Does Kenya Airways have WiFi & Inflight Entertainment? Explained

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Kenya Airways is a member of SkyTeam, one of the three major airlines in the world. The airline offers flights to over 53 destinations in 33 countries through its five airfields and regularly performs domestic and international flights. One way passengers can be entertained is through the inflight entertainment system on all flights which is available on Boeing 737-700s.

Facts about Kenya Airways:

Name  Kenya Airways
Alliance  SkyTeam
Headquarter  Ontario, Canada
Callsign KENYA
Main Hub Jomo Kenyatta International Airport
Inflight Wi-Fi Not Available
Inflight Entertainment Yes
Operating Aircraft 38
Destination 53
Social Media Facebook

Kenya Airways Inflight WiFi Service:

Kenya Airways requires that their aircraft don’t have inflight WiFi services. Passengers are prevented from doing anything internet-based while traveling with Kenya Airports.

Kenya Airways Inflight Entertainment:

Kenya Airways has an entertainment system installed on the back of the passenger seats. It has many types of content and is easy to control through a screen in front of you.

The passengers on Kenya Airways flights can watch 80 movies, 30 documentaries and 55 television programs, or listen to 1,000 music tracks from their own smartphones. They need to download the KQ Cinema App from Google play store before takeoff — or else they’ll miss their inflight entertainment!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Kenya Airways have inflight wifi?

Kenyan airfare is cheaper than any other airline’s and it is a popular choice for travelers who want to save money and enjoy their travels with lots of inflight amenities.

As long as you have a WiFi internet connection on your Kenyan Airways flight from New Jersey to Nairobi, you can use Whatsapp.

Most of the Kenya Airways flights do not have WiFi. In order to be able to use social media, you will need internet connectivity while you fly on Kenya Airways.

Do you want to get to the KQ cinema app from a movie on board?

Our flights do not offer inflight WiFi, so there is no way to download apps such as KQ Cinema. To access content on your flight you will need either to download an app before, or purchase a device prior to your departure.

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