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Do South African Airways Have Inflight WiFi & Inflight Entertainment?

South African Airways is the first African airline to join the world’s biggest airline alliance, Star Alliance. South African Airways is the national airline of South Africa and was founded in 1934. The airline uses O. R. Tambo International Airport as its main hub and was featured on top airlines in Africa via Skytrax, ranking as number two this year.

South African Airways has a technology-friendly inflight entertainment system, with thousands of movies and tv shows. Many people use their own devices to connect on a secondary screen. But currently, some passengers fly without wifi service.

Details about South African Airways 

Name  South African Airways 
Alliance  Star Alliance
Parent Company Department of Public Enterprises
Headquarter  Johannesburg
Main Hub O. R. Tambo International Airport
Inflight Wi-Fi Not Available 
Passenger Destinations 10
Social Media Facebook

South African Airways Inflight WiFi:

South African Airways offers direct flights to about 40 destinations around the world. It has a fleet of state-of-the-art aircraft. But South African Airways does not provide WiFi on board its flights. Passengers can use their newfound time to watch movies, read, or connect with friends and family on social media during the flight.

South African Airways Inflight Entertainment:

South African Airways aircraft use a high-tech inflight entertainment system. Passengers in Economy class enjoy 10-inch screens, and those in Business class get to enjoy 15-inch screens. Travellers can watch movies from genres, series, documentaries, and classical to pop music and many other popular TV shows or live events when they want with a simple touch on the screen built into their seats.

The seats in the business class of South African Airways are well equipped. Along with complimentary daily newspapers, inflight magazine Sawubona, and the latest business magazines in the side pocket of these seats, passengers have access to all their important reading materials.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are there any inflight wifi provided by South African Airways?

No, South African Airways does not have any of their flights with inflight Wi-Fi service yet.

Our company offers one of the best choices for streaming Netflix with our unlimited WiFi.

South African Airways offers no inflight wifi service on any of their flights. Streaming Netflix will not be possible until you land in your destination country.

Can South African Airways help me if I need any assistance while on a flight?

A. If this is the first time you’re flying with South African Airways, you’ll have to communicate with them through their phone number on the website.

You can use WhatsApp from anywhere in the world if you have reliable internet access.

SAA is currently not offering apps you can use with wifi on board. So it’s kind of difficult to use social media apps like Facebook and WhatsApp when you’re in the air.

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