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Continental Airlines


Continental Airlines has a long and vast history which began in 1934 and relocated its headquarters to Houston, Texas. It was once known as? The Proud Bird With The Golden Tail?. It gives you high-quality services where ever you travel throughout the world. In order to give more convenience, and comfortable and to make your journey easier, It has many global alliances with which it has combined its services. Continental has been always committed to the community and the country by supporting hundreds of charitable organizations.

Your ticket may have continental flight numbers, but it may be operated by one of the alliances wherein there will be only one-time check-in, you don’t have to wait for the connecting flights for a longer time, reliable transfers, you can avail yourself more benefits and discounts if you are a frequent flyer. Continental Airlines has achieved many awards for its services to the community and people Like.

It offers different kinds of programs and services like

Business Programs: This is a one-stop for business travel managers. This program is designed to reward the companies which travel through Continental Airlines. It also gives you Universal Air Travel Plan service wherein you get many benefits like

Cargo: Continental Airlines has a cargo section that deals which different services, it has come up with new security measures to ensure the security of your goods and services.

Gift Account: You can create a gift account by just filling up online and can ask your friends and family members to deposit the money and services like Gift Certificates, Group Sales, Contact Center Solutions, Programs for Frequent Flyer Enroll Instantly, One pass program overview

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