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Batik Air Cancellation Policy – 2022[updated]

Batik Air was an Indonesian airline that began operations in 2012. It launched its inaugural flight from Jakarta to Manado and Yogyakarta on the first day of May 2013. For eight years prior, Batik Air has been ranked as one of the world’s most budget-friendly airlines and has managed to attract a great number of customer because of their policies and services.

Key Highlights on Batik Air Cancellation Policy

Batik Air airlines have a definite policy if you are unable to travel on your flight as it would be too difficult due to unforeseen circumstances. Read these points so that you can understand what the airline will do in certain situations.

Batik Air Ticket Cancellation Charges

The passenger must pay a certain sum as Air Ticket Cancellation penalties when they fail to cancel their flights following the airline’s cancellation regulations. The airline imposes cancellation charges based on the fare type, destination, service class.

Batik Air Cancellation Charges For Passengers Traveling To or From Indonesia

Those passengers traveling with an Economy Promo U/O/R/X/V/T ticket need to pay based on the time of their departure.

The passengers traveling with Economy Y/A/W/S need to pay based on time factors, while those going in Premium class require a purchase.

Passengers traveling in Business Class or First Class have different options. They must choose to pay based on time.

Taiwanese travelers deserve better treatment with the charges they get for canceling their itineraries.

Batik Air Ticket Cancellation Methods

Canceling a flight ticket is usually dangerous because it can cause unforeseen consequences. However, if you booked your trip with Batik Air, you don’t have to worry about the complexity of the cancellation option. The airline provides a variety of options for anyone looking for their flight to be cancelled. Simply select an appropriate payment method and cancel flights without worry.

The Batik Air tickets can be cancelled easily online or at an airport counter. People seeking an online-only option can cancel via the official website, while people with those that think they may need to talk to someone face-to-face can use the customer support hotline or the airport counters.

Batik Air Ticket Cancellation via Website

Batik Air Ticket Cancellation via Mobile App

Batik Air Ticket Cancellation via Customer Service Number

Batik Air Ticket Cancellation at the Sales Offices or Airport Counters

Batik Air Refund Policy

Batik Air policy might help you get a refund if your itinerary is altered by less than 12 hours. If the procedure is appropriately followed, the airline will issue refund within 3-4 business weeks. The passenger does not have to worry about cancellation fees when flying with Batik Air. They only need to finish their cancellation request process on time to receive their compensation.

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