Blue Air Cancellation Policy – 2022[updated]

Blue Air is the airline of choice for travelers who need a flexible schedule and reliable service since they offer the cheapest flight options. This article outlines what that cancellation policy looks like, so you can make an informed decision about booking your next trip with Blue Air.

When a flight is cancelled, we refund the ticket. If a date or destination changes are not handled by the airline, we can refund the price of the ticket.

  • Will cost more than the online process. For example, canceling a ticket at an airline counter will cost closer to $100 than through online process, which typically costs around $25.
  • We offer refunds on cancelled flights within 24 hours of the scheduled arrival time.
  • Blue Air’s policy regarding cancellations directs that passengers are to receive a full refund as well as compensation and rebooking options if their flight is cancelled due to an act of God.
  • If you book a ticket with us, we’ll give you the chance to hold onto it if they pay the cancellation fees. We’re not going to charge big fees like other companies so you can avoid paying this kind of money.
  • If you cancel your journey with The Passenger within the zero cancellation period, you will receive a refund in full.
  • In accordance to their cancellation policy, the Blue Air no longer allows tickets purchased outside of their authorized medium.
  • Our airline doesn’t allow booking requests to be made after travelers have already boarded the plane.

Blue air has an airfare refund policy for non-refundable ticket holders, read more on our website.

  • When a natural calamity is declared and an airline changes the flight’s schedule, passengers holding a non-refundable ticket will be given a full refund.
  • Blue Air has a policy that allows you to cancel within the same day, even if you’ve already paid in full or you booked the flight on Groupon.
  • Travellers are eligible to receive a full refunds if cancelled within 24 hours of booking. However, Blue Air charges non-refundable cancellation fees for flights that are not cancelled within 24 hours of departure.
  • In order to avoid unexpected costs, we deny non-refundable ticket holders the opportunity to cancel their transaction on the day of departure.

Blue Air 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

  • Some people buy their tickets from unauthorized sources and the Blue Air 24 hours cancellation policy does not apply.
  • Blue Air provides a free cancellation service to its passengers. For this, the scheduled tickets must be cancelled within 24 hours of booking.
  • When booking a Blue Air flight, it’s important to remember that 24-hour cancellation deadline is applicable for both refundable and non-refundable fares.
  • If you have booked a trip with Asiana based on a freebie, cancelled after 24 hours of booking, then they will not reimburse you.

Blue Air Cancellation Fees

If traveling to get back home, you have a risk-free period: there is no cancelation fee if you change your mind. But after that, there is a percentage of the fare charged based on the type of ticket. Make sure you click through to read more about what Blue Air might charge before proceeding.

  • Showing up at the airport with insufficient Paysera coverage will not result in cancellation fees.
  • You can pay a number of fees to cancel your tickets. These include USD100 or 450 depending on the ticket, mileage guarantee and short- or open-dated travel insurance.
  • Blue Air offers passengers a free, no-fee cancellation if it was due to medical emergencies and other valid reasons.
  • Few airlines charge penalties for withdrawing tickets. Most airlines won’t charge the full ticket value, but those that do are usually among high profile travel companies.
  • After the 24-hour risk-free trial period, passengers who buy tickets with non-refundable fares will pay up to 1 for the remainder of the trip, in addition to any cancellation fees.
  • If you have a ticket for a trip and you make the total fare amount below or equal to the cancellation fees, we can help you make your travel more affordable.
  • Blue Air has a policy that passengers that buy a subsidized ticket, or a promotional ticket cannot get a refund. If they have to cancel the whole trip it will cost them the full airfare as Blue Air fees.

Blue Air Flight Cancellation Methods

Blue Air offers a variety of ways for cancellations. Consider using the following methods if you do cancel a reservation with Blue Air:

Blue Air Cancel Booking Online

If you prefer to cancel your scheduled reservations online, then you won’t need to pay any hidden costs or extra charges.


Blue Air Cancel Flight Over The Phone

Canceling a ticket with the customer service number can be done out of convenience without worry about the internet. However, you may have to pay a service fee in some cases.


Blue Air Cancellation At Airport Counter

Passengers who need help cancelling are encouraged to do so at the airport counter. You will be given a range of information and support to help you make the booking changes at the best time for your travel needs.


Blue Air Cancel Flight Refund Policy

  •  As part of Blue Air’s ongoing efforts to continually make your travels as pleasant as possible, for any flight booked before December 31, 2021, or within 90 days of the date of purchase- you’ll be able to change flights without penalty (excluding same-day rebooking), and complete the change without impacting any accrued travel points in your Blue Air Wallet
  • One free change 
  • Travel points in Blue Air wallet
  • The Blue Air cancellation policy allows for the carrier to pay the travel insurance refund balance from a debit card. This means that if you paid your travel fare using your credit card, the agent could reimburse you via credit card.
  • Blue Air guarantees vacation seekers that the hotel cancellation promises to be money-back for all travel related refunds made within the risk-free period.
  • Blue Air Airlines’ policy dictates that if the journey is delayed by more than 3 hours, passengers will receive a partial refund or a coupon for their next flight.
  • Depending on the payment method selected by the passenger, Blue Air will credit a refund of your flight within six to twenty business days.
  • If you obtained your tickets from the airline with an offer or free promotion, the air is not able to reimburse your refund amount.
  • One free change 
  • Travel points in Blue Air wallet

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Blue Air Flight Cancellation

You will be charged up to 40 or 80% of the fare on Blue Air flights as a result of a non-show and non-refundable reservation change fee.

A flight can only be cancelled if the airline determines that it is because of government protocols. In this case, the airline will not charge cancellation fees.

Cancelling a ticket is easy. However, you are only eligible to receive a refund when your flight has been cancelled within 24 hours of booking.

Blue Air has customer support staff to assist in claiming compensation for flight delays including flight cancellations.”

Only ever, Blue Air ensures its customers they will take their where they intended and intend to land, no matter what the reason is.

The Blue Air corporate cancellation policy specifies that the airline does not refund flights booked via non-mainstream methods. Always book and cancel your flights on official channels for guaranteed refunds.

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