Cayman Airways Cancellation Policy – 2022[updated]

You can make cancellations for flights with Cayman Airways, including one with little to no charge at all. That’s making air travel way easier and stress-free for those with last-minute issues.

Key Notes on the Cayman Airways Flight Cancellation Policy

If you want to cancel your flight, it is important that you understand the airline’s policies. The airline’s cancellation policy helps you to get your refund in the easiest manner possible.

  • With our credit card rewards program, you can earn miles on purchases made with the Cayman Airways credit card. You can rub those miles in later on upcoming travel.
  • There are usually hefty cancellation fees when you purchase non-refundable tickets. A journey with a non-refundable ticket means that you will have to pay a major portion of the total ticket fare.
  • The ticket cancellation policy is effective as per the Cayman Airways passenger’s own tickets.
  • You get your money back in the form of monetary rewards, travel credit, or full money reimbursed to the purchase account, depending on your membership. You may use the points within the specified months.
  • Customers who miss their flight may have to pay a hefty fine. All cancellations will be assessed this way according to the company’s policies.
  • The following conditions allow airline passengers to cancel their flights without the default cancellation charge: Weather Operational failureGovernment influencePandemics.
  • Weather 
  • Operational failure
  • Government influence
  • Pandemics
  • You can cancel your booking for up to 7 days before or after the departure date. Once you cancel the cancellation fee will be calculated based on the following points:Departure date and number of days that you left memberships unused.
  • Time of booking and cancellation
  • Departure date
  • Membership
  • Those with a Cayman Airways ticket cancellation rule cannot be applied to those bought from third party agents.
  • The refund provided will be in the form of money but it might take up to two weeks before they reach your account. The miles cannot be transferred and must only be used on the one credit card.
  • As per the Cayman Airways refund policy, passengers can cancel as many times as they want by indicating a change in their desire to fly or the length of their stay. To get a full refund, the cancellation date should be at least seven days prior to their booking date.
  • The Cayman Airways cancellation policy states that passengers with non-refundable tickets can make cancellations for unused services only and will have to pay additional cancellation charges so as not to have additional costs.
  • When Cayman Airways cancels a flight that was scheduled due to unforeseen circumstances, if the passengers are compensated with the following perks: rescheduling, compensation money being refunded into the passengers’ bank account and travel credit, just to name a few.
  • Reschedule facility.
  • Full refund.
  • Many airlines have different policies for each credit card, but some allow you to book travel with your credit card.
  • Weather 
  • Operational failure
  • Government influence
  • Pandemics
  • Time of booking and cancellation
  • Departure date
  • Membership
  • Reschedule facility.
  • Full refund.
  • Depending on the guidelines of some airlines, travel credits may be available for airfare.

Cayman Airways 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

Cayman Airways has a risk-free period to allow for a full refund. We have an 18 hour cancellation policy, so if you cancel within 18 hours of booking the flight and presenting your ticket on the day, you can still get the ticket refunded.

  • For travelers who want to make changes with their travel plans, they need to contact the airline within 24 hours of booking.
  • Canceling flights within 24 hours of purchase can put a person in a tough spot.Cayman Airways have set up a policy to help them avoid this.
  • If you have a problem with your order for camping, tickets, tours or anything else at RER TUR1, go to the official channels like the website, app or customer service.
  • The cancellation policy does not apply if you book your ticket within six days before the departure. You will be charged as originally paid to secure your seat.
  • Airline passengers can transfer bookings to other passengers or hold onto their booking, but not seek a cancellation if it has been delayed or cancelled.
  • Cayman Airways doesn’t accept cancellations made through third-party agents. Even if the reservation is made within 24 hours of booking, it’s unlikely that someone will be able to rebook their trip with the airline.

Cayman Airways Cancellation Fees

Cancellation Fees

To cancel your flight, you must pay the Airlines’s cancellation fee. They will determine which fare types or even the date you booked your flights and other factors as to how much money should be returned to you based on these facts. Follow what we are about to present for more information.

  • If you cancel a reservation with Cayman Airways within the risk-free period, then you do not have to worry about paying their cancellation fee.
  • Some airlines will charge you a fee if you are not on the scheduled flight due to weather, operational failure, government influence, pandemics, and other factors. Cayman Airlines do not operate in this sense of “some.”
  • There are fees that the person will have to pay if they change their travel plans, including how long they booked with us. The fees can vary depending on what class of service they were booked in and the type of membership.
  • Some merchants may require fees in the form of administration charges.  Just make sure your account is in good standing before checking out.
  • We want to make it easier for you to be able to cancel your flight in style, so we’ve updated our online service fee.
  • If a passenger bought their ticket through a third party, they will not be able to cancel it. Customers can buy tickets on our site risk-free, so they don’t have to worry about flight cancellations or other issues with their travel plans.
  • To cancel a flight ticket, refunds are available from the day of departure until three days before departure. And to avoid paying any fees, people need to contact the airline beforehand.
  • You will need to pay a portion of the ticket fare, usually around 85-90 percent as a cancellation charge if you wish to make a request on the day of departure.

Cayman Airways Ticket Cancellation Methods

Cayman Airways allows their passengers to easily claim their refunds. They usually notify you at least 45 minutes before the flight is to depart so that there is ample time to process your refund.

Ticket Cancellation Online

  • Find out about the history of the Cayman Airways, its destinations and its latest news.
  • Tap on the login tab.
  • The login process takes place on this page. Use your credentials (username, password) to complete it.”
  • Sign in to be on the homepage and select the manage my booking option.
  • Make sure you have all the information about your trip or use the travel parameters to find digital services for your trip.
  • Fill out the desired dates and times, enter a travel plan. Click “cancel.”
  • Fill out the insurance information for a Cayman Airways flight cancellation and describe the reasons you’re cancelling your trip.
  • To cancel your ticket, we require you fill out the Cayman Airways cancellation form and submit it.
  • You won’t need to worry about paying the extra cancellation fees as they will automatically be added onto your airfare at the Cayman Airlines end.
  • You will receive an email when you register. It contains detailed information about how to apply for a refund if your flight is canceled and how to file claims in case of an airline accident.

Ticket Cancellation Offline

  • If a customer cannot dial the customer service number or visit an authorized center for company, contact our customer service team for help.
  • The Cayman Airways website has a contact form so you can connect with them and get your refund.
  • When you book a long flight, you have to share information like booking date, where it starts, whether or not it is by road or by plane and other required fields.
  • The agent will fill out the Cayman Airways refund form with the details that were presented by the customer.
  • If a review is canceled after purchase, the customer will automatically have their refund credited to them as soon as possible.
  • Our agents will complete the fairytale-themed residency that they have been dreaming of while you wait in the comfort of our lobby.


  • When you cancel the scheduled ticket with Cayman Airways, the airline will charge service and administrative costs in addition to the cancellation fees.
  • If you have a flight cancellation request, please email the team your carrier if possible or use the address found at

The department for refunds is at 4th floor of the main building on the North West corner of their George Town location.

Cayman Airways Refund Policy 

Cayman Airways Refund Policy

The airline provides anyone with a refund under three weeks of the trip they’ve booked. Most refunds take 3-5 business days to process but in some cases it may take up to 10 business days while the airline processes things like chargebacks or upsets in travel plans.

  • You can only get a refund if you book through the official website and return to us via the same channels.
  • If you cancel your flight tickets on the same day, it may be more difficult than usual to get your money back.
  • Sometimes when you don’t get the service you expected, airlines will refund your money in order to accommodate your complaint.
  • If passengers can make a cancellation within 24 hours, they can get their money back and not have to pay any fees.
  • The Cayman Airways will compensate according to its policy. The number of factors it considers are: (1) Flight routes, (2) Length of the flight delay.
  • Flight routes (International or Domestic) 
  • Length of the flight delay
  • In accordance with Cayman Airways refund policy, a refund is issued to the original form of payment. A full refund is also issued for any unused portion of a ticket.
  • With a delay, passengers have the right to get compensation under the airline’s cancellation policy. Regardless of which option they pick, they will automatically receive full credit as well as be able to reschedule their trip for free.
  • Reschedule facility
  • Full refund
  • Travel credit
  • Customers bought a ticket by booking with unofficial providers and they may not be eligible for a refund. It means if the person booked with third party agent then they will not be refunded their fee.
  • You are not eligible for a refund if you fail to board your flight without prior notice or by missing your departure date, according to the company’s flight policy.
  • Customers can earn redeemable Sir Turtle Rewards miles with their purchases when they travel. These reward points and miles can be used on future purchases, helping customers save money and plan their trips.
  • You can’t use the refund credit points if you transfer them to another passenger or if they expire. You need to spend the same number of credits in order to get the same kind of rewards.
  • If you cancel your flight with Caymans Airlines, you will have to pay for some of the down payment in order to receive a refund.
  • Flight routes (International or Domestic) 
  • Length of the flight delay
  • Reschedule facility
  • Full refund
  • Travel credit

Frequently Asked Questions: Cayman Airways Cancellation Policy

The policy is designed to make it simple for a customer to claim their refund. The airline keeps it affordable for a traveler and makes sure their money goes back in their account soon.

Cancel a flight to Cayman Airways. To do this, go to the website or check the customer service.

  • It’s easy to start shopping with us. Just click the “Start Shopping” button to get started.
  • Choose the manage booking option.
  • Enter the travel credentials.
  • Choose the trip.
  • Click on the cancel tab.
  • Select the reason.
  • Submit the Cayman Airways form and review it to ensure that both you and the airline meet all the requirements.
  • Pay the Cayman Airways cancellation fee(if required).
  • If you get an e-mail about a refund, you will know it is coming to your registered ID.

Yes, you can easily cancel the scheduled journey for free by following the rules mentioned in the Cayman Airways cancellation policy.

Airlines that operate flights in the Cayman Islands help ensure the safety of their passengers. The airlines don’t always choose to cancel flights though, unless they feel it is too risky for passengers.

We generally refund or reschedule a flight if you cancel at least ten minutes before the flight leaves.

  • Website
  • Mobile App
  • Mail address
  • Customer service
  • Airline official centers

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