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British Airways (BA) Baggage Allowance, Sizes & Fees Policy [2021]

BRITISH AIRWAYS (BA) Baggage Allowance Guide

BRITISH AIRWAYS Hand Luggage Policy

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British Airways Hand Baggage Policy

Your free baggage allowance on British Airways flights
Passenger 1 x cabin bag 1 x personal bag
Children (2-11)
Infants (under 2)  

British Airways tells you the size and weight of your hand baggage.

1 x cabin bag 1 x personal bag
56cm x 45cm x 25cm (22in x 18in x 10in) including handles, pockets and wheels. 45cm x 36cm x 20cm (18in x 14in x 8in) including handles, pockets and wheels.
  • Maximum weight per bag is up to 23kg (51lbs).
  • You must be able to fit your bags into the baggage gauge at check in.
  • Any items you purchase at the airport, including duty free, form part of your hand baggage allowance. If you go over your allowance of 2 bags, you may have to check in one of your extra bags, for which there may be a charge.

British Airways Hand baggage Location

British Airways Baggage Excess

If any of your hand baggage is overweight or over the size limit, you will have to check in and count towards your checked baggage allowance. You may have to pay for extra baggage if your checked bag or bags take you over the number allowed on your fare.

British Airways Checked baggage allowances

You will be surprised by how much you can get in your suitcase when you use us for your travel. We have the freedom to sleep and lounge on the go with our with-baggage fares that include at least one bag per person of 23kg or less.

British Airways Allowance

Our pricing has been created for you. The easiest way to search for your ticket, flight or booking is through BA ‘Manage My Booking’.

Depending on your destination, we want to make sure your experience is unforgettable. For superior service, we offer boarding passes for flights in business and first class 

BA Hand baggage only

If you are travelling on a short-haul UK flight of a domestic or European destination, from London to that destination, you can travel light and make a quick getaway with our handbag only fares.

This is a budget airline that has the cheapest fares at quality levels but it still offers the best choices for travelers. Its low-cost service doesn’t limit what you can take on your trip, so families and friends can enjoy an international adventure or relax in style, all with less worry about expenses.

If you find yourself travelling without luggage and are unable to check in bags, you can arrange for a baggage escort service.

BA Bag sizes and bulky items

Checked luggage is available with a capacity of 35.5 cm x 29.5 in x 16 inch (13.2in). Of course, you also have to include the entire handle or pockets that are sticking out at the top and bottom of your bags as well.

We have special arrangements to carry sporting equipment such as skis, surfboards and large musical instruments. … and you can take them with you on your flight as part of your free baggage allowance.

Carrying sporting goods and musical instruments

British Airways Oversized bags

You can bring in larger items like furniture without additional charges. If it would otherwise be extremely expensive, we will gladly help you find a way to get it into your luggage without having to pay any extra fees.

Large items like furniture, mattresses, or even appliances require special handling. Larger items should be ordered separately for safety and efficiency.

British Airways Baggage Policy

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