Bulgaria Air Flight Change Policy – 2022[updated]

Bulgaria Airlines is the national carrier of Bulgaria that operates from its primary hub at Sofia international airport in Sofia. The airline operates short and medium-haul flights to the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and Russia. When it comes to rebooking, the Bulgaria Airlines flight change policy is said to be most convenient and flexible as the airline allows changes to the booking anytime.

In this article, there are some important things you’ll need to know about Bulgaria Airlines changes. For more reasonable air travel arrangements that take less time than ever before, you’ll have to follow the simple steps in this post.

  • Bulgaria Air flight change policy decision is applicable on the refundable as well as non-refundable fare.
  • Bulgaria Air allow passengers to change or cancel a booking within 24 hours for free up to the ticket confirmation date if the departure is a week away or more.
  • The government of Bulgaria announced that airfare increase would be applied on each booking rather than per passenger.
  • When booking travel through Bulgaria Air, you have options of contacting their customer service phone number to change your flight, visiting their website to change your reservation, or calling their registration and sales agents at the airport.
  • Bulgaria Air lets you change the date, time, and flight options on your tickets. They can also answer any questions about fare rules and class of service selections.

Bulgaria Air Change Booking Rules

Here are some of the important changes coming in under the new Bulgaria Air policy.

  • Bulgaria Airlines retroactively apply their policy, so if you need to change your flight earlier than one year after booking a ticket with travel credit, then the residual value is forfeited.
  • If you want to change your flight with Bulgaria Air, you need to submit your request 24 hours before the originally scheduled departure time.
  • If a Bulgaria Air flight is made with the changes request so close to departure, it is under the airline’s discretion to approve the changes.
  • When a passenger misses their flight, the airline has to change the ticket for them. They charge a new fee and add on whatever difference there is between the original price and the updated one.
  • For flights departing from Bulgaria, there is a policy that permits changes on the inward legs. Changes on the outbound leg of your planned journey must be made before your scheduled departure time. There is also an applicable change fee and fare difference for any inbound leg changes.
  • Bulgarians Airline is not responsible for any changes or cancellations attributed to extenuating circumstances which are out of Bulgaria Air’s control. In such a case, passengers are allowed to reissue their flights without incurring any change fee from Bulgarians Airline.
  • If a flight was changed, the passenger pays for a change-in-class ticket in addition to the fare according to airfare conditions. For example, if it’s not available since it was booked as an award ticket or through codeshare, the passenger may end up paying more for their trip.

Bulgaria Air Change Flight within 24 hours

Bulgaria Air’s change booking policy allows passengers to change or cancel their booking within 24 hours of purchase without paying any change fee provided that the departure date must be seven or more days at the requesting changes. Check to see the terms and conditions on any changes you make.

  • Bulgaria Air will change your booking within 24 hours. Whether you find a fare on the website that fits your needs, or you have changed your flights and need accommodations, Bulgaria Air will refund these changes whether it’s for a refundable ticket or not.
  • Bulgaria Air has a 180-minute advance reservation system. Travel credit is not applicable when using our 180-minute reservation system. Military fares are not applicable with our 180-minute reservation system.
  • The group booking is subject to a 24-hour risk-free change period and all changes must be made through customer service.
  • Passengers have up to 24 hours after requesting a flight change to pay an additional fee if the scheduled departure date is within a week at the time of requesting the Bulgaria Air flight change.

Bulgaria Air Change Fee

Bulgaria Air charges a fee for the changes made to flights, and it varies based on the flight class selected. Here is a comprehensive list of all fees under Bulgaria Air’s refund policy –

Fare TypesEconomyYOUTHEconomyHAND BAGEconomyPROMOEconomySAVEREconomyFLEXBusinessEXECUTIVE
Class of serviceEconomyEconomyEconomyEconomyEconomyBusiness
Change of datePermitted for a fee of 200 USDPermitted for a fee of 200 USDPermitted for a fee of 200 USDPermitted for a fee of 200 USDPermitted one free change, and subsequent change for 200 USDPermitted one free change, and subsequent change for 200 USD
Bulgaria Air flight change-afterdepartureNot permittedNot permittedNot permittedNot permittedPermitted for a fee of 200 USDPermitted for a fee of 200 USD
No showPermitted at a charge of 350 USD + fare difference, if anyPermitted at a charge of 350 USD + fare difference, if anyPermitted at a charge of 350 USD + fare difference, if anyPermitted at a charge of 350 USD + fare difference, if anyPermitted at a charge of 350 USD + fare difference, if anyPermitted at a charge of 350 USD + fare difference, if any
Name changeNot permittedNot permittedNot permittedNot permittedNot permittedNot permitted

How to Change Flight with Bulgaria Air?

Passengers can easily change flights on the website, contact number and at the airport with Bulgaria Air. To get a discount of flight change, click through our site to find the information you wish to have.

Bulgaria Air Change Booking Online

To request the Bulgaria Air change flight online, make sure you have completed these steps

  • Visit air.bg, and click on the ‘Check My Reservation’ at the bottom-left corner of the booking widget panel.
  • Enter the booking reference to search for in the passenger’s profile. Navigate through the booking history to find a particular trip, or check out future travel plans.
  • In order to make changes, you need to be on the opposite side of your travel. So, if your flight is arriving at 6pm, the change needs to happen before 8am the next day.
  • To change your flight itinerary, click on the ‘Change flight’ tab to proceed. Enter your new travel dates or destination and select which departure you would like to have, changing your sojourn.
  • You can see the new ticket options at cheap travel. Bulgarian Air plans a change to decrease the amount of luggage their customers bring with them on the plane.
  • Select your destination and make sure you’re within your budget. Apply for the best flight option that suits your needs on top of getting reviews from previous customers you’ve asked for to make sure you make the best decision possible.
  • There are multiple ways to fund your booking. Either pay by debit/credit card or you can use the information collected at time of making the original bookings.
  • After you complete your payment, you travel plans through Bulgaria Air would be processed. Follow up on the status of your changes by checking your email in 4 hours.

Change Booking Via Phone

The Bulgaria Air change the flights and adjust the phone number. Ensure you follow the steps below to make that happen.

  • Dial the Bulgarian Airlines phone number for your reservation. Wait for a representative to connect with you.
  • Provide your booking confirmation contact with in a few days to give you the opportunity to ask if your Bulgaria Air flight booking can be changed or can receive promo deals.
  • Bulgaria Air requires a payment from the passenger before a certain change can be made. They limit which changes are allowed.
  • We make it easy to change your travel details. We often offer discounts if you need to make a change or if your booking is entirely canceled.
  • Your booking will be consolidated or merged and your new flight option will be based on your travel needs. They’ll let you know what Bulgaria Air includes in the cost of your new flight, and the difference in price that they’ll need to charge you.
  • If you agree with the Bulgaria flight change fee, they will be able to take your payment amount on a card. Ask them to provide you with a receipt before making your purchase, as there have been some cases of errors during transactions.
  • You will receive confirmation of your change flight request within 4 hours. When the payment is successful, the Bulgarian Air website will process your request and send you the confirmation withing 4 hours.

Change Booking at the Airport

Bulgaria Air has rules and requirements to change flights at their airports. Clients need to know what they are doing. They can change the flight as long as they do it a few hours in advance.

  • Visit the airport where your departure from or heading to is located and see if there is a Bulgarian Air reservation counter
  • Contact any Bulgaria Air passenger service representative who you want to book a flight with.
  • Be sure to ask for your booking changes if you need them. If your change qualifies, provide new travel dates and/or destinations as well as why you have changed those.
  • If you agree with the Bulgaria Air flight change cost, you can pay via debit/credit card. Before allowing for the payment option, ask for confirmation of your flights.
  • If you pay for your airfare, we’ll process your request quickly. Once the payment is confirmed, you’ll see the confirmation sent to your registered email address.

Bulgaria Air Change Booking – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You can apply for a Bulgaria Air flight change online as well as by calling the Bulgaria Air contact number. Bulgaria Air charges 200 USD for changes and part of the fee will be used to pay the difference in your fare.

Sometimes, airlines have different policies for when people have to change flights. When that happens, the airline cannot accept any changes, nor will they agree with a price equal to the flight cost.

Bulgaria Airways offers the best deals on flight, but only to certain destinations. A cheap fare may have minimum stay requirements and other conditions that must be fulfilled. They offer information about flight restrictions on their booking pages as well.

As well as confirming the reservation, please contact us via our booking phone number to learn more about the specific conditions and restrictions associated with your booking

Bulgaria Air has a policy that allows passengers to change or cancel their flights in 24 hours from the date of purchase. They only ask for a refund, provided that their departure is 7 days or more from when they made the change request.

If you are uncertain of which flight the one you booked is actually on, you might have to pay a RTW airline fee if the change you are anticipating will take place at ANY point during the flight.

Bulgaria Air charges different fees for different fare types, your price changes depending on the class you select, with fees typically ranging from 200 to 300 USD.

To make changes in your flight for Bulgaria Air, there are two options. You can find a new departure terminal and make the changes there. Alternatively, you can wait at the airport to learn about Greece’s Libya flight and arrange for a change of plans.

Get to the airport at least four hours before your flight’s departure time. Find a representative of the airline and realize whether they can change your booking. If they cannot, you will have to make other changes.

Passengers get a travel credit that provides up to 365 days from the date of booking. They can use it whenever they want, but must book their trip under the stipulated time. If there is an increase in their estimated fare and they need to compensate, they can watch their remaining credit balance slide further into debt and work off lingering fees.

Consumers have to be careful when looking for a credit voucher. They have time limitations to use the vouchers before forfeit.

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