Easyjet Baggage Allowance, Sizes, Fees & Weight Policy [2021]

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Whether you’re traveling by air or not, nowadays it’s essential for customers to be aware of the airlines’ baggage allowances and fees. It seems easyJet updated their policy in February of 2021 which brought a lot of changes to the passengers. Here is all the information you need.

easyJet Cabin Bag Allowance

easyJet has a different baggage policy since they updated their cabin bag policy. Any passengers traveling from and after 10th February 2021 should know that the bags they are allowed to carry depend on the type of seat they have booked. Every passenger is allowed to bring one cabin bag that measures 45*36*20 cms. This includes handles and wheels.

As for the weight of the bag, there are no limitations. However, there is one condition – you should be able to carry your cabin bag on your own in front. This cabin bag will go under the seat in front of you. Please note that this is applicable only for passengers who have booked a standard-sized seat.

Airline passengers travelling with cabin bags in their overhead lockers have some rules they need to know. When ever booking an airline ticket, there are different rules for people who have booked an ‘upfront’ seat or are travelling in a reclining seat. On the plane, passengers with one of the two emails mentioned above can carry on one (56*45*25).

You can take one small bag on an airplane. Additionally, there is no limit on the size of your luggage when it is coming in a separate mode of transport (curbside or oversize rates apply). Check out the measurement to ensure it won’t sit in front of you.

Check your cabin bag size before you try to take it with you on the flight. This can avoid unpleasant situations that arise if you are not able to bring a matched bag into the cabin. Sometimes your best option is to pay for hold luggage and rent one at the airport. Airlines charge different amounts for hold baggage, but many airlines offer free luggage holds up to two hours while others offer this service free of charge.

We won’t delay any longer, and you can see what the charges are for holding your baggage if you keep reading.

Remember that if you don’t make an airline seat selection and the online booking system for the airline will automatically assign you a front row seat or an extra quart of leg room, then your standard cabin bag allowance is still one small cabin bag. You can get the size airlines bag you need at check in.

Our cardholders and those who choose flexible fares can feel confident traveling with us.

EasyJet Plus Cardholders and Flexi Fare Customers have special advantages when it comes to cabin bags and hold luggage. If you are an EasyJet Plus Cardholder, or a Flexi Fare Customer, in addition to the standard cabin bag allowance, you can also bring a large overhead cabin bag on the flight. Select an upfront or extra legroom seat while booking your flights.

When you are Flexi fare customer, these benefits will be available at a discounted price. All EasyJet passengers will be able to board with their large overhead cabin bag if they are Plus cardholders. Only those with Flexi fare can get on and off the aircraft however.

Please remember that there are limitations on the amount of luggage that can be stored in overhead lockers on board an aircraft. However, it is unlikely that these limitations will be an issue for you, and it’s easyJet’s policy to have your bags checked-in if space does become limited.

EasyJet gives the peace of mind worth the extra money for their customers with their new program.

The easyJet Plus bag drop desk makes it easy to travel. The service limits your options for carrying bags by providing a solution that allows you to limit the weight of the bag you travel with while letting you know the benefits and limitations of using the service.

When going hands-free, you should not exceed the maximum bag measurement of 56 x 45 x 25 cm. If you’re traveling with a large cabin bag, it must not exceed the measurements of 45 x 36 x 20 cm. This smaller cabin bag is easy to carry on board your flight and can be fit under the seat in front of you.

We help parents find the best carry on luggage for their kids. Man’s mission to change a child and woman’s mission to change an airport!

The cabin bag and hold luggage allowance is the same for infants as it is for adults. This also applies to children who have booked seats, but only to those with a seat booked on that flight.

Traveling with a baby will change the rules of what’s allowed to be used as carry-on luggage. If your baby sits on your lap, a nanny bag is the best defensive tactic for flying with them. They are designed to easily fold up and fit in containers under the seat your baby is sitting in.

If you have a child who has their own seat, then the cabin bag allowance will be the same as it is for an adult. The child will be allowed to bring a standard-sized cabin bag, as well as their additional baby changing bag and their infant seat, if it’s not in an upfront or an extra legroom seat.

Regardless of whether they have a booked seat or not, in order to board the flight with an infant or child, anyone is required to take up to two of any of the items listed below.

  • travel cot
  • pushchair
  • double pushchair
  • car seat
  • buggy
  • collapsible or non-collapsible pram
  • baby back carrier
  • booster seat

When checking in at the airline ticket counter, put all of your belongings with the exceptions of your laptop bag and undercoat in your checked baggage. When transferring between airport terminals, make sure you have everything you need waiting for you at the transfer location (usually within the baggage claim area). Imagine that your luggage has been put on hold for when you reach the destination – collect it from a conveyor belt when it comes around!

ADVERTISEMENT – Ok, so let’s talk a little bit about traveling with your kid. The best place to find information is easyJet’s website which provides the answers you need.

easyJet is a travel company that has checked baggage and hold luggage due to their size.

You can buy hold luggage for infants and adults. With easyJet, you can purchase up to three bags depending on their weight. You can expand the number of items you are allowed to take onboard with easyJet by adding hold luggage to your booking while making your purchase online on our website or via our mobile app.

If, for some reason, you’re not able to purchase hold luggage here when you’re at the airport, that’s okay! You can still buy hold luggage by contacting their team of customer service at the airport. Please keep in mind that it’s cheaper for you to purchase hold bags online rather than buying them offline at the airport. Also: please note that the charges for booking hold luggage online and offline will be different

easyJet Baggage Fees

The Prohibited Baggage Size Information tells you the maximum weight allowed in checked baggage, and the allowances start at 15kg and increase until they reach a limit of 40kg. You can choose not to pay for excess baggage by lowering the total weight of your bags or checking fewer bags. The minimum charge for checked luggage of 15 kg is 6 pounds, which increases with weight.

Be aware that the amount you pay for your luggage allowance depends on the route you select, the flight you’re booking, and when you make the booking.

Then there’s the standard 23kg bag. A 23kg bag can be bought at a minimum of £9.49 and a maximum of £42.49 online. Remember that checked baggage allowance fees depend on the type of flight you’re booking, the route you have selected, and the time of booking. To find out more on how much your checked baggage allowance cost for your specific travel dates and routes, check out our guide for more information about this! In case you’re wondering what to do if you don’t have enough cash to buy the entire baggage set when compared with the estimated airfare costs- use our budget calculator to estimate how much it will cost. Now that you know what bags you should consider getting today!

With your cabin bag and checked baggage allowance, there are some accessories you can carry onto the flight with you. Some of these are – overcoat, walking stick, crutches, and umbrella. Items that you may have bought while at the airport like standard food items or products cannot be brought on board so stay and eat before boarding.

easyJet Excess Baggage Fees

If you’re traveling with others, you will be granted 23kg bags. There is a max amount of weight that can go in any suitcase, after which you can purchase an extra 3kg unit for £12. It does not make sense to pay for more than 3kg at a time as only one item cannot weigh more than 32kgs.

It is important that the maximum size of any item you bring with you is not more than 275 cm. Secondly, you must book your excess baggage charge for pre-paid. If it reaches over what your pre-booked weigh limit, then you will be charged additional fees.

Our bags are very heavy, making the heaviness of luggage limited by their size and weight. Remember this when you travel, whether it be on the website or on the mobile app.

To avoid the possibility of losing checked baggage, tag your baggage with your name, email, and phone number. Also make sure that you secured handles or any loose straps on your bags. One more tip is to avoid bringing valuables in your carry-on luggage as wrapping them in material like a sweater can protect them from being broken en route.

If you have any important documents, take them with you on the plane in your bulkhead bin. (or do they mean carry-on)?

Passengers should not pack any prohibited items on easyJet flights.

Certain items that may cause harm are prohibited on the plane. Schedule a meeting with your company representatives to let them know which ones you’re bringing on-board and which one you want excised out of the list.

  • Liquids – Liquids such as aerosol gels, shampoo, conditioners in 100ml containers can be in your checked baggage. Liquid can be replaced by “bottle” so it would read as: These items should be packed in a separate small, transparent bag that one can open and close whenever there’s a need to during security clearance.” This bag should be safely packed into your checked baggage. Ensure that the liquids are placed in such a manor the bottles cannot spill out when it is placed on a conveyer belt.”
  • Merely a moment – your carry on luggage and food you may have bought at the airport before boarding the flight are allowed in while on board.
  • Alcohol – You’re allowed to carry alcohol in cabin as long it’s sealed and is less than 70% alcohol. Passengers can’t drink their own alcoholic beverages from the cabin. If a passenger is caught drinking bottles of alcohol not purchased from an outside source, they will be removed from the airplane.
  • People are allowed to bring hot drinks into the airplane cabin, as long as they purchase them at the airport and have a safety lid on them.
  • When traveling, airlines usually have a 100ml limit on liquids. But that does not apply to baby food, milk, or sterilized water. The total amount of these liquids should not be more than 1 liter.
  • Cigarettes and E-cigarettes are not allowed on board the aircraft, but you can bring them with you. Please keep in mind never to smoke them while on your flight. You must leave your safety plugs at or near the seat or you’ll be grounded and subject to legal proceedings.
  • Crude Objects – The cabin will not allow objects that might damage the plane. This includes items like tools and bugs primarily. For example, a screwdriver is prohibited. However, slim scissors with rounded ends without sharp edges are allowed in your cabin baggage. Any packaged or wrapped up blades must be checked into the coins as well. Knives with flexible or disposable edges will be allowed if they are not sharp enough to inflict real damage to the plane
  • EasyJet does not allow animals on their flights. However, they will sometimes allow a particular size animal in some cases with restriction.
  • Wedding dresses should not count towards your cabin baggage allowance. Any clothing you have in your carry-on may take up your space in small items, large items and carry on baggage so please do keep this in mind before boarding the plane.
  • It’s legal to take a Christmas cracker on board. It’s probably best to keep them in your hold luggage. This way, you won’t have any trouble if they don’t display any signs of being a bomb.
  • Bringing dry ice on board – a dry ice holding capacity of 2.5kg. Dry Ice can’t be taken onboard if it’s being used to preserve items that are dangerous goods. For more information on what’s considered dangerous goods, please visit easyJet’s Dangerous goods page.
  • Ashes are allowed in the cabin bag only if you can provide the death certificate of the deceased human or pet. Also, you must submit a copy of the cremation certificate. Ashes should be packed in an airtight container for extra security.
  • Planes allow passengers to bring electronic devices such as kindles, e-readers, mobile phones, tablets in the cabin. Make sure they are charged fully because you might be asked to turn them on during security clearance if it’s not on or fail to turn the device on and it is a red flag for the security team.
  • Transport yourself with a bag that is power banking. We know this sounds like science fiction, but our luggage is equipped with a battery to make the trip easy on your precious electronics. Keep your power bank safe during the flight by disassembling it before boarding
  • Recording Equipment or Camera – Recording equipment or cameras must be in compliance with the different dimensions required for your cabin. Make sure that it exceeds the size of 63x27x28cm, so it doesn’t take up a lot of space in overhead lockers. They can be stored vertically, so it doesn’t take up much space.
  • You can check in as many print or toner cartridges in the hold luggage as long as your departure airport allows you to. As long at the collective weight of the cartridges does not reach 500g, then you’ll be able to take them on board. If the total weight exceeds 500g, then you won’t be allowed to leave with them.
  • Camping equipment, such as camping stoves or fuel containers are allowed in the aircraft hold luggage, but you need to make sure they don’t contain any flammable liquid. While carrying a used stove or fuel tank, it’s good practice to wait for at least an hour for it to drain of any flammable liquid. Then you’ll want to let it air out and leave it where others can see before putting it in your suit case.

Frequently asked questions about baggage allowances on easyJet flights.

EasyJet charges for baggage. When you book a ticket, you will be able to find out how much extra it costs to bring your goods with you

EasyJet offers cheap baggage fees. Planes typically carry 15kg of luggage with the average fee being £6.99, but cheaper when food is saved by ordering online (depending on flight type, routes taken, and time of booking).

What is the weight of a 23kg bag on easyJet?

The cost of an airline bag differs when you buy one at the airport or book an online flight. If you’re planning a short trip away it may be cheaper to buy on arrival, but if you’re flying in a lot of luggage or need it for business, an online flight is usually more affordable.

Is it possible to travel with Weight & restriction? What size carry-on bags do they use?

You don’t have to worry about paying for an extra cabin bag on easyJet flights. Your cabin bag allowance depends on the seat you’ve booked.

How much are you charged for traveling with a carry-on bag?

Most airlines do not charge for a carry on bag, but being able to pack as many bags as you want comes with a price.


Traveling can sometimes be complicated. There are many different travel considerations and not having all the information can make it stressful to figure out how much luggage you need. Have a few essential travel tips so you can have a stress-free trip.

We hope that this article, EasyJet, makes your next trip to London more convenient.

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