Allegiant Lost and Found – 2022[updated]

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We have a lost and found policy that helps passengers claim compensation in case of a delayed or damaged bag, and help to find their missing items by flight to the rightful owner. Passenger guidelines include what to do when the bag is lost at the airport, how to file a missing property claim, the process followers will go through in order to file a claim including where they should make those claims.

Factors Included under Allegiant Air Lost and Found

There are numerous factors associated with the lost and found event – whether it is receiving a damaged checked bag or reporting a delayed bag, or accounting for the compensation, our baggage policy covers all the aspects that help passengers take mindful steps if they are affected.

Allegiant Air Lost and Found Policy

Damaged Luggage on Allegiant Air

Baggage carried on airplanes is made with the hope of keeping its contents safe from the outside world. But, if the baggage can’t handle normal treatments, airlines won’t ship it or provide cushion during transport.

Baggages will show signs of wear at the start of your trip. It’s rare that they’ll be missing during this trip, but don’t be surprised if you do find them missing when you return home.

  • Devices can be damaged due to normal wear and tear such as scratches, scuffs, tiny scrapes or soiling.
  • Pack lightly. Anything beyond your carry-on limits will affect your overall trip by adding extra weight or making it complicated to transport and cannot be held accountable for them.
  • Many damages or flaws can happen to luggage. For example, it might get split or torn due to damage from inner metal frames, or from pull handle casings that were ripped away from the frame material.

The airline will not accept liability for damage to a traveler’s own bag. The airlines will not accept liability for another person’s leaking bag.

Delayed Baggage on Allegiant Airlines

The airline guarantees to provide luggage on time. One way that the airline does this is by setting up a lost and found team for customers who cannot find their luggage. If you can’t find your luggage, you can file a claim online and the company will issue you an online baggage claim form with a unique number that they assign when they admit it.

We cannot promise that your baggage will make it on the same plane as you if you miss your flight due to late check-in, and thus we cannot be responsible for any damage, delivery charges, or consequential expenses incurred because of a failed bag.

Allegiant Air Delayed Baggage

Purchase insurance for your delayed baggage and it will be on its way to you the soonest.

If you have a suitcase that has been lost, try calling Allegiant Air’s Lost and Found Department to see if your bag has been found.

Baggage Delayed for 5+ Days – 

  • You will need more information so that the airlines can get you where you want to go if your bag is missing for 5 days or more.
  • To begin, be sure to fill out the Property Questionnaire because it needs the 13-character file reference number you were given at the airport.
  • Please use our online form to submit your claim information. Please also fill out the completed questionnaire.
  • We offer a fully streamlined system for handling delayed bag expenses. We have made it simple so you can spend more time enjoying your trip with the peace of mind that your expenses are being taken care of.

Except for claims arising from international flights covered by the Montreal Convention, Allegiant Air lost and found team a team that restricts the following items of checked baggage as well as not to accept any liability for any delay, loss, or damage.

  • Medications, eye-glasses and other assistive devices
  • A few documents that are important under the eyes of the law include will paper, power of attorney and custody agreements
  • Painting and other works of art
  • natural fur products, antiques, heirlooms, 
  • Electronic gadget, IT hardware, or other equipment

Allegiant Air Lost and Found Items & Locations 

To return anything you lost at an Allegiant airport, contact the lost and found team. They will make every attempt to find your item and return it to you.

Lost Belongings at the Airport 

The steps below will help guide you through the recovery process of your property after a flight has landed at our airport.

Allegiant Lost Baggage at the Airport
  • Please contact the Allegiant Lost and Found department if you have lost an item in a public area of the airport (e.g., bathroom, restaurant, or general boarding area)
  • Complete the lost item form by including information such as details about the item, what you were wearing/wearing it when lost, and how it may have come to be available to you.
  • Pay close attention to what you want the recipient to know about. Include as many details as you can, such as color, size, brand and more.
  • Airline passengers entrust the security of their Lost and Found items in Chargerback’s hands. The third-party baggage tracing company will send all passengers a prompt email confirming the receipt of their lost item.
  • If someone finds your lost item and they can find a way to contact you, Chargerback will send them an email with their contact information and a list of steps on how to retrieve it.
  • If a customer files a lost baggage claim and the airlines are unable to locate their item, they will work with the customer to compensate for their experience.

Lost Item on a Plane 

To report the loss or theft of any item on an Allegiant flight, passengers will need to fill out the form and return it both to them at the airport and to a ground location.

  • Passengers need to provide as many details as they can for the lost baggage. They must provide the brand, color, size, type, serial number, and other distinguishable characteristics.
  • The customer service needs to provide customers with the username and password so they can use their devices.
  • A chargerback company has been selected to handle lost and found by the airline. If passengers lose something they need, they can fill out a form with a tracking number to file a claim and find their items.
  • If your item is found, you can obtain your lost item as long as we have it in our possession. Check for an email with clear instructions on how to get your lost item back.
  • If the airlines weren’t able to get it back, they would notify passengers that they could file a lost/stolen baggage claim.

Passenger Loses Passport and Other Travel Documents

Losing your passport can be a humbling experience. If your passport is found at Allegiant Airline, call or visit the company to let them know it’s yours. If your passport has been discovered anywhere else, contact the Customs office in the country you lost it.

Traveler Lost Some Currency

Everything we find is put into a safe place. Passengers belongings will be in their luggage once they check-in, so if something is found on the ground, our staff can bring it to the lost and found office once they receive notification from our customers.

If you or a passenger in your group loses a leg, it comes with a receipt book that provides all the information they need to contact United Airlines via phone. We will carry the baggage claim team to where you left your luggage, which is tagged and found, and give them the cash on our electronic gift card.

Passenger Lost the Ticket 

Please contact the Allegiant Air reservation team if you have lost a ticket. Please send a copy of your e-ticket to your registered email with the company or complete our online form.

Allegiant Air Checked Items Allowed 

Allegiant Checked Items

Our Allegiant lost and found policy stipulates that the following items are conditionally accepted as checked baggage and are subject to the passenger’s liability of risk, damage, loss or delay.

People flying with Allegiant Air can check these items as baggage and will be issued a limited liability baggage tag by them. The passengers will also be signed by Allegiant Air themselves.

If you lose an item on our airline, the Allegiant Airlines lost and found desk will not be responsible or liable for loss to any of these items.

Whether your going on a trip that can’t afford any lost baggage or just not carrying a lot, check out what fragile or perishable items or items that looks like they might break easily will be accepted.”

  • They are tightly packed or covered 
  • The items are put in a transparent bag, making it easy for the security guard to check them.

Many items, including those included in the following list, will not survive normal baggage handling as the passenger needs to sign the liability form with Allegiant Air.

  • Shopping bags, grocery or garment bags
  • Cosmetic cases
  • Musical instruments and other delicate instruments
  • Radios, electronics, photographic equipment, and computers
  • Framed items, glasswares, display cases, and paintings 
  • Any form of liquid or glasses
  • Fishing rods, and tennis racket

Allegiant Lost and Found Policy – Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Airlines will not want to make a follow-up call for you if you were unable to report your delayed baggage issue within the allotted time frame. We recommend completing the Allegiant Lost Baggage Form within 4 hours of your arrival time.

To submit a lost overboard or damaged bag report, you must go to the Lost and Found Office at the airport within four hours of your arrival time. You can email Allegiant Air about any checked baggage issues if you were unable to contact the airport office.

You can send your receipts through email in order to process charges. You have to include the date of purchase, number of items purchased, total the costs incurred on your receipt, confirmable flight information and current address for delivery.

Our Lost and Found Baggage Team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that baggage issues are resolved in an efficient manner.

We offer our customers a 45-day guarantee on all items we receive. The best part? We’ll notify you about any issues with your documents and provide a full refund, no questions asked.

Allegiant has procedures in place to reunite passengers with items left behind at the airport checkpoint or at the baggage claim desk. Lost items found within a given time frame are kept by airlines and will not be turned over to an airport authority for the surplus property if they are not claimed.

If you’re looking for your lost baggage, the airlines typically have better methods of finding them. Most likely, you mistakenly boarded your bag on the wrong flight. Even if airline workers have found your luggage and informed you that your luggage will be on the next flight, ask them to file a report.

You can register a report for your missing item with the Allegiant Lost and Found team so that you can receive an email with more information. When the airlines find your item, they will send you an email to confirm that it’s true. Throughout the process of looking for your missing property, the airlines will keep you updated via email.

When you lose an item on your airplane, this report form will accurately provide the details of the lost item. Please share all the information you are able to give with reputable Airlines so they can help find it. If a business expense is required, take careful measurements and make sure all unnecessary information is removed

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