China Airlines Cancellation Policy – 2022

China Airlines, headquartered in Taipei Taoyuan International Airport, is the preferred national carrier of the Republic of China. In 2017, the airline carried around 19 million passengers and was ranked 33rd globally by air-travel industry appraisers. The airline’s hassle-free cancellation policy and outstanding services make China Airlines the most-wanted carrier for passengers everywhere.

China Airlines offers the best facilities and services in order to make traveling to your desired destination comfortable. In order for you to get a better understanding of their flight cancellation policy, make sure to read our guide thoroughly.

China Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

China Airlines’ policy is designed by the airline to bring highly sought-after customer service to their customers. They are able to accommodate any changes that are necessary, whether it be cancellations or a change in itinerary. Cancellations can be made as part of personal preference or through a myriad of online and offline services.

According to China Airlines cancellation policy, if you are not happy with the airline then you can receive a full refund within 24 hours of booking. However, if you cancel more than 7 days before departure then you will only get a refund for 50% of the flight fee.

China Airlines Cancellation Policy 24 Hours 

Chinese Airlines allows its passengers to cancel or change their flights whenever they want, even 24 hours before their flight, to ensure they get the most comfortable travel experience.

  • China Air has a 24-hour cancellation policy that gives passengers the freedom to cancel their flight at any hour up until it leaves. Booking is only 7 days before departure for air tickets, so you have time!
  • China Airlines policy states that you are only able to cancel your flight for a small fee if the passengers cannot catch on to the free cancellation window.
  • However, the 24 hours policy can be different. In some cases, even if they cancel their seats in the airport terminal, just minutes before they board the plane (on which case they will receive a refund), but in other cases the passengers are not allowed to cancel their tickets at all.

Several Ways To Cancel A China Airlines Flight

Cancelling the tickets is really easy. You can cancel them by using either online or offline methods. Check out all the ways mentioned below, and make sure to do the cancellations with ease.

The easiest way for a passenger to cancel their tickets is on the airline’s website. They don’t have to pay any fees if they take this action, instead, they’ll receive a refund at the ticket counter.

  • visit the website for China Airlines for information about their cancellation policies (
  • You can find a manage section on our web site, which will keep track of what you’ve already started, and tell you how to complete your delivery.
  • We invite you to enter your name and booking reference number in order to receive your booking information.
  • Find out the details about your canceled flight. If you’ve booked a nonrefundable ticket, you’ll be able to see the terms and conditions before proceeding further with a cancellation.
  • Press on the “Next” button
  • We have now updated our website to let you cancel your     ticket on our site.
  • China Airlines don’t refund any deposits you may have made if you want a refund. So be sure to fill out the form within 48 hours or else it will lose its chance and you’ll never get your money back again!
  • You can cancel a ticket without having to worry. Our service will be able to cancel the tickets, letting you know and they won’t be held liable if the process doesn’t always go as planned.

Traveling back in time may not be possible, but traveling longitudinally is possible. China Airlines easily makes this experience possible by providing support through its customer service team that is readily available 24/7 to their clients.

  • If you would like, you can cancel your tickets by clicking the link to contact our help centre.
  • We are notified if cancellations or changes are being made. We are assigned to answer any questions that arise.
  • Be courteous when your cancellation is mentioned. Make sure to step back, consider the matter and give appropriate explanations for any cancellations.
  • The executive would check when the procedure was done and decide if you were eligible for a refund or not. They also might tell you in what manner they would keep you on hold.
  • If you have a China Airlines ticket and you want to cancel your ticket, we will be committed to assisting you. Cancellations are subject to a small service fee that in turn helps fund our operations.

You can visit the nearest China Airlines ticket centre to cancel your tickets. The process is kind of similar to that of cancelling via a phone call. As soon as you visit the centre, an executive is assigned to you who will address your queries and make sure to explain your reasons for cancellation in detail.

If the customer would like to cancel their tickets, inform about the status of the cancellation and let them know about the charge for China Airlines. IF they are eligible for a refund, then let them know about it in detail. Just as with helping support, there will be an additional service fee on top of what  the person gave in order to help out with financial and operational services that are being shared with potential future customers.

China Airlines Cancellation Fee 

China Airlines  has a policy for cancellation for their flights. They  have passengers who cancel within the 24 hours not subjected to paying any more fees.

china airlines cancellation fee
  • China Airlines imposes a certain fee depending upon the fare if you purchase that airline ticket and decide to cancel after the given period of time.
  • They really are hard to cancel! China Airlines will charge you a fee. It depends on lots of different factors like what type of tickets they were and more.
  • Cancellations for some carriers can cost a lot of money. For example, if you purchase an economy ticket and then find another way to travel by the original departure time, there are fees that come with cancellation and refunding your order.
  • If the passenger has insurance on their ticket, they will not have to pay anything as a cancellation fee.  Some of our tickets are non-refundable, meaning that the entire amount paid for your airfare would be taken as a China Airlines cancellation fee

China Airlines Refund Policy 

If you wish to ask for a refund, the airline reserves the right to deny those which do not comply with the conditions by China International Airlines Company.

  • The passenger can choose to claim a refund for their flight bookings if they’ve made them through the official website at the airport, or from a call centre.
  • People who opt for “Do not cancel reservations” or people who don’t show up for their flight cannot get a refund. The system ensures passenger safety by preventing a potentially dangerous person from being able to go on the plane.
  • Travelers who pay for their flight with cash can request for a refund via their credit card by making the payment with their card . Those who pay for their trips with plastic find it simpler to do so as well.
  • China Airlines usually takes 7 to 20 days to arrange the refund of a cost. China Airlines has some policies where it’s difficult to get a refund on your service charge.
  • Passengers who have purchased tickets on Vueling Airlines have the right to cancel them at least 48 hours before departure and ask for a full refund.
  • You can easily check the refundability of your ticket when you book it. There are some cases where the tickets are non-refundable, but in these cases, passengers don’t get any refunds.

Frequently Asked Questions – China Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

China Airline is the best airlines that allow passengers to cancel their tickets during the time of need. If you cancel online, you can either do it yourself or reach out to the agents when necessary.

If you have cancelled your airline ticket within 24 hours, you can seek to get a refund from the insurer if you make a request by visiting the page where only this information would be provided. People will have to fill out a form and submit it along with their personal information such as name and flight booking reference number. It might not be necessary, however, it would help the insurer process the refund faster.

Passengers can apply for a refund in a number of ways. The refund can be sought both online and offline, if you wish to apply for it online, go to the official website and go to the page dealing with the refund status, fill out the form using their flight details. If you wish to apply for the refund offline, give a call at the customer service center or visit the local branch.

China Airlines’ offers a range of options for its customers who have flight cancellations or delays. If you select to take the refund, you have to pay for the travel and food only. Otherwise, the airline can try to provide compensation and could also reimburse your expenses if you weren’t able to finalize anything at the airport.

China Airlines has reported the lowest number of accidents in its history. It is considered one of the safest airlines worldwide because of its impeccable safety records, especially for international flights.

The airline is the sole operator at Taipei Taoyuan International Airport and has its headquarters situated in this airport. It operates around the world and provides transport along with top-end amenities to millions of passengers every year.

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