will offer to rebook the passenger on an alternative flight as soon as possible. Minor changes can also be found in a credit amount or in the form on a partial refund.

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