Delta Name Change Policy – 2022[updated]

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Delta allows name corrections for minor spelling errors, in order to avoid missing flight. The US government prevents travelers from boarding a plane with incorrect names on their documents.

Delta does not allow for a passenger to change their ticket to another person. The ownership of a ticket must be transferred in order to make a name change, one of the following criteria must be met.

  • Airlines must operate flight that start with 006, the tickets for which are furnished by airlines.
  • In the case of code-share or interline agreement flights, Delta Airlines is only able to change names on ticket requests for specific flights.
  • Customers who need to change their names can meet the Delta Airlines Social Media team members at the airport.
  • You cannot change the date, the fare class, the destination point of origin or any other information. You are only allowed to change your gender or date of birth if that part is erroneous.
  • Only minor Delta name corrections are permitted. If a longer correction is needed please speak with us.
  • We provide policies to protect your identity when changing your name or altering vital contact information such as your date of birth.
  • Minor corrections would be allowed to the reservation date. There is a one-time fee assessed due to errors committed at the time of booking.
  • Delta requests that a customer’s name be changed on their ticket. If the customer is not interested in changing their name, Delta would be unable to make any other changes to the traveler’s personal information.
  • If Delta Airlines name correction request has been processed once and requires further alteration, they need to send the tickets out for reissue

Delta Change Name on Ticket

The name change policy is a set of rules that must be met to change you or your child’s name. It includes accepted reasons for changing the name, required forms and procedure for filing the requests, and age of those filing them.

Correction Type Acceptable Changes
1. First/Middle/Last Names
2. Nickname to Legal name
3. Inverted Names Adding Middle name
4. Adding an additional last name
All these alterations provided that the ticketed name must match the government-issued ID/passport. Add to that, the DOB and the gender must remain identical with the government issued ID/passport
Adding a legal name under the circumstances of Marriage, Divorce, and Adoption OSI Delta Airlines name change waiver code would be applicable
Delta add middle name to ticket As per Delta Name Change policy, middle name correction requires rebooking the correct name in a new reservation. It involves the creation of a new PNR or record locator.

In order to process your Delta Airlines name change request easily and quickly, please simply follow our instructions. You’ll be on your way in no time!

  • Delta airlines recently changed their flight name. If you already made a reservation, this document will help you pull your reservation or change the flight number when it’s announced
  • Delta Airlines’ new name change policy would apply to both ‘restricted’ fares and those with a ‘non-restricted fare’ price.
  • Some aren’t even considering the repercussions of their decision to name changes on PNRs.
  • Some airlines allow you to change your name. Airline employees will issue a new PNR, defragment the itinerary in the traveler’s account system and issue a separate ticket number for each passenger on their existing reservation.
  • All passengers traveling on an international flight in the USA will be required to include their Secure Flight Passenger Details (SFPD) with the name that was updated by customs.
  • In addition, billing for the name change must be sent over to Delta Airlines. Include your request number in the body of your email offering them a reasonable timeframe for reprisal.

Fee to Change/Correct Name on Delta Ticket

If you want to change your flight reservation to another name or destination, the Delta Airlines name change fee is $125. If you make this change within 24 hours of booking and your cancellation request is found to be valid, then you will have to pay the same fare if a new ticket was not issued.

Delta has a 24-hour refund policy for all name changes. So, if you’re looking for a change after your ticketing purchase but it doesn’t go through or you need to change again in near future, Delta will cancel the flight and refund your fare.

How to Change Name on Delta Ticket?

The name change is only possible if the rules associated with your booking permit a change. The conditions of your flight ticket will dictate if you can add a new name for your itinerary.

Delta Air Lines, Inc. changes its name to Delta in order to correct the name according to their policy unlike other airlines who change their names with no 

  • Delta Airlines flights must be operated on their stock numbers. With the stock number 006, Delta Airlines tickets are issued
  • Delta must be the validating carrier.
  • Unfortunately, the name change could not be processed if the process is already complete.

Names have to be changed before you fly with Delta. Be able to easily find information on how to fix this on your flight.

Change Name on Delta Ticket Online

Here’s what you need to do —

  • Visit from your Trips section or My Trips tab
  • To book a trip on the Southwest Airlines, use your booking reference or ticket number. If you do not know your number, enter the last name of the passenger, who will be able to help retrieve it for you.
  • Our name correction tool will fix your mistakes for you. It is not just a sentence rewriter tool. It also checks to make sure what appears in the ticket is correct, so it won’t save someone’s identity.
  • While editing, anyone with a little knowledge of Wordsworth can correct up to three characters on the first name or last name.
  • Click on the yellow arrow head to add this item to your cart.
  • At the checkout page, passengers must pay the fee, along with any difference between their fare and the available class. Tickets will be reissued to the same available or lower available class.
  • You will receive a notification from the Post Office of your name change within minutes of completing the purchase.

Change Passenger Name on Delta Via Call

If you are unsure how to update your name or need assistance, you can call Customer Service at this number.

  • Be prepared to provide your six-digit Rail Ticket number or four-digit Eurostar ticket number when booking your London to Paris trip.
  • Correct the spelling of the words “charter” and “correct” to make sure that both are spelled correctly.
  • You are asked to send a government-issued photo ID or a copy of your passport as well as your order number. This is done to prevent fraud.
  • The passenger needs to pay the delta airlines name change fee along with the applicable fare difference to proceed with the request. The ticket would be reissued to a lower available or lower fare class of the same privilege level, whichever is highest.
  • Once the transaction is completed on our site, you may receive your confirmation on your registered email.

Delta Airlines Name Change Policy – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Passengers have the option to change their names up to three characters on their first name or last name if they wish. Only a $250 name change fee along with the applicable fare difference would be assessed, according to Delta’s policy.

For missed flights with Delta, customers can reach SkyMiles customer service phone number.

Delta Airlines changed the policy to allow for name changes regardless of their travel route, class of service, and trip type.

Study your booking before requesting a name change. If you request a name change during the booking process, a fee of 125 USD will be assessed. The reservation must be reissued in the same class of service and with the same fare. Fare differences may apply beyond 24 hours for name changes after booking is made.

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