Delta Airlines Baggage Policy – 2022

Delta Airlines is headquartered in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, and it serves domestic as well as international destinations. A host of world-class services make this airline a hot favorite among its fans all over the world, while its flexible policies ensure them a safe flight without any inconvenience whatsoever. This flight comes with many perks (one of which being)…


Delta Airlines Baggage Allowance

Delta Airlines weigh policy is simple. A passenger has the freedom to carry a small personal bag when traveling with Delta airlines or one pet baggage without having to pay anything extra. Carry-on load allowances, however, might differ from one person to another.

Delta Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance


Delta typically offers different types of fares to accommodate the needs of their passengers. I think this may have something to do with whether or not there are extra fees for carrying on luggage.

For extra luggage, passengers can contact the airline. Passengers are advised to ask for advice on Fly Delta app or at in order to avoid any troubles due to limited space on flights. They have to make changes online before the flight since it is not possible to change them at the airport later.

  • Delta Airlines allows liquor in your checked baggage. The maximum amount of alcohol you can have is five liters (140 proof) per person. The alcohol content in the beverage must be 70% and when packing it, make sure that the bottle is nice and tight so it doesn’t leak – this prevents breakage.

Delta Airlines Carry-On Baggage Allowance

The passengers traveling on Delta Airlines are allowed to take one carry-on item and one personal item with them on the flights. However, passengers should adhere to the weight and dimension rules for each of these items.

Delta Airline’s excess baggage size will not exceed the dimensions of 55 x 36 x 23 cm. Your baggage will only be safely delivered to your destination as long as it weighs no more than 10 kilograms or two standard checked bags.

Delta Airlines Domestic Baggage Policy

  • It’s hard to predict the value of your trip when you’re flying with Delta Airlines. They charge different fees for different numbers of bags.
  • Passengers that fly in either Delta One/ Delta Premium or Business Class, will not receive a fine for the low-cost tickets they took with them. The charge is only applied to fares bought on economy class.

Delta Airlines International Baggage Policy

Delta Airlines gives international passengers a different type of baggage policy from the domestic airline policy. Different tickets and rules determine what kind of passengers are allowed to carry luggage.

  • Travellers flying to Europe and the Middle East from Canada or the United States are allowed to bring at least one baggage. With all the troubles that passengers get into, sometimes they’re even allowed two bags.
  • Delta Airlines flights running on a charge-by-the-pound ticketing program and not using any amenities to compete with other low-cost airlines are booked under this category. They carry the full cost of their inclusions.
  • Delta’s first class passengers can bring up to 2 bags on board. It offers free baggage option it also offers other features like power outlets – even if it doesn’t have any galley access.
  • There are fees when booking a flight. It’s always been more expensive in countries that have a high GDP and there is some baggage fee per leg. However, Delta has a policy of cancellation of flights that make the trip easier on your wallet.

Delta Airlines Baggage Weight

Always note the weight of your luggage when you travel by any airline these days. Some airlines are lighter than others.

  • Delta Airlines limits baggage allowance for passengers. Furthermore, only passengers who paid more tickets get to check larger pieces like bags.
  • Travelers can take up to 70 lb. or 32 kg in their carry-on suitcases only when they buy an economy class airline ticket.
  • Customers flying Delta and other airlines must book their flight tickets according to a certain dimension. Customers’ luggage has to be within a certain size range by law.

Delta Airlines is strict with their baggage guidelines. They will never negotiate or be flexible in their rules, so it’s important to make sure your suitcase weighs at least 50 pounds before coming to the airport. You might have a penalty if you fail to adhere to these guidelines.

Delta Airlines Baggage Size

Delta Airlines has set policies related to baggage size and weight. The passenger needs to know the policy so that they can fly their bags to the airport in a condition-appropriate way.

  • Passengers aboard Delta Airlines are permitted to carry one luggage item with them on their journey. Delta takes overhead bins and seats into consideration when suggesting how many bags passengers can take on board.
  • It is important that the baggage dimensions are small enough to be able to fit in the overhead bins and guarantee it can’t negatively impact other passengers.
  • Every passenger is allowed to bring two personal items on the flight. These would be cameras, small bags or suitcases.
  • According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FFA) Regulations, the dimensions of a personal item should not be more than 22 x 14 x 9 inches. The combined linear length limit that is mentioned above includes all sorts of wheels or handles.
  • However, Delta Airlines has an exception for musical instruments. While these instruments are shorter, they must be adequately small. (Only if the instrument fits perfectly in the space overhead or right in front of the passenger seat).
  • Delta is one of the major airlines that doesn’t allow some of the baby items, like diapers and so on, to be carried as carry-on or checked luggage because they’re not allowed on board.
  • If you’re over the age of 2 and you have a ticket for upgrades that includes luggage, then you’re allowed to take 10 kg or 45 inches with you!

Delta Airlines Baggage Fees

For example, Delta Airlines charges different prices for passengers who purchase tickets with luggage and without luggage. To help passengers avoid any fees due to extra-baggage purchase, they are given a clear understanding of the policies at time of purchase.

There is no coin fee, basic Delta Airlines baggage restrictions, or other service charges for the following customers.

  • Passengers that fly in select planes, those who fly in Business Class and those with Delta Frequent Flyer Program status
  • The U.S military is composed of men and women who act on behalf of the government with every air base and naval station across the country.
  • Sky Miles members get access to diamond, platinum, and gold levels. There are three tiers of sky miles.

Delta Airlines Overweight Baggage Fee

While the airline gives many perks to its passengers, their luggage will start to count as extra weight if they bring more than 2 bags. The airline provides leverage to carry up to 2 bags, with 3 bags becoming considered “extra luggage”, so the passengers have to pay more for the fourth bag.

However, the passenger will be subject to additional fees if the third luggage violates the airlines international baggage allowance. You’ll have to pay approximately 450 USD in case your third luggage exceeds the no charge Delta Airlines international baggage allowance.

Delta Airlines Baggage Claim


If a passenger notices something missing in their checked-in baggage they can make a Delta Airlines baggage claim. You can also contact the customer service director or use the Delta app to get your problem solved. If your baggage is delayed and extends the policies for Delta, the passenger would be compensated

If you have any issues with your checked-in baggage, please contact customer support on the website We will handle the process smoothly and make sure that you get the correct answer and a resolution as soon as possible.

Rules for Carrying Musical Instruments In Delta Airlines

How far can an instrument be placed in the overhead bin of a plane? Yes. A passenger is allowed to put a musical instrument but it needs to fit in the overhead space. If your instrument is frail and cannot be checked as luggage or too large that it cannot fit in an airplane’s checked baggage, you might have to buy the next seat over so that you can place your instrument. The weight of the instrument must not exceed 160 pounds any way.

Rules for Bringing Pets On Board Delta Airlines

You can get on board your flight with a small fee for animals. You must restrain them in the cargo area and make sure that they’re locked up securely. There may be fees that range from 120 USD to 200 USD only excluding Brazil where there is a minimal fee of 75 USD that’s not even charged for any other destination.

Delta Airlines is a reputable company. However, the rules are different from individual airlines. Before flying with your pet on Delta Airlines check their website to see what they require of you and your pet.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Delta Airlines Baggage Policy

Delta Airlines not all personal items can be taken on-board the aircraft, even if it is in a carry on bag. Cameras are allowed for sure but make sure to size them appropriately when packing. Tikes and diapers for infants would also be allowed as carry on items by Delta Airlines as long as they fit in the allotted space and dimensions of a carry on bag.

No, Delta Airlines does not charge for carry-on baggage. Each passenger is allowed to take a minimum of one carry-on baggage on board. However, if the weight limit or the dimension exceeds the allowed carry-on weight, a passenger would have to pay for it.

There are limited luggage options but you can save money by bringing four checked bags. Your first checked bag will cost $30 USD, your second checked bag will cost $40 USD, your third checked bag will cost $150 USD and your fourth checked bag will cost $200 USD.

Delta Airlines have baggage fees that depend on the ticket of the passenger. You’ll have to check-in your luggage and pay an extra fee if you exceed its size allowance in order to fly with Delta Airlines. However, you can sign up for a Group Trip Pass in order to get your checked-in baggage to travel at no extra cost by booking early.

Passengers on Delta Airlines can travel with 5 pounds of luggage – including one carry-on item and up to 4 checked in items that are paid for.

You can take one personal item, such as a purse or briefcase, for free when you fly with Delta Airlines. Checked baggage will automatically be paid for – but please remember that checked baggage is only allowed in the aircraft cabin if you have a ticket for it.

When you arrive at the airport, find out what your checked-in baggage weighs. If it is 50 lbs or more, you would only need to pay for that weight once. If the weight is more than that, the price will be counted as extra baggage and you would have to pay a small amount for that weight again.

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