Carry on Luggage Guide [2021]

The History of Carry-On Luggage

Nowadays, this suitcase style has come to dominate carry-on bags. Earlier cases were only able to hold a limited amount of items but these could hold more.

It’s not easy to find enough space in the overhead bins. Airlines have made some changes to increase storage but there is still no way for every passenger to be able to stow a maximum sized carry-on size suitcase.

Every item can be given a percentage of the size bag it will carry, so you know exactly what you are getting and how much weight the bag can hold.

Carry-on luggage can sometimes be too big for airlines. So, there are many suitcases out there that advertise as having a ‘carry-on’ size but are larger than most airlines will accept.

Not only do luggage stores and manufacturers not always tell you if their bag is legally sized, but they also frequently mis-measure their bag. Their measurements usually are for the inside of the main compartment and assume that all external pockets are of zero thickness. They also mostly ignore any external frames, such as handles, straps, expanders and carry dividers.

If you should already have to try and squeeze your luggage through the template for your plane even one more inch – if the bags are already at their maximum – will be enough to mean it doesn’t fit and you have to check your luggage.

We recommend the minimum size for a carry-on travel bag to be 22″ x 14″ x 9″ in Europe and 48″ x 30″ x 15.5″ across much of the US, but most airlines only allow about 45″.

Further Size Concerns

The space above your seat is going down. You can tell this by seeing how Airlines, who add bulky electronic boxes under each seat, and more closely spaced seats that have nice thin air at-seats are are making seats less comfortable and less spacious.”

Although your carry on item might be within the size guidelines issued by the airline, which does not guarantee it will fit under the seat in front of you! You get on board with your large but legal sized carry on item. However, what happens if there is no space remaining in any of the overhead bins? To be sure you will not have problems place your large but legal sized bag below your feet or underneath a row of seats where it will not cause you harm.

There are three main areas that people should find the seating options the most. One place to start is choosing the aisle seat since it can open up space by providing an escape route. The next option would be the wing seat because that one comes with more under-seat storage and armrests, which will help when transferring with a bulky item like a burger you might have left at home or laptop you want quick access to for progress during your upcoming flight. Once a bit further on in the panel, people may choose to take refuge by heading down below as there are plenty of personal space and privacy along with lots of legroom.

Some items might be rejected from the standard sizes that make up this measurement. For example, if you’re bag is an unusual shape, but it has a total height, width and length that equal what’s listed on this website’s homepage.

Carry On Suitcase Policy

Airlines all have different rules when it comes to what you can carry on the plane with you. We suggest carrying-on bags from Hartmann because they’re known to be of high quality and affordable.

Personal Items

As part of the standard allowance, each person is given a specific amount of money to spend on items that can be carry-on sizes plus personal items.

Personal items are items you carry onto the plane with you. They usually include a purse, carry-on bag, garment bag, bags, backpacks, blankets or toiletries.

  • Briefcase
  • Camera
  • Handbag/Purse
  • Laptop (in carry bag)
  • The dimensions of the items we carry don’t exceed 36 inches. It’s easy to find anything we sell with us.
  • Reading Matter
  • Small book-bag style backpack
  • If you’re flying, you know what a stressful experience it is. But one tool to help make your journey more enjoyable is bringing an umbrella on the plane with you. If you do need it, airlines allow you to bring other case-appropriate items like coats and hats. However, if the airline does enforce its carry-on rules, then your only option is bringing a personal item that’s smaller than a bag.

Many people struggle to fit their luggage into overhead compartments and don’t find the weight manageable from them. Victorinox Swiss Werks Traveler luggage has many lightweight options for those who might be struggling with the weight of their suitcase, or the size limitations.

International Carry on regulations

Carry-on bags are often too heavy for flights. International airfare is more expensive, too.

Bring a wheeled tote when you are traveling internationally. A bag like this will not be caught by airport security, could hold more than one standard carry on, and is easily convertible from carry on to shoulder.

You might be surprised by your luggage allowance for both a checked and carry-on items if you’re on a small aircraft. Luckily, some light planes limit passengers to 20lbs of luggage (carry-on) and a total of 80lbs (checked bags).

You need to follow these rules and be aware of your actions or else the next time someone struggles to repack their luggage at the check-in counter you might find yourself in that situation!

Different airlines have different size limits on items that can be brought onto planes. You will need to find out what the maximum size limit for your destination is before you bring something with you.

Carry on Laggage Factors

Travelers struggle to find the perfect carry-on. They can struggle with a limited amount of sizes and regulations in their search for the best bag.

New regulations have been implemented that leave room for millimeters. Carry-on luggage must be measured from the bottom to the top of each compartments while also excluding handles and wheels, which makes buying a piece of luggage easy.

However, in recent times, many airlines are changing the overall way that baggage is measured. This change in the procedure such as all airlines having different size restrictions and new pieces of luggage coming out has turned the world of luggage upside down and has changed how many companies design their bags.

What you need to look for when purchasing carry-on bags such as suitcases, backpacks, and duffel bags

When looking for a new piece of luggage, here are some questions you should ask before making a purchase. Our carry on luggage reviews have gathered information by highlighting the positive aspects of each type and taken into account negatives as well.

  • What size of shop can the carry-on Bag meet airline requirements?
  • Will this luggage that holds a lot fit easily in the smallest of spaces?
  • Does it include visible storage for your travel needs like passports and tickets?
  • How much space is on the inside?
  • How durable is the bag made?
  • Is it good for business travel?
  • Is the material water resistant? Can the dirt be easily cleaned off?
  • Does it include self-mending zippers?
  • How easily can an object be rotated or moved in different directions?
  • How much am I looking to spend on my carry-on?

When looking for a Carry-On, there are a few Features to look for. They include: main compartment, easy to organize and secure, handles, and wheels.

1. The weight of the Bag.

Passengers are sometimes allowed to bring larger bags onto the plane, so some flights allow for more than one bag.


2. Size of the Carry-On

There is a chart listing the length and sizes of the Carry-Ons below.


Carry-on luggage is an essential component for travel. Most airline companies have specific dimensions for carry-on luggage. It is important to buy it carefully if you want to avoid trouble during air-travel. Throwing out the old suitcases and buying a new one with the right dimensions ensures that you avoid security check causing

Most airline companies have strict regulations for the size of a carry-on bag. It should be approximately 22 inches vertically in length, 14 inches in width and 9 inches in height. But some airlines, such as the JetBlue Airline might have more flexible rules for their cabin bags. People should ensure they are not carrying too many items onto the aircraft to make it easier to move around while flying.

  • When you’re looking for the best carry on luggage, make sure to check the dimensions of the bag. Most airlines limit what you can bring on board with you.
  • Determine whether the dimensions provided by the company are inclusive of the external protrusions like handles and wheels, or if they only measure the compartment dimensions.
  • Carry-on bags with the expandable and compression system are the perfect solution when you need to change the size depending on your needs. These bags are great for travel because they are easy to move around in, can hold a bunch more items than a regular sized bag, and can also be squeezed down permanently into its zippered compartment.

3. Style of the Bag

Choose between a two-wheeler or a four-wheel, hardside or softside. You can also compare other factors like the slopes on the vehicle.


4. Regulations For Carry-Ons

There are many who aren’t aware of the regulations involved with the carry-on luggage when travelling. This can lead to stress, embarrassment, and a waste of time should you not comply. Some airlines require different size dimensions of luggage. This website cuts through the clutter and reviews the rights sizes and dimensions for expedited travel

  • Airline companies allow passengers to bring a personal item that can fit in their bag. Things like laptops, musical instruments, and briefcases are included on the list of what can be taken on the plane as personal items. You are also allowed to carry your jacket, pillow, and blanket with you.
  • Find out the size of the carry-on bag from the airline website. Fill out a form and ask for an overview of the required measurements. Carry-on bags should be within the airline weight limits, according to their website. Pack your clothes in clothes you want to pack in a small rolling or hanging garment. The maximum height of the clothes should be 9″ for packing purposes and 14″ if carrying it on its own in your hand.
  • Airlines allow you carry liquids that don’t expand in your carry-on baggage. Battery rules: Travelers should pack spare batteries with the original manufacturer’s packaging in their carry-on baggage. There is a restriction on carrying any type of animal product, including dry ice and insects.

Additional Carry on Factors

  • Bag scanner
  • RFID bag tags
  • Faster claim belts
  • Luggage Tracking

Personal bag tracking is no longer a problem. We’ve made strides to ensure that people always know where their luggage is or who transported it.


These devices connect to the internet to provide real-time information about your bag’s status. Some airlines even allow customers to track their luggage, throughout the journey, through their websites or mobile app. So next time you book a trip, you can feel relieved in knowing that measures have been taken to make sure you and your bags get to the same destination at the same time.


Spinner bags are like regular totes with extra wheels on the bottom. These bags allow for more retrieval of goods when being pulled behind you, as well as keep the pressure off your arm. They are helpful for people with back issues or musculoskeletal disorders.

Most companies ignore the actual dimensions that a bag has when listing the size. For example, a big-name company might list their high-end duffle bag as 20 x 13 x 9.5 although the exterior dimensions of the bag are listed at 21x13x9.5 when including the wheels and handle. The problem people have is that they bought a bag that doesn’t actually look like what they thought it would be like when purchased.

Carry on Issues

Losing your luggage or personal belongings when traveling can be a heartbreaking experience.

Unfortunately for the modern traveller, the amount of mishandled bags has been steadily increasing. North America has seen a four-point drop in mishandled bags since 2007. For every thousand passengers, 7.05 bags were mistreated. This success is a result of the billions of dollars spent on creating new technology to more properly handle luggage.

Summaries of our Carry On Luggage Reviews

Want a quick overview of what we feel are the best carry on’s this year? Below we provide you a rundown of our top 10 favorite carry on bags.

Tumi Alpha International — Although slightly more expensive than the average carry-on, there is simply no other choice in 2016 like the Alpha International. People can take comfort in knowing that this luggage is built with ballistic nylon and its structure will last for many years to come. In fact, it is highly unlikely that you’ll ever need to purchase another carry-on ever again. It also has advanced features such as anti-theft strap system and durable wheels in order give travelers a smooth ride without worry about damaging their luggage.

If you’re looking for a lightweight carry-on that won’t weigh you down, the TravelPro Maxlite 3 might be perfect. This piece weighs little and is just 6.9 pounds, so moving around from terminal to terminal is manageable with ease. We still have room on our travel aides to fit your heart’s desire in case you want to take a chance with larger items, such as personal electronics.

TravelPro Crew 10 is one of the most popular series of crew packages, and the Crew 10 is no different. That is why many travelers swear by this model, as it offers all of the features that many people love. Some of its greatest features include a suit system to keep your clothes wrinkle-free, advanced framing system to take on more weight, a 2.5 inch expandable interior to fit larger items such as backpacks and suitcases and large wheels that help with uneven terrain on their travels.

The Samsonite Winfield 2 is one of the carry-on bags we review on this page. It features a nice combination of small size, efficiency and durability. It’s also great for the business traveler as it features a design that screams success. Featuring a fully lined interior to keep your belongings secure from movement, and a TSA approved safety lock, you’ll be satisfied with the style, then thrilled to know you’re supporting our idea by choosing this bag.

Samsonite  -The Samsonite Lift series provides you with the ultimate in luggage durability and convenience. This brand provides you with a number of features which ensures your items remain protected from any weather. Snow or rain is no issue as the interior remains dry and protected from leaks, caused by any precipitation. Guard your items within on storage space, so you don’t miss out on anything during that long trip.

Samsonite Dkx – For business travellers, there is no better choice than the Samsonite Dkx series. With a sturdy exterior, and a large interior, there is much to like about this carry-on approved piece of luggage. One of the more interesting features that have been introduced to the Dkx is the self-mending zippers. If you’ve ever travelled before, you’ve probably encountered broken zippers before too.

Samsonite designed the Aspire Sport series with an emphasis on mobility. Although a little bit smaller in overall size, there is still plenty of room to fit all of you items you’ll need on a plane with you. With self-mending zippers that fix any jams you can feel confident that you’ll be able to use this carry-on for many years.

Sierra’s old list of carry-on luggage was filled with overweight options all over the place. They’re also heavy and cumbersome to carry around, so you’ll be glad when you adopt High Sierra Evolution–their lightest bag in the list. It still provides enough room for whatever packing situation you encounter on your travel trips!

Delsey Helium Shadow – One of the more inexpensive carry-on luggage options, there are still much to like about the Helium Shadow made by Delsey. For its price, there are many advanced features included such as the 360 degree rotational wheel system, TSA-approved and combination lock, and full interior lining for better protection. However, many really like is all of the different compartments included.

The delsey Helium Aero  – Just because there are no external storage compartments doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find pockets and straps to keep your clothes safe and secure during travel. It has a glossy finish that is sure to impress!

We hope the reviews on our webpage have helped you get an idea of which luggage piece to buy. We offer a wide range of luggage styles and online prices so that users can easily find what they are looking for. For any other questions that arise, please feel free to contact us at any time to get feedback or speak with a representative. We wish you safe travels!

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