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ANA Flight Change Policy – 2022[updated]

How often do you think about changing your ticket after booking one? Whether you are traveling by land, air or sea with Japan Airlines, you can keep the fear at bay. There is no change fee plus there are additional considerations for flight tickets like pet fees and delayed flight penalties. ANA Airline’s flexibility have helped travelers avoid madness situations to ensure their flight went seamlessly.

ANA Airlines made a change to their policies and rules for customer service. We have attempted to walk you through the changes here below. From the key highlights, we will go into what has changed per type of customer service at the airline.

All-Inclusive Changes for ANA Airlines 

Making an incorrect decision when buying tickets is not a big deal. In fact, we make it easier for you to change them with the steps below before purchasing.

ANA Flight Change Fee 

It doesn’t make sense that a company would expect flexibility only with no limitations, especially in a long trip. There are some rules to follow in order preserve the traveler experience.

How to Change Flight in ANA Airlines? 

ANA Airlines has been serving the air travel needs of some of India’s top cities for more than two decades, and today it’s still an industry pioneer for its innovative solutions.”

ANA Change Flight Online 

Who wouldn’t like to have the ability to easily make changes on a flight? With this innovative technology, passengers can make changes in the veil of an eye with no hassle.

Changing ANA Airlines Flight Ticket via a Call 

It’s nearly impossible to understand a timeless experience without experiencing it firsthand.  We offer trips where passengers can make the changes in this way without knowing any other options.  In case of no internet connection, the passengers can surely use our option

ANA Airlines Flight Change at the Airport 

If you are unsure on what to do, the airline provides other options for you. One option includes walking down the counter and making any changes of your choice. Another option is having the airline make the necessary changes for anyone who does not feel comfortable doing it themselves.

If you need help changing the ticket at the airport or during the journey to your destination and it is not included in your ticket price, you will be charged a service fee of between 50 USD and 100 USD.

Frequently Asked Questions: ANA Flight Change Policy

Passengers have 24 hours to change flights with ANA. Those who need to make the changes within this window will be charged a fee, while those who wait longer can do so without fee.

Bookings can be changed in several ways. If you want to change your booking online, contact the ANA website and make your changes. If you wish to change it offline, there are two options. You can either walk down the ticket centre or call ANA as well.

If you cancel or change your trip within 24 hours of booking, you will not be charged. But, missing out on the change window might result in a fine. This is usually $100 to $500 USD.

ANA allows you to change your flight dates as per your convenience, so don’t worry about having to cancel a flight for a refund.

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