Does Norwegian Air Have WiFi? Norwegian Air WiFi Guide 2022

Norwegian Airlines provide free wifi to its passengers to be connected on board. They also have cell phone plans with fast and faster speeds for the passengers who need it.

There are three plans of the Boeing 737-800 fleet: surfing surf, social surfing, and streaming surf. They will be described with depth below so you can get as much information as possible to connect your device to wifi.

History of Norwegian Air WiFi

Norwegian air started offering free wi-fi on all of its European flights in 2011. Then the airlines upgraded their wifi by providing on-board satellite TV streaming to some of their European flights in 2015. Then it enabled inflight wifi to Boeing 787-9 planes in 2018. Norwegian started to satisfy its customer by providing long-duration intercontinental wifi over their flights.

Then they upgraded it more with their Boeing 737-800 fleet. The wifi onboard the planes is used for flights to intra-European routes, routes connecting Europe with Africa, Middle East and on the flights of the USA and French Caraibian.

About Norwegian WiFi

Airline nameNorwegian Air Shuttle
Founded22 January 1993
Hotline00 47 21 49 00 15

Norwegian Airlines WiFi plans: Boeing 737-800

There are three options of their wifi so passengers can easily connect their electronic devices in-flight. The first option is Surf, which allows passengers to search social media sites and stream periodicals from home free of charge; the second option is Surf Social, which offers a range of secure websites for browsing and emailing, and stream videos for extra costs; the third option is to Surf Stream, which is similar to Surf Social but has restricted access.

surfWeb Browsing, Text messagingFreeSlow
Social+Surffaster web browsing, email and all social media$5Fast
Stream+surfemail, social media, streaming TV shows, music, movie content on Netflix, YouTube and Spotify$12Faster

Boeing 787-9 Plans

There are two plans for Boeing 787-9.

Plan descriptionCost
web surfing, email and messagingFree
web surfing, email, messaging and social media access$5

How To connect Norwegian WiFi Onboard?

To connect wifi, follow the following steps-

  • Activate Flight mode on your Device
  • Enable 2.4 GHz WiFi and search for the appropriate network option “Norwegian Internet Access”
  • Connect to “Norwegian Internet Access”
  • Search the website Norwegians using Chrome. Open your web browser and find the Norwegian website (737-800).
  • Complete your registration so you know what plan and features work best for you.
  • Now you are ready to access WiFi

The aircraft with WiFi:

This airplane has wifi if you’re traveling on that. People who are lucky to fly on that plane have access to wifi.

  • Boeing 737-800 
  •  Boeing 787-9

What do Norwegian airlines say about its inflight wifi?

Helga Bollmann Leknes, CCO of Norwegian Airline said that they are continuing to upgrade the passenger experience by commencing the rollout of Premium Wi-Fi on their global fleet of Boeing 737-800 aircraft. They set an industry first in 2011 by being the first European airline to offer free wi-fi on all flights and from today, many thousands of passengers will enjoy free wi-fi on all their Norwegian flights.


Can I use Netflix onboard Norwegian air?

Yes, you can use Netflix. You just need to purchase a StreamSurf plan and you will be able to watch Netflix instantly.

Who is the WiFi provider in Norwegian Air?

Customers will receive a receipt with the name ‘ARINC Incorporated’ for using Collins Wifi service. This is because some smart people at Collins knew that designing the wi-fi to use ARINC closed system would be cheaper and safer than other providers.

How Can I connect with Norwegian air for special Queries?

The Hot Spot Hotel has free WiFi that is available throughout the hotel. Contact them, such as through email – or by telephone – 877-894-5900

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