Azores Airlines Cancellation Policy – 2022[updated]

Flight cancellations can really be exhausting and take away peace of mind. Most airlines offer cancellation protections, which allows passengers to receive refunds for cancellations made within a given amount of days. Azores Airlines are one of those airlines that do, saving you time and money.

  • To cancel your Azores Airlines flight reservations, passengers can do so online or by calling our friendly customer service team. Flight cancellations are subject to terms and conditions and other general conditions, as well as our cancellation fees and charges.
  • The selection of cancellation fees varies based on your selected fare types at booking time. If you have selected a multiple fare rule, the most restrictive Azores Airlines cancellation policy will apply.
  • For all the flights that originate to and from the US and Canada, if customers have purchased their tickets at least seven days before departure, and request a cancellation in that time frame, they can get a full refund for no cost.
  • Sometimes when you change your flight and not use the unused position of your booking, that airline cancels your ticket.
  • Roughly, Azores Airlines has a cancellation policy which would apply on their flights. To book tickets you’ll have to travel through the official website, contact the airline by phone, or visit the ticket office.
  • If Azores Airlines cancel the flight schedule, passengers would still have the opportunity to use their unused portion of time towards a future trip up to one year from the date of cancellation. They’ll get notification and other information they need to rebook their trip.
  • Azores Airlines requires that your ticket cancellation requests be made at least three hours before the scheduled flight is to originate.
  • You can’t cancel a booking once it’s been confirmed. If a flight is cancelled, you have to take the next available flight and your total booking value remains 100% guaranteed.
  • The policy of Azores Airlines to the non-refundable ticket only allows taxes and fees as a refund. In case any non-refundable ticket is booked with the travel insurance, passengers can claim the refund based on their coverage policy of the travel insurance.

Azores Airlines 24 Hour Cancellation

As per the Azores Airlines 24 hour cancellation policy, passengers are allowed to cancel their flight tickets within 24 hours from the date of purchase and can claim a refund of the ticket value without paying any Azores Airlines cancellation fee in most cases.

  • When requesting the Azores 24-hour cancellation, please provide your departure date of at least 7 days ahead.
  • The cancellation policies of Azores Airlines would only apply to the group booking. The contract of the carrier determines acceptance or denial.
  • Azores Airlines does not offer 24-hour cancellation. If you have purchased a travel credit voucher for that flight, it is not applicable
  • Frequent Flyer reward points and mileage cancellations are not accepted with 24-hour notice in Azores Airlines, who reserve the right to amend or cancel any flight anytime.
  • The Azores Airlines proces the refund for any cancellation within 24 hours. The amount is returned to the original form of payment in 7-10 business days.

Azores Airlines Cancellation Fee

Using the airline is costly. We have information about the fees for ticket cancelations and more. Here’s an overview of how to avoid unwanted surprises with our airline.

Domestic fares – 

Fare TypesEconomy Discount FareEconomy Smart FareEconomy Value FareBusiness Comfort Fare
Azores Airlines Cancellation FeesNot applicable200 USD165 USD135 USD

Inter-Island Region – 

Fare TypesEconomy Discount FareEconomy Smart FareEconomy Value Fare
Azores Airlines Cancellation FeesNot applicable50% of the booking value as cancellation fees25% of the booking value as cancellation fees


Fare TypesEconomy Discount FareEconomy Smart FareEconomy Value FareBusiness Comfort Fare
Azores Airlines Cancellation FeesNot applicable165 USD135 USD100 USD

North America

Fare TypesEconomy Discount FareEconomy Smart FareEconomy Value FareBusiness Comfort Fare
Azores Airlines Cancellation Fees275 USD225USD200 USD150 USD

How to Cancel a Flight with Azores Airlines?

To cancel your Azores Airlines flight, the process is the same no matter if you are canceling online or over the phone. We will show you “how to cancel your Azores Airlines flight”.

Azores Cancel Flight Online

Cancelling your flight with Azores Airlines is easy – just follow these simple steps.

  • Visit and click on the My Trip section to find information on flights and packages.
  • Enter the six-digit booking reference along with the last name of the passenger to see what flight they are booked on. Click on the button labeled “Next” to proceed.
  • Please select the flight itinerary or flight segment you need to cancel. If a transaction is completed, click on the ‘Clear’ tab or ‘-Cancel’ on the top right to proceed.
  • The flight from the Azores to Lisbon was canceled. That cancellation was only applied to the unused portion of the schedule.
  • You’ll be refunded your ticket cancellation fee if you cancel at the beginning of your trip. Follow the warning for important information about flight cancellation.
  • Clicking on ‘Cancel my flight’ lets you proceed past the check out page and pay the cancellation fee to have your booking canceled.
  • Once the customer has canceled the order and we have received it, we will credit your account for all orders on your next purchase.
  • No flights to Azores have been cancelled. Register your email so that you can be notified if they are.

Azores Cancel Flight over the Phone

Get in contact with the Azores Airlines customer service department and speak to them about finding flights for your next journey.

  • Enter your contact details as exactly as possible. When a flight executive for the Azores Airlines contacts you, he or she will be able to get your booking
  • Ask the executive for help in cancelling your flight. The executive will check the file rules associated with your booking to see if this is possible.
  • Review your cancellation policy. If you cancel after booking more travel, certain portions of your purchase may be cancelled with the unused portion of your trip.
  • If your booking is eligible for cancellation, the agent will provide the details related to a flight refund associated with that booking.
  • If you agree with the refund amount, you will receive a flight cancellation fee credit. The amount of the credit is based on how far advanced your payment was. The credit can be applied against future flights.
  • Estimates are that it could take up to 7-10 days for your refund to be credited back to the original form of payment.
  • Check to see if your Azores flight was cancelled; this will provide you with a cancellation email so that you can make alternate arrangements.

Azores Cancel Flight at the Airport

Passengers can cancel their flights last-minute at the departure airport provided that the Azores Airlines ticket cancellation request must be made up to three hours prior to the scheduled departure. Here’s what passengers need to do –

  • Best way you can visit Azores is by going to Sao Jorge airport and visiting the departure agent.
  • Gather your general booking details and expect a reply as soon as someone is available.
  • Check and see whether the air policy allows the cancellation. If they don’t, ask the executive to check whether there is a change in terms.
  • Azores Airline is an airline that has a great cancellation policy. flight cancellations should only apply to unused portions of the reservation.
  • Cancel a flight over the phone. If you agree to the refund amount, simply call and we’ll process the cancellation fee for you. Or use your debit or credit card and charge a reservation to pay off any costs or get reissued a new ticket.
  • Once the cancellation is done, we credit your preferred form of payment back about 7-10 business days after you cancel.

Flight to the Azores cancelled because of flight delays, overbooking, and involuntary cancellations.

Our goal is to ensure a safe, reliable and punctual travel solution for passengers at all times. In exceptional circumstances, like a canceled flight situation, we take every step to arrange a flight operated by another airline.

Azores Airlines flight cancellation policy states that if a flight is cancelled due to being operated, failing to operate a flight according to the scheduled time, not stopping at your destination or stopover, or causing you to miss the connecting flight operated by Azores Airlines.

  • The passengers mix of tickets will be rearranged to alternate transportation in the class of service which were originally booked without any additional charge, and where necessary extend the validity of the ticket
  • Passengers can choose to have their final destination changed for an Azores ticket cancellation refund.

For denied boarding, if Azores Airlines isn’t able deliver a flight operated by them for which the customer holds a valid ticket and has met all the applicable check- in deadlines and board times, the airline will refund or re-schedule the ticket.

  • Passengers in the lower class of service who were originally booked on the higher class will be brought down to a different class of space, passengers in the original class of service who were originally booked on the lower class will be brought up to a different class.
  • Passengers are eligible for a cancelled Azorean flight compensation, with flights home and other expenses covered.

When you book with Azores Airlines, they will provide an alternate flight or refund, if the passenger is transported to a lower class of service.

  • If you’re interested in a new adventure, your return trip costs will be individualized based on the applicable fare and surcharges.
  • Passengers who were affected by flight cancellations due to weather conditions, have the option to get compensated.

Azores Cancelled Flight Compensation

Azores Cancelled Flight

If your flight was cancelled, delayed, or denied boarding by the airline, you would be eligible for the following Azure Airlines flight cancellation compensation.

  • If you purchased your ticket to go to the Azores and you do not travel, we will refund you the full original cost of your ticket along with all of the unused flights.
  • Booking a flight under comparable transport conditions with the earliest opportunity to the final destination.
  • We sell tickets online and we allow you to rebook your flight if you can’t get on the one you originally wanted.

The airline offers cancellation regulations for Azores flights. This includes refund guarantees, seat downgrades for clients who left the flight and more.

  • The benefits of eating not only include being further away from the waiting line, but also how much you and your friends can talk.
  • The waiting time has changed recently. Customers can easily compare their options now that more options have been made available.

If you’re traveling on Azores Airlines, you probably have a reason for flying them. You will not be compensated if your flight is cancelled.

  • Azores Airlines flights are subject to schedule changes. They inform their passengers at least a week before they depart the scheduled departure of cancelled flights.
  • If passengers have been given an alternative flight date and allowed to depart no earlier than two hours before the scheduled departure time of their original flight while they reach their final destination no later than four hours after their scheduled arrival time.
  • If passengers have been informed of the cancellation less than seven days before the scheduled departure time and are offered an alternative flight. If travelers are unable to depart for their final destination within one hour of their scheduled arrival time, we will offer them a voucher for taxes and fees.
  • If the Azores Airlines flight cancellation lasts longer than a few hours, or is caused by extraordinary circumstances that could not have been avoided.

For passengers on AZores Airbuses canceled flights, they are entitled to the following compensation:

  • We offer a low fare of 250 USD and a flight that fits within 1500 kilometers.
  • Buying a flight that goes between 1500 and 3500 kilometers costs only 550 USD. It is the best deal on the market right now!
  • payments of 750 USD. For every flight over a distance of 3500 kilometers

Azores Airlines Refund Policy

Here are important considerations for good air travel you should keep in mind when booking with a cheap airline.

  • Azores Airlines have different rules for the cancellation policies. They vary according to the fare that was selected. If a customer chose the multi-fare option, they will have to adhere to the most restrictive refund policy in force.
  • The Azores Airlines does not offer refund on exchanged tickets. If you’ve already exchanged the flight ticket you booked, then your original ticket will still be valid and you will not need to apply for a refund on this ticket.
  • People can request an airline ticket refunds for all eligible bookings made with debit/credit card 5 days after the ticket is issued until 3 hours prior to the flight’s departure.
  • The airline’s refund terms and conditions allow for following unused flights, which means the only part of your ticket that the airline will refund is what wasn’t used.
  • An airline refund will be issued in the original method of payment, provided that the cancellation policy accepts the request for cancellation.
  • Azores Airlines will issue a refund on lost tickets. All award and reward tickets including last minute ticket purchases are eligible for compensation up to the purchase price.
  • When a passenger dies after the start of their journey with Azores Airlines, they will receive their unused ticket or travel credit back.
  • If a member of the Azores Airlines’ family members passes away before a flight or after the commencement of travel, passengers may get a full refund from the company, as long as they have the required documents.

Azores Airlines Ticket Cancellation Policy – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Passengers can cancel their Azores Airlines flight online or by telephone. For online cancellations, go to the and navigate to My Trip section before selecting your flight from the list on screen.

When traveling, your flight may find themselves canceled. If this happens, Azores Airline has a number where you can get your flight canceled and handled quickly.

Yes, for all the flights that originate and/or pass through the United States and Canada, if passengers have booked their travel at least he 7 days before the scheduled departure for a flight in North America, passengers can cancel and get a full refund without paying the Azores cancellation fee if they request a cancellation within 24 hours of purchase.

The cancellation policy associated with an Azores Airlines ticket allows for refunds once a certain condition, such as the fare rule or any conditions set forth in the contract, has been met.

We protect the rights of our customers. Sometimes we have to cancel flights due to a storm or other unforeseen circumstances, but in case you are traveling with us and find the situation unacceptable, we give you choice in the matter and an alternative if possible.

If your flight was cancelled, delayed, or denied boarding by the airline you would be eligible for the following Azores Airlines offer of flight cancellation compensation.

  • Although the Azores Airlines can also do this, they are not known to be very helpful because they will only refund the ticket price (not difference) if the flight is completely canceled
  • Rebooking the flight under comparable transportation conditions at the earliest opportunity to the final destination

In the event of an airline delay or cancellation, you may be entitled to reimbursements for your meals and/or telephone charges.

If Azores Airlines cancel the flight schedule, passengers would be able to earn up to one year towards their new trip. They will also be informed of how the whole process works and what information they need to provide before rebooking their flight.

If your flight is cancelled, you’ll receive airline compensation. Airlines also make it possible to get a full refund of the ticket price for flights that are not used.

Azores Airline offers a wide range of flight cancellations. They would differ depending on the length of your stay and other factors

  • Designed for departures every day from America and Canada, including 400-500 USD seats under 1500 kilometers.
  • Prospective travelers can compare all the cost involved with booking multiple flights.
  • For flights that exceed 3500 kilometers, you can purchase them for 750 dollars.

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