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DELTA Airlines Carry On Sizes, Weight & Limits Guide [2021]

Delta Airlines lets people bring one piece of carry-on luggage with them and a smaller item to put below them, like a laptop bag or purse. The rule is that they must both fit below the seat in front of them, so you can’t bring anything too big. They also have ways to get an exemption for bigger items if you are traveling particularly long distance and need one.

I packed a personal item so I could get through the airport faster

To make sure your trip on Delta is a smooth one, there are some guidelines that you should follow regarding carry-on bags. Make sure your personal items, if they’re approved as carry-on, are safe and easy to transport.

Approved Personal Items

If you are traveling with a personal item, you should make sure it belongs to the following list or has a similar size so that it can be stored under the seat in front of you.

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Delta airlines allow certain items to come on board for free. The items that are allowed for carry-on are larger items like strollers and diaper bags. There are also certain items that passengers can organize with the help of flight attendants.

The companies that Delta competes with, including Southwest and American Airlines , have made larger luggage sizes the standard for carrying on luggage.

You can quickly and easily travel with your luggage thanks to Delta. If you are using a roll-aboard for long-trips or a duffel for an overnight stay, always make sure you follow the airline’s restrictions so that you don’t end up with any trouble.

Carry-On Size Restrictions

The size of your Priority bag should correspond to their sizing. These sizes are also displayed at the ticket counter and by your baggage tag at Delta Airlines.

The luggage measurements spell out the size restrictions for any wheels and handles that might be on your baggage. Unfortunately, no such limits apply to small musical instruments while they’re riding with you in the overhead or underseat compartments.

Carry-On Weight Restrictions

The number one priority is safety. Airlines have different maximum weights as well as location restrictions.

Other Carry On Details

You can take these items with you on the plane with your carry-on.

Delta allows passengers to carry certain amounts of liquids, aerosols and gels in their bags when traveling without checking baggage. However, depending on the itinerary, there are a few rules set by TSA. To be safe while international trips, it is best to check what liquid items are permitted before traveling to avoid bad surprises after arrival.

Gels, aerosols, liquids, and pastes such as makeup, beverages, hair gel, shampoo, hair spray, toothpaste, sun lotions, and other items of a similar consistency are used to create cosmetics.

The TSA makes special provisions for those who need to bring items like medications and other supplies on their travels. You will be able to take something out of your belongings and carry it through the security line because of the TSA’s friendly policies.

Carrying A Duty-Free Item

There are certain countries where you can pick up a duty-free item with just the items sealed and tags on. You get to walk around knowing that you have your favorite clothes and shoes with you in case there is an emergency!

Pop in your carry-on bag, and you can watch out for security. Make sure to wear it to keep everything secure. But if where you are visiting doesn’t recognize the program, it may be confiscated and lost.

 For guidelines related to this, visit the UK Department for Transport, the European Union’s European Commission, or the United States’ Transportation Security Administration.

Special Items

With Delta, you will be able to fly with different items, such as strollers, children’s seats, medical equipment, sports equipment, bulky or oversized baggage, and more. They will treat every single item as one bag. Some of these items may incur an additional fee while most items won’t.

More frequently than not, our customers do have a theme item or clothing style of their own.

If you think you are carrying a special item, feel free to check with a Delta agent when arriving at the airport before going through security. They will be able to help you determine if the item is an oversized or overweight item and may help you avoid possible fees associated with your carry-on luggage.

A special item has common features that distinguish it from other items of the same product type or category.

We offer a variety of special items like women’s dresses, socks and shoes, handbags, luggage and more.

Prohibited Items

If you are traveling via Delta, make sure you’re aware of what items are permitted to board on a plane as per federal law and regulations. You can visit the TSA’s What Can I Bring page or the FAA’s Pack Safe page for the updated list of allowed items and not allowed for transport.

Attire, bags and personal items that are shown to be offensive cannot be brought into the library.


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Many credit card companies have travel rewards cards that offer lucrative perks like baggage fees and other benefits. For example, Americal Express offers a Delta Air Lines card that includes free checked bags. You can find out which credit card has the best benefit for your personal needs and then take the appropriate steps.

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Delta includes a SkyMiles program, with which you can earn free checked bags depending on your level of loyalty. If you fly frequently on Delta, the airline may reward you for this by giving you some of the other flight benefits. Remember that Delta is part of the SkyTeam alliance, so if you are a member listed in that alliance’s program, Delta members can get these checked bags and any other benefits listed in their own partner airlines low-level program.

When soldiers leave the military from active duty and acquired another type of government assistance, they may qualify for a baggage reimbursement on their clothes and personal items.

Delta offers free checked bags to active United States military who fly with Delta. The specific allowances depend on whether you’re traveling for personal reasons, military orders, and the specific fare you’re flying.

Limiting yourself to included checked bags is essential. You’ll save the airline and planning a way through the airport easier!

If your fare comes with free checked bags, you will avoid baggage dues by packing a designated amount of restrictions. If your ticket does not come with free checked bags, you will avoid baggage costs by only packing carry-on luggage. You will also save time by not waiting at the baggage claim after you arrive at the airport.

Conclusion: Most people bring less because they are unsure of what they could get away with.

Be sure to refer to the rules and regulations laid down by the airlines and government bodies. This will make your boarding easier, faster and safer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Delta carry-ons come in a variety of sizes that might be too large or too small for your size.

Passengers should carry carry-on items in a regulation-compliant manner and in compliance with the airline. They should not exceed the size of 22 inches by 14 inches by 9 inches and be stored unfettered or kept under the seat responsibly

You can travel with a personal item on Delta airlines as long as it fits dimensions that are provided upon review.

It depends on the size, weight, and other aspects of what each person is bringing with them. For example, one can bring a personal item and a carry-on bag up to a specific size or weight.

If you are traveling on Delta Connection flights with 50 seats or less, you can bring personal items to and from the airport. To make sure your items have enough space, a sticker with plan 90 or Planeside is placed on it, depending on how oversized your item is. In case of Flight overbooking a Gate Claim will be added to all tagged bags and left in a carrier by the door for customer retrieval after deplaning.

3. Are 24-inch carry-on cases allowed on a plane as they are when a suitcase?

No, the luggage would not be fitting in the overhead compartment. The FAA prevents planes from being loaded with any baggage that can’t fit into one of these dimensions.

Does Delta only have carry-ons that are a certain size or is there one big bag?

Pack your carry-on items in a secure bag that can be stored inside the storage compartment or under the seat in front of you.

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