Complete Guide To United Airlines Baggage Allowance 2022

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Want to know what baggage policy United Airlines offers? We have a brief refresher available. You can find information specific to your travel class and the benefits and restrictions of their luggage allowance policies during check in at any domestic or international airport.

This article will guide you through everything you need to know about United Airlines’ baggage allowances, costs, and charges.

Carry-on Baggage on United Airlines

There is one carry-on, a personal item, and other special items that you can bring on board; however, there are some exceptions.

Each suitcase must not be over 24 inches long, less than 55 inches wide, and just under 22 inches tall. The handles and wheels are also part of the measurements. Passengers are able to bring their carry-on luggage into the cabin when they’re flying.

Draw some guidelines that you should follow when making your carry-on bag. The dimensions of your bag should be a maximum of 22 x 25 x 43 centimeters (9 x 10 x 17 inches) and it is best to place the top near the front, bottom near the back, and use up more room in the middle.

Other special items allowed on board include:

  • A diaper bag.
  • An umbrella.
  • A jacket.
  • Reading material.
  • A camera.
  • We offer a range of mobility devices, like crutches, foldable wheelchairs, canes, prescription medications and oxygen concentrators.
  • Child safety seat (FAA-approved).
  • A breast pump.
  • Food/snacks/goods bought at the airport.
  • A pet carrier (onboard pets incur charges).


Passengers flying in basic economy class will be exempt from the carry-on policy. A basic economy boarding pass only allows a one personal item onboard.

You must report at the airport gate with your full-sized carry-on. Heading to a destination that has an international airport? You might also have to check your bag – and make sure you have enough cash on hand so that you don’t incur any extra fees.

However, if you do not have certain restrictions when travelling in the low-priced economy class, then these are not the exceptions.

  • Travellers flying trans-Atlantic flights between the United States, Mexico, and Central America, including El Salvador, Panama, and South America are exempt.
  • The passengers on trans-Pacific flights are exempt from taxes when travelling to or from the United States.
  • We provide exclusive benefits to guests and members. Members automatically receive a 25% discount on their ticket purchases, otherwise only available exclusively for members.

Checked Baggage on United Airlines

United Airlines allows two standard checked baggage for travel and no one can carry 67 lbs. The dimensions of each bag as well as handles and wheels must be under 158 cm (62 inches), while travelers have to register their airline number to find out the weight limits.

Travel Class Maximum Weight
United Economy® (basic, standard) Fifty pounds (23 kg).
Business-class First-class United Polaris® business class Seventy pounds (32 kg).
MileagePlus Status Maximum Weight
Premier Platinum Premier Gold class Premier Silver Premier 1K® Seventy pounds (32 kg).
Star Alliance™ Gold Seventy pounds (32 kg) for Business class. Fifty pounds (23 kg) for Economy class.

United Airlines Baggage Fees

The US-based airline calculates checked baggage charges on its website. You can retrieve your booked flight’s service charges by entering your MileagePlus sign-in details.

You can use our baggage fee calculator to quickly figure out how much it costs to bring specific items with you on your trip. The calculator also figures out whether or not any additional baggage is reasonable to scale your flight depending on things like your route and the type of class you’re in.

How To Check in Your Baggage

United Airlines offers two options for paying for your checked bags. The first option is to pay online at least 24 hours ahead of your flight. The second option is to show your boarding pass at the airport delicately tagging a section, then proceed to pay at check them as you walk through.

If you choose to pay for your checked bags through, enter your credit card information during the check-in process to get charged directly from your card for the number of bags you specified when you checked in online.

Running on the risk that you might miss your quick flight, you should always purchase your checked baggage during online check-in.

Prepaid Checked Bags

In order to prepay for checked baggage, you must pay on the United and websites. When you prepay, you can save money or get discounts on certain destinations.

When traveling with a luggage cart, you can print your bag labels at a United kiosk when you arrive at the airport and attach them to your bags. If for some reason it is not necessary, you will be able to find an official at the bag drop station who will take care of the added step for you.

You will have to pay up in advance for a power pack even if you have special items that can’t go through the x-ray machines. Your luggage must be fit for the plane before you leave and you must pay enough hours ahead of time to get any discounts.

Steps to prepay checked baggage:

  • Visit and input your confirmation number.
  • Choose the “Prepay bags” option.
  • Fill in your information, review all of the data, and then decide if you’d like to subscribe.
  • Choose “Continue to payment.”

Baggage Subscription

When travelling on United and United Express, you can allow guests to check bags for free up to two per booking. A basic subscription is $349.

However, this service requires a yearly subscription. It does not cover checking more than two standard bags or waiving oversized or overweight baggage costs.

Steps to pay for your baggage subscription:

  • Select which areas of your business will benefit from a subscription.
  • Select the number of bags (one standard bag or two standard bags).
  • Select the country or region where your subscription would be valid.
  • Purchase your subscription.

Extra, Oversized, And Overweight Checked Baggage

United Airlines charges for extra checked baggage, oversized bags, and overweight checked bags separately. The fees are added together when only one of those allowances is required. For specific fee information, use the calculator provided with each flight route.

Extra Baggage

Extra baggage involves more than three bags and incurs additional charges. It is only accepted when there is enough space on the plane. However, a user has a universal exception for personal items needed for their physical or mental health.

Oversized Baggage

Checked bags with linear dimensions of 192-292 centimeters (81-115 inches) are considered oversized. These bags are charged depending on the travel route. Meanwhile, bags with totals dimensions over 292 centimeters (115 inches), aren’t allowed.

Overweight Baggage

If your bag weighs more than 70 pounds, you’ll be charged for it. United charges passengers who check in their baggage that is between 70 and 100 pounds $200 each on top of the base ticket price.

If you want to check the weight first, then the flight is only $400. Records are available online so it’s easy to know what the price will be before booking your ticket.

The airline does not allow baggage weighing more than 100 pounds (45 kg), but musical instruments and assistive gadgets are exceptions. Musical instruments that weigh up to 165 lbs (75 kg) can be loaded, while all assistive gadgets will be accepted.

Although the fees on bags are pretty standard, it’s always good to know all of your options before arriving to the airport

Passengers Exempted from United Airlines Baggage Fees

Some passengers are exempt from paying a service fee for checked baggage. This exception applies only to flights operated by United or United Express® when you check your baggage via United Airlines. If you qualify for more than one exemption, the larger one will take precedence.

Members and dependents of the U.S. military force

You will get the benefits outlined below if your baggage is checked in via United Airlines on flights operated by United and United Express.

Type Of Trip Travel Class Number Of Complimentary Checked Bags Allowed Maximum Size Maximum Weight (for each bag)
Military  member (Personal travel) All classes Three bags 158 cm (62 inches) 32 kg (70 lbs)
Military dependent (on travel orders) All classes Two bags 158 cm (62 inches) 32 kg (70 lbs)
Military member (on official business) All classes Five bags 292 cm (115 inches) 45 kg (100 lbs)

Active U.S. military members’ spouses and dependents can get their flights waived while they’re deployed with the service member, only when they go along with them.

Although limiting travel to the governement issued orders is a good decision, traveling without your military orders separates you from the standard allowance and fees.

Passengers with MileagePlus Premier membership

Premier members can check bags for free. Their friends or family traveling with them might have to pay for it, but they’ll still have their bags the soonest!

Travel Class and route Premier Silver Premier Gold Premier Platinum Premier 1K
The economy class between the U.S. and: Alaska Canada Continental U.S. Hawaii Mexico Central America Caribbean One bag of 70 pounds (32 kg) Two bags Seventy pounds (32 kg) per bag. Three bags Seventy pounds (32 kg) per bag.   Three bags 32 kg (70 lbs) per bag.
The economy class between the U.S. and: Asia South America New Zealand Australia Europe Africa Middle East Two bags 32 kg (70 lbs) per bag. Three bags 32 kg (70 lbs) per bag. Three bags 32 kg (70 lbs) per bag. Three bags 32 kg (70 lbs) per bag.
All premium travel class Three bags 32 kg (70 lbs) per bag Three bags 32 kg (70 lbs) per bag Three bags 32 kg (70 lbs) per bag Three bags 32 kg (70 lbs) per bag

Check that baggage allowance before leaving for your trip. You may not be able to check anything larger than X kg if the airline imposes a size restriction.

United Airlines Baggage Fee Refund

Baggage fees are refundable. If necessary, customers can submit an acceptable itemized list for proof of purchase with strong supporting evidence to cope with the airline. However, our policy does not cover wheelchairs or other assistive devices that were included in baggage fees and cannot exceed no more than 3,800.00 USD/CAD

United follows the Warsaw Convention rules. If a traveler exceeds the allowed checked baggage and unchecked baggage weight, for traveling out of country, then United offers a refund for those portions of their travels that have fallen outside of their return weight allowance in excess of what they were originally charged.

Furthermore, the responsibility to check or not to check baggage is restricted to 1,288 SDRs (Special Drawing Rights) per passenger for international travel covered by the Montreal Convention.

Please visit our refunds page. Input the required information and submit it to get a refund.

Other Special Items

We provide a wide variety of goods for all types of items, including sports equipment, fragile/perishable goods, wheelchairs, protective bags, electronic devices, dangerous products and many more.

Sports Equipment

You can bring sports equipment as checked baggage if you pack it in the appropriate containers with your checked bag. There might be fees or charges for oversized and overweight sports equipment.

Fragile/perishable Goods

Fragile/perishable goods should be inside carry-on bags.


United Airlines offers free travel on wheelchairs that can be folded, non-foldable and manual. Those passengers with powered wheelchairs must sign up for the 48 hour notice or arrive earlier than the flight’s scheduled departure time in order to bring their chairs into the airport.

Dangerous Products

The things considered harmful at 35,000 ft are those which don’t release if properly handled. They include badminton rackets, contact lenses, and electronics.

  • Explosives
  • Containers with fuels
  • Tasers
  • Defensive sprays

Take a look at the airline to see if there are more details about dangerous products.

Commonly Asked Questions

  • Can you carry-on your luggage on a flight with United? What are the obligations for bringing your own luggage?

Many international flights have the same carry-on baggage policy as domestic flights. One has to allow their personal items, but it’s easier for passengers flying with others in premium economy or TSA Pre-Check.

  • Who is exempted from United baggage charges?

United Airlines and United Express allow care packages for U.S military members and their families to travel in any class. Individuals with United MileagePlus Premier membership can bring 3 bags as well.

  • Are medical syringes allowed on United Airlines?

Yes, but medical needles are special items and should be properly disposed of. If you’re unsure where to dispose of them, let the flight attendant know you can’t find a trash can on board.

  • What is limited for checked baggage on United Airlines? Here’s a link to their website.

Understand the size limits of checked baggage, which is 58 cm(62 inches) linear dimension in length width height while weight regulations vary depending on the degree of your Premier membership.

However, heavier than 100 pounds (45 kg) of baggage are not allowed on United Airlines.



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