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Cathay Pacific Name Correction Policy – 2022[updated]

Is it a problem for your trip if you misspelled the name on one of your flights? Don’t worry if you booked a flight with Cathay Pacific. The name correction policy with Cathay Pacific Airways allows passengers to make essential changes to the names of their characters. You cannot transfer or change the complete name; however, misspelled names can be corrected by paying a small fee. Consider reading further in order to avoid any problems.

Cathay Pacific Misspelled Name Clauses

Cathay Pacific allows travelers to change the spelling of their names. You can do this using their official websites or ask an agent while booking your tickets. As it is important to remember these are a selective few of the many, you must submit yourself before traveling. Contact your local authorities and obtain the necessary information if you’re attempting these changes on your own.

Passengers whose names were submitted incorrectly due to a mistake can keep their ticket. Passengers are allowed to make any necessary adjustments for a modest price, such as Cathay Pacific name change costs. Passengers are allowed to add or delete characters as per the required correction. The Cathay Pacific misspelled name provision allows the passenger to swap between the family name and first name.

Passengers are allowed to correct typos and errors only in spelling. Name changes as a result of marriage or citizenship are permitted with proper paperwork. According to the Cathay Pacific name change policy, it is not feasible to totally change a passenger’s name. To make a complete name change, you must pay all applicable fees along with the Cathay Pacific name change charges and purchase new tickets.

Cathay Pacific Name Correction Provision

Cathay Pacific allows for worry-free name adjustments. You may simply fix the misspelled name. You must use proper means to submit the Cathay Pacific misspelled name form. To rectify a misspelled name, you must submit supporting documentation. If you are seeking modifications due to a typo, please include your passport ID and government-issued documentation as verification.

passengers who book on unofficial websites cannot change their names. Bookings made through a third-party agency do not allow you to change the Cathay Pacific misspelled name form.

Methods to Make Name Change in Cathay Pacific’s Tickets

Passengers can make changes to their flights. Passengers not only have the option to change names online, but also choose to do so via offline support.


Follow the steps below to change the name of a passenger who has not successfully cleared immigration yet.


To change your passenger name when traveling with a Cathay Pacific ticket, login to the CX website and follow the on-screen instructions.

Notes:  The Cathay Pacific name change policy helps passengers easily change the name on their tickets through the submission of different required documents. Cathay Pacific passengers are permitted to change their names in accordance with local regulations on legal adoption, marriage, and divorce without costing anything extra for the flight.

Cathay Pacific Name Correction Fees

Customers who book flights on unauthorized websites and want to change their names cannot do so. Third party agents can book flights, but they cannot submit the Cathay Pacific Passenger Name Correction Form, which is why passengers always should get their reservations through authorized channels.

Cathay Pacific passengers will be required to pay you a fee of _____ if they want to change their name due to marriage, etc. There are some circumstances where the airline will enable passengers to make such changes for no additional cost. For further information about how much you will be charged, please check our website.

Destination Reservations made through direct ways (Online or Phone) Reservations made through a travel agent
North America Free  USD 30
Japan and Taiwan USD 30 USD 30
South Africa, Hong Kong, South Pacific, West Pacific, Mainland China, Sri Lanka, South Korea, the Middle East Free  USD 60
India, Europe, South East Asia USD 60 USD 60

Frequently Asked Questions related to Cathay Pacific Name Correction Policy

To submit a Cathay Pacific misspelled name change, first fill out a form. Then send that information to the airline.

You will need to pay service and other applicable charges in most cases. But if you’re looking to make changes through offline modes, as per Cathay Pacific’s name correction policy, then it’ll be free.

Cathay Pacific allows you to change the passenger name on an airline ticket when you buy it. Here are the steps to make your name appear on your ticket:

Yes. Passengers who are making corrections to their names due to marriage will need to provide a document that supports the change. The Cathay Pacific Airways name correction policy states that the changes to the name can only be made through authorized channels.

Name changes are accepted when passengers arrange and confirm with the Customer Service Center. Passengers must complete the Cathay Pacific change booking name form to make any necessary adjustments, if they would like their flight to change in any way. If the passenger changes a destination, then all costs incurred (such as fare or taxes) will be refunded to the original who made the request for a name change according to Cathay Pacific Airways’ new policy.

passengers can alter the first and last names according to the Cathay Pacific name change policy, as well as family names, nicknames, or inverted names. You can rectify your name by providing documents on your scheduled ticket.

Cathay Pacific only allows passengers to change surnames in the airline’s name. If you want to make an in-flight name change, notify the airline because they won’t allow passengers to hand over ownership of their ticket without paying an amendment fee. To save on the airline’s name correction charges, here are some steps that you can take:

When a customer forgets to mention their middle name on a Cathay Pacific ticket, all they need to do is contact the authority immediately. The agent will investigate the No middle name on the Cathay Pacific ticket concern and allow you applicable solutions.

No. You cannot change the name of your tickets. There is a fee associated with this; alternatively, if you are flying out of one of our other airports, you may be able to transfer your ticket to accommodate the changes.

Travelers can now easily enter their travel information, such as passport name, when using our mobile app.

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