British Airways Name Change Policy – 2022[updated]

British Airways has a name change policy. If the name on your flight ticket is different than it appears on your official travel document, you will not be allowed to board.

British Airways allows name correction requests for exceptional circumstances such as a British Airway name change that includes correction up to three characters of the first, middle, or last name. If passengers call our phone number the re-issue fee and fare difference is not necessary.

British Airways does not allow altering a ticket’s PNR except in certain circumstances. The fare basis code cannot be altered on the ticket either so that it is still under the original fare basis code or to the higher fare basis code when adjusting itinerary.

These are the important considerations to have in mind before submitting a name change request to British Airways, as per their policy.

  • British Airways permits changes on Executive Club ticket requests if the original booking was made under Miles and then the change is for a free flight segment.
  • Cancelling a trip can sometimes be a tricky process. This is especially true if you have already pre-purchased the tickets and don’t want to cancel them. We help passengers avoid the hassle by providing an easy alternative for each type of traveler.
  • All British Airways name correction requests involve a ticket exchange process. Passengers must retain their original flight segments and the price rules, subject to availability. The price of the new flight segments may differ if they are in a different class of service.
  • After the British Airways name change, travelers need to complete the same seat selection process because there is no way to switch between old and new ticket number.

British Airways Name Change Before The Ticket Is Issued

  • British Airways has changed its name from British Airway to the UK’s leading carrier. As per policy, only three letters can be fixed in your first, middle, or last name.
  • British Airways is changing their name to Guest and the title and space correction are included in the airline’s name change requests.
  • I would not be able to correct or add my date of birth, gender, infant, or passenger type code when I applied for my British Airways name change request.
  • For flights that change between $3,000 and $30,000, feel free to reach us at our British Airway’s name changes contact number.
  • A document that proves that you have changed your name must be provided to initiate the British Airways name change request.

British Airways Name Change After The Ticket Is Issued

  • This sentence is a little unclear due to the use of “or any new change in the first name or last name that occurred.” It could mean that passengers can only rename themselves if they were newly married or divorced. However, this sentence makes it seem like changing your name after traveling would also be illegal.
  • British Airways requires name correction prior to the ticket being printed. Please provide validation from a legal document with identical spelling, type and capitalization as your photo ID before communicating a request for name correction.
  • British Airways passengers who have changed their names may need to reissue their tickets (please make sure your trip hasn’t already been booked, which would result in you no longer having a ticket) and would be responsible for whatever difference there is in fare and the airline’s name change fee.

British Airways Name Correction Policy

Airlines generally don’t allow name corrections on tickets, but when British Airways flights are involved in name corrections are allowed under certain conditions.

British Airways charges a name change fee of up to £195. If there is an exceptional circumstance, British Airways will charge more than the regular name change fee.

Change Name British Airways Request

British Airways allows their customers up to three name changes on the flight segment if they pay 250 USD. This is separate from any fee for the fare difference on any newly renamed ticket.

British Airways Name Change Marriage Request

British Airways name correction requests made by people after they get married or divorced can be requested on British Airways operated flights. This obtains the new given name from all associated travel records including passport and visa, bars travel tickets on all British Airways operated flights, and in many cases provides a free ticket for an airport pick-up at the given time of the change within 24 hours – merely a fee of 250 USD would be charged for this service in addition to any applicable fare difference.

British Airways Name Change Fee

British Airways charges 150 USD from people who want to change their name. A legal document is required to process the British Airways ticket with a name correction request where passengers can legally correct or change their first name, title, middle name, last name, or any/all combination of them. In these cases, a new PNR should be created.

British Airways name change policy is that requests must be submitted within 24 hours with a fee of 250 USD. If you request a name change with fewer than three characters, it’ll be accepted at full charge. For example, if I only want to change my first name to Rebecca, then my total cost would be 250 x 3=1000 USD.

How To Change Passenger Name On British Airways Flights?

You can update the name online via the British Airways portal. You need to submit your flight booking for an in-person change as well as initiate a phone call with them. Please note that you cannot do a request online over the phone, only over the telephone.

Change Name On Flight Ticket Online

The new British Airways name is easy to find on your phone. If you need help finding it and navigating the name correction request a customer service agent will be happy to help you.

  • Visit and you can manage your account or other flights from the home page.
  • Enter your booking reference number along with your last name and then click on the ‘Find my booking’ button to retrieve your flight details.
  • Type in your name and click on the link labeled “Name correction” located on the top-right corner.
  • British Airways allows passengers to change up to three characters on their first name, middle name, or last name. Three characters cannot be chosen as the same for each of these names (first name, middle name and last name).
  • Scroll down to the last paragraph and return back to the top. Once you make the correction, click on the ‘Confirm’ button to proceed.
  • British Airways changed its name again, so you’re going to need to pay the price just to switch back.
  • Your check-in has been re-issued. We’ll email your confirmation to the registered email address in a couple of hours. If you checked in and received a confirmation, please update your booking with the new event details with the updated contact information.

Change Name On Flight Ticket Via Tools (For Travel Agents Only)

Here is how you can change your British Airways reservation by following the instructions in tools. The reservation tools are available on website.

  • Log in to
  • Join the NoMad Travel Agency for a one time fee of $99 and enjoy a wide range of exclusive features.
  • British Airways operates under different names and codes. Find out what they are by visiting My
  • Enter your User ID and password
  • Please contact our booking team to change dates, locations, or facilities.
  • Click on “View/Edit booking” to enter the six-digit booking reference for British Airways flight reservations.
  • When entering data on the excel file, remember to use the correct last name and first initial for each passenger.
  • After downloading and adding the correct names, save the file, then upload by clicking on the ‘Choose File’ button. Confirm that all the information is correct before uploading. Upload your document with no mistakes from an email address or what appears on your ID.
  • Is the information on this list updated? No need for all that detail and effort, when you can simply retrieve your booking number.

Change Name On Flight Ticket Over The Phone

You can reach a British Airways agent by dialing the British Airways phone number and waiting in line.

  • We provide our booking number and ask the booking agent to change or correct the person’s name.
  • British Airways name change policy states passengers are able to change titles of three characters on the name, middle name or last name, or any combination of either. For all requests to change names their passport that details this legal document must be emailed to BA. British Airways agents can also correspond with passengers over the phone without having any legal documents.
  • British Airways lets you know the fees if your want to name change request. In order to avoid incurring this fee, passengers can change their British Airways name by providing the change at no cost.
  • You will receive your confirmation email soon, but please make sure you check your email in 2-3 hours because the reservation has to be re-sured before the event.

British Airways Name Change Policy – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

British Airways charges an additional fee to change the passenger’s name after they purchase a ticket. In that case, passengers need to submit a marriage certificate or divorce decree for British Airways permission. The passenger’s name on the ticket must be identical to the legal document that was submitted as evidence of the marriage or divorce.

Yes as long as the middle name appears on one of the official identification documents. British Airways allows passengers to travel with a different name than the associated passport or photo ID.

British Airways recently announced that they would charge a name correction request fee! If you try to book with British Airways and your booking information contains an error, they will charge up to $250 or three characters, whichever comes first. This fee is payable before 24 hours of purchase. Beyond 24 hours of purchase, the change request will cost $150 USD.

British Airways does not permit passengers to swap priced tickets. If a name is changed, the passenger has to cancel their existing ticket and process a refund. They must then book a new departure on the altered passport number.

British Airways will not charge a fee to change your name in our system or to make changes to any other errors you may have with your booking. You may have made a mistake with your contact information, email address or address that needs to be fixed before we’ll process the change on your behalf.

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