Cathay Pacific Baggage Allowance, Carry On Size, Limits, Weight, Fees & Restrictions

It’s always important to know the airline’s regulations before accepting your flight. Cathay Pacific establishes guidelines like there is no size to what you can carry when traveling internationally. They also stress that the helpful guidelines allow passengers to manage their luggage usage wisely.

Carry-on luggage for economy class is 23cm x 36cm x 56cm. There is a size limit on both carry-on and checked baggage. For example, the carry-on bag needs to be under 56cm tall. Of course, the size of this item varies a lot depending on an airline or specific airport. Checked baggage often costs extra too, but it’s just $12 to $60 per kg.

Cathay Pacific Overview

Cathay Pacific is one of the largest airlines, which initiated its air business in Hong Kong. This airline flies to over 40 countries, including Africa, Europe, Asia, North America and Oceania. Cathay Pacific also provides a standard service quality and a flexible luggage allowance accordi

Cathay Pacific Baggage Limits-Right Weight And Size 

There are several categories of luggage allowance that we offer to help travelers find the one they need. Here is a description of the Cathay Pacific luggage allowance with all the information you need to make the right decision.

Baggage EconomyPremium Business First 
Carry-on7 kg1 Bag7 kg1 Bag10 Kg 1 Bag15 Kg1 Bag
Checked 30 Kg2 Bags 35kg 2 Bags 40Kg 2 Bags 50 kg3 Bags 
Sports30 Kg2 Bags 35kg 2 Bags 40Kg 2 Bags 50 kg3 Bags 
Musical 7 kg 7 kg7 kg7 kg

Checked Baggage Allowance

  • Economy class: allowance for two medium-sized bags and allows passengers to check a 30 kg (66 lbs) luggage. However, this allowance only applies to the flights from Hong Kong to Auckland and America.
  • Most flights allow a good amount of luggage: almost 33.5 kilograms that includes 2 medium sized bags, which measure about 203 centimeters by 203 centimeters. The quote for the premium economy goes up to most flights except the flights in America, where they only allow 25 kilograms.
  • Business Class luggage is exclusive to travelers. It can carry a checked bag weighing up to 40kg (88lbs). This bag restricts the number of checked bags and keeps restricted dimensions on certain destinations.
  • Class First: Our ticket to success. Winning business is our commitment to provide a seamless, hassle-free experience that allows your carriage and stroller rights for this cruise with some flexibility in baggage allowance for your infant.

Carry-on Baggage Limitations 

  • Economy: Cathay Pacific allows a minimum carry-on that is user-friendly. It includes 1 bag of 23cm x 36cm x 56cm size that is easy to load onto your flight. In the same time, you are allowed to carry one small item in hand like a backpack, laptop bag, long camera cord, or briefcase.
  • Real Economy: For 40% more than the amount you can carry on premium economy, you gain a limit of 9 kg and 23cm x 36cm x 56cm. So, now you can carry all your baggage and small handy items as usual
  • Business Class: The weight allowed for carry-on baggage varies based on the flight you are booked on, and can reach up to 10 kg. However, it is possible to include a small item of luggage or a medium-sized bag in addition to your carry-on.
  • When you book first-class airline service, make sure your luggage doesn’t weigh more than 15 kg. It is important to bring a carry-on bag with your product and make sure you don’t exceed the number of allowed items. And there is an allowance for small handy bags like a laptop bag or camera bag, smaller shoulder or backpacks, or in some cases cosmetic bags.

Sports Equipment Allowance

Cathay Pacific passengers do not have extra baggage allowances for sports equipment. They are considered checked baggage and therefore, travelers need to understand the regulations of checked baggage before they arrive at the airport.

Usually, if you want to bring equipment larger than the maximum size limits outlined by the airline, like bulky and oversized backpacks, golf bags or musical instruments, it can be expensive. There are also certain rules and regulations for sports equipment when trying to get through airport security.

  • One pair of boots and snow skies. 
  • One bag makes it easy to carry all your golf equipment and see what’s in your bag at a glance.
  • Rifle cases are durable, lightweight and portable. You can easily carry two rifles in one rifle case weighing up to 5 kg along with one shooting mat.
  • One bed-roll or sleeping bag. 
  • One backpack or duffle bag
  • The rescue backpack should be protected with pressure relief valves to avoid bursting the system.
  • One single-seat non-motorized bicycle 
  • The case of sports equipment should not exceed 135 x 48 x 44cm in a length-width-height dimension.
  • It would be better if cup holders were included at the bottom of bags like this or covered with a strap.
  • To move and maneuver through a potential rescue contamination, at the instant of an emergency, a cylinder with compressed gas should be carried in a rescue bag.
  • The outfit includes five pistols that should weigh a total of no more than 5 kg, along with tiny pistol tools.

Cathay Pacific Baggage Limits for Musical Instruments

Airlines charge a fee when you include musical instruments in your checked baggage, but there are some exceptions. Look up the policy of your particular airline to find out what they permit passengers to carry. There is a limit on how many people a musical instrument fits per case:

  • You must not exceed the size of 36 x 15 x 9cm or 39 x 24 x 24cm, or 93 x 39 x 24cm.
  • If the larger instruments do not fit in your carry-on baggage, pack them in checked baggage. If a higher animal species (e.g., an elephant) does not fit in your carry-on and that animal exceeds your bag limit for passengers, then pack it in checked baggage.
  • Don’t exceed the maximum weight or size limits when carrying a product back to the store.
  • You need to package the musical instruments and put them in a hard carrying case.

Cathay Pacific Extra Baggage Cost

Cathay Pacific also charges fees for extra baggage. You have to pay per piece of luggage, which depends on the route. In most cases, there is a fee that starts from $12 USD to $60 USD.

The rates vary depending on your route. For example, there are some listed options to set the extra baggage fees that are already included in the ticket price. There is also a list on Cathay Pacific’s official website of instances when the excess baggage surcharge isn’t applied other than for time-sensitive purposes such as medical emergencies.

Restricted Items for Cathay Pacific 

You’re not allowed to have some items with you on Cathay Pacific flights. Some examples are firearms and certain explosives.

  • Guns or any kind of harmful weapon 
  • Knives and other sharp cutting materials. 
  • Toy Guns 
  • Ax 
  • Drills
  • Crowbars 
  • Lighter fuel and refills 

Packing your baggage is often an inconvenience, and the guidelines are a bit confusing. Before you pack your bags on one of these problematic-to-navigate routes, check out specific 

  • Someone who is a passenger from Japan is not allowed to carry irons that have non-removable objects that contain lithium batteries. For everyone else, all hair irons will work fine as normal.
  • You are not allowed to bring in fruits that may irritate other passengers, including durian and jackfruit, through the plane’s cabin.
  • There are restrictions on individual countries for alcoholic beverages. Alcohol may arrive in a country in certain types of containers. Make sure you read the customs regulations for the destination country before packing them.


Do Cathay Pacific airlines have a limitation on check-in baggage?

Yes, Cathay Pacific airlines have limitations on checked-in baggage and these vary based on the route and type of class you choose. Moreover, the number of baggage allowances for economy, premium economy, and business class are almost equivalent, so your choice is going to come down to which comfort level you want.

What is the baggage allowance for Cathay Pacific economy?

True fact: Cathay Pacific passengers are allowed to check two pieces of bags with a total weight of 30 kg each, but American Airlines passengers only have the privilege to bring two pieces of baggage with a combined weight of 23 kg

Is Cathay Pacific strict with baggage allowance?

Cathay Pacific has strict international baggage policy. They don’t allow any banned or restricted items on their flights and they follow local customs rules and regulations for their several routes according to the classes.

How much does Cathay Pacific charge for overweight baggage?

Cathay Pacific charges international passengers an extra baggage fee. Generally, $13 to $65 per extra kilogram is charged. Baggage allowance varies based on the airline. If you exceed your allowed weight, a $30 to $60 charge will be assessed for each extra item checked in

Final Verdict 

If you are traveling with Cathay Pacific air service, it can be challenging when trying to fit a lot of your belongings while traveling. The baggage limits guideline on the website is a helpful tool that will guide you through your journey.

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