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Does Air India Have Wi-Fi? Air India Wi-Fi Guide 2022

Air India Limited is a company that provides private planes for individuals in southern Asia. Previously, it was the flag carrier airline of India that was fully owned by the Indian government through this action. 8 October 2021, air India was sold by the Ministry of Civil Aviation to the Tata group for two billion dollars.

If you fly with Air India, you can’t use wifi service. But they are planning to add it to long-haul flights in the future. What passengers can enjoy are entertainment systems aboard the plane and local and international movies, music, and tv shows.

A glance at Air India:

Name  Air India Limited
Type Private entity
Parent Company Tata Sons
Subsidiaries Indian AirlinesAlliance Air
Headquarter  Air India Building, Mumbai
Main Hub Indira Gandhi International Airpor
Inflight Wi-Fi Not Available
Destinations 93
International Destinations 33
Domestic Destinations 60
Social Media Facebook

Air India Inflight WiFi:

Aircraft which included air India were not allowed to broadcast inflight wifi service while they enter or cross into Indian airspace, but in 2020 India issued a new DCGA draft that allows inflight wifi services. However, no Indian aviation company including Air India has announced anything yet.

When you fly with Air India, you won’t be able to use inflight WiFi service. Luckily for aspiring passengers, Air India is planning to equip their Boeing 777 aircraft with WiFi facilities that can soon be used when traveling abroad.

How to connect to the inflight wifi of Air India:

If there is not a service, you can not connect to the internet while flying.

Air India Inflight entertainment:

Most of Air India’s planes come with a tablet in the front of each seat. Passengers can enjoy movies (local and international), tv shows, music, and news streamed onboard.

Air India has no inflight entertainment systems, their Airbus fleet only has one for pilots to use.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Air India provide free WiFi?

This airline does not provide any free or paid wifi service on board their flights.

Does Air India have TV screens?

Air India has an onboard inflight tv console in front of the passenger seat on most of all aircraft except for the Airbus fleet.

Can I stream Netflix on Air India flights?

When Air India doesn’t provide inflight wifi, then you cannot use Netflix on the plane. But the entertainment screen normally has a device that you can use to watch movies or tv shows.

Does Air India have wifi service in first class?

Air India does not offer inflight wifi service to any of its economy or first class flights.

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