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Avianca Name Correction Policy – 2022[updated]

Avianca has developed a name correction policy. This policy allows travelers to fix any spelling mistakes on a ticket before they leave the airport. In addition to this, the airline is able to grant flexibility on changing flight information such as date and time of travel. The airline understands the importance of correct information for business processes and consolidates errors like these easily as a result of this policy.

Rules Associated with Avianca Name Correction Policy

A passenger cannot travel unless their name matches the name on their photo ID. In order to get a flight they must have a government-issued photo ID with them when they try to book a flight on our site. Then, passengers may be denied boarding if the name on the ID does not match what is on their reservation.

Just like the sentence above, there are other conditions that you should know – People with a sensitive stomach may experience diarrhea (or vomit).

As per policy, airlines usually require people fly with correct details. Particularly speaking of the documents, make sure you know the spellings for your name on them. In some cases, like flight changes or insurance laws, the errors could be costly.

Requests for Avianca Change Name on Ticket 

If the person has a name that is not accurately spelled, or does not follow Avianca’s policy, then we will correct the spelling for them at no request. They may also add an additional name of their choosing or remove their own first and last names due to any legal circumstances. We will discuss what type of name change request any passenger can apply for, under our Avianca policy.

Passengers filling out the check-in process can request for a name change in their passport or ID if it is by mistake printed like this. It may lead to an Avianca name change fee. For example, if your first and last name are Benjamin Maxwell and the middle “Maxwell” appears as a firstname and lastname combination, you might have an instance where changing it would be referring to a more realistic spelling.

When the first and middle names are reversed, the name after correction must be Michelle Barrack Obama. Here, Michelle is the first name and Barrack is the middle name.

Correct text from Obama/Barrack Michelle to Obama/Michelle Barrack.

Some people have two last names, whether this is their first or last name. To prevent them from being subject to a charge and having to change their name on our system, passengers need to submit their photo ID for validation.

The two last names are Obama and Junior. The name after correction would look like Barrack. Barrack is the first name and Obama and Junior are the two last names.

The junior Barrack’s letter acknowledges their excitement, but also quickly made it clear that he had no control

The passenger may have mistakenly changed their name on the ticket. The tickets need to be validated by submitting a photo ID for approval and can also incur name change fees.

The man’s name is Jonny Walker. He was on the flight, but because of a typo his name was listed as Walker Jonny. The flight attendant helped him calculate how far he would need to pay for the fare given that this person’s last name is also Walker and his first name is Jonny

Correction from – Jonny/Walker to Walker/Jonny

Other Permitted Aviana Name Correction

The Avianca name correction request allows passengers to request the elimination or addition of their names.

Now, there’s more to go with Zendesk. You can search nicknames and alter them, not just names with hyphens.

These changes are subject to a fee. Moving from Aigle to Avianca, or changing your name from Adolf Hitler to Prince Charming, will incur a name change fee. All changes are considered on a case by case basis and are first assessed by an online form submission that includes required documents.

When booking your trip on our website, we ensure that all the important information is included in your confirmation email.

The passenger on the ticket is James David Carter. The name appeared earlier was James David Carter Smith, but it now has two last names Carter and needs to delete the ‘Smith’ out of it. The passenger also has a middle name ‘David” that needs to be eliminated. After the corrections, it’s now just the first name: James or James D.

Carter from the film “The Carter Effect” and James from the book “Walking in Beauty” decided to get their love life back on track.

When you are in a legal document, the name that appears on your legal document is what we refer to as your nickname.

Correction from – Jos to Joseph

When you put a person’s last name more than one time in your email, it is likely that the person won’t check their inbox.

Correction from – Carter Carter/Jimmy to Carter/Jimmy

  Passengers can change hyphenated names to double-barrel surnames as long as the original name and surname remain the same.

Correction from – Cameron/Brenda to Cameron-Diaz/Brenda

When the last name on the legal marriage/divorce document differs from the last name on the passenger’s ticket, we are unable to provide accurate personal details for them.

Correction from – Gilmore Ann/Julia to Ann/Julia

How to Change the Name on the Avianca Flight Booking?

You can talk to the flight executives at Avianca Airlines and get your name corrected. You may also navigate to the airlines website for more information about tickets for a cheaper price.

Avianca Name Correction Online

Passengers that travel by plane need to know that the on-line name change is not available for plane passengers.

If you need to change the name on your airline ticket you can go ahead and do it through the airline website. Simply find your PNR and look at the unused area on the booking. Change your name and pay what is needed and an email will be sent to you with the confirmed name change info.

These are five steps to help decision makers decide what they should do next.

Aviana Name Correction over the Phone

You can pay the name change fee over the phone with us. We would provide you with VIP customer service both before and after your payment to make sure you’re at ease and that there are no additional fees or costs involved.

Avianca Name Change Fee

Our name change fee is very low. With that being said, if you request a name change within 24 hours then you won’t have to pay any additional costs.

Booking Time Window Economy Class (in USD) Business Class (in USD)
60 days before departure 100 75
30 days before departure 150 100
15 days before departure 200 125
24 hours before departure 250 150

Passengers’ name must be changed after they book. To change the name on your ticket, you will need to provide a valid ID or passport, which can’t have more than 3 characters printed on it, including spaces. Avianca reserve their right to refuse your request and require additional fee when they ask for a new ticket.

Avianca Name Correction Policy – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The answer to this question depends on the nature of the requested name change.

The avianca name correction policy prohibits the transfer of airline tickets.

When someone can’t use a ticket, he or she can cancel it via the airline’s website. Claiming a refund will mean that part of the ticket gets used up but not the whole thing.

When you make an Avianca reservation, remember to contact the airline if your last name has been recently modified or in case the reservation has a misspelling. To find out how to request new IDs on the spot please click here.

It is easy to request the name corrections on tickets. Once you have your PNR, use it to get the status of your reservation and submit an online request. You can also provide contact information so they can better help you with what you need. Allow them to send a confirmation email that details every change that has been made.

To correct an on-board name, please send a new ticket with the correct spelling to Attach your government-issued photo ID when sending and you will be issued an authorization number within four hours. Once you have confirmed it, you would pay the name change fee after the flight is completed. You might also be asked to pay additional fees if there are fare differences between flights with or without administration fees or over-booking refunds.

Name correction is now allowed on airlines and we understand that it can be a little confusing if you show up to the airport with a different name for your flight. But there is hardly ever any need to have name corrections since most airlines only allow them for an hour, so check in before you leave!

Avianca has very strict name correction policies. They check the name and photo of every passenger that attempts to board their plane.

With Avianca, you can cancel your flight 24 hours before departure so you can rebook an earlier departure. On top of that, you can apply for a refund with the new name and wait for the ticket to be reissued.

The Avianca name change fee varies with the days before any passenger requests the name change. Given that it is requested 60 days before the scheduled departure, passengers need to pay 100 USD when reserved in Economy Class. If the same request is made within 24 hours before the scheduled departure, the name change fee would be 250 USD.

The Avianca name correction policy can be found on their website. It shows the requirements for requesting a changed name on ticket.

Contact Avianca if you want a new ticket with your or your spouse’s new name. If there is and additional change fee, you’ll be notified before you buy the ticket.

We need the exact name on their passport. There’s no need to include your entire list of first names when booking, just make sure that matches with their passport. When using the form for a two-party booking, we ask to have both parties’ full name listed.

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