Allegiant Air Name Change Policy – 2022[updated]

Allegiant Air allows the simplest process for changing one’s name when booking their ticket with the airline. There is no additional charge for making a name change on the ticket, however it only will change to changes made with the airlines.

Here is all the information you need to know about applying for a name change on your flight reservation. Add to that, we will also give you detailed information on how to make a name change, the new fee and possibly what kind of name correction request will be entertained by the airlines.

Rules to Change Name on Allegiant Air Ticket

People can request on their Allegiant Air flight booking to be changed in what ever way they please. However there are some important things to consider before making a change of name – make the changes on your first, middle, or last name to ensure you get the most appropriate submission.

  • Membership in Reward Club will be eligible to gain membership benefits. They cannot make a name correction on their tickets, as that is not covered by the said policy.–Allegiant Air
  • You cannot change, alter, attach or transfer the ownership of the ticket.
  • Once the name change request is done, we will release your old flight tickets for re-issuance. You are responsible for the name change and any fare difference.
  • Passengers can ask to have their names changed on the ticket. It is best to do this 24 hours before boarding the flight.
  • When processing a name change on your reservation, such as adding a connecting flight to the existing fare, there may be an additional ($$$)
  • People can easily choose the appropriate seats or add on any travel necessities once their name refinements have been approved.
  • For anyone unable to travel at the moment, our team is happy to help. Passengers can submit their passport or photo ID for validation.
  • If a passenger has a flight which includes other airlines, the name change request will not be applicable to their flight segment except on the Allegiant flights.

Type of Requests: Allegiant Change Passenger Name

The name change request isn’t just for a passport or any other ID-related items. Passengers can alter their names based on various legal considerations.

We answer the questions on how to make a name change with airlines, what fee would be charged and how you can apply your company to compete with a given request.

Name Correction on Ticket

You can correct up to 4 letters on the first name, middle name or last name by contacting our customer service department. You can also do a name change online. However, you will be charged a fee plus any applicable fare difference.

Add/Alter/Eliminate the Middle Name

There are cases where the middle name is not on people’s new documents or ID cards. In these cases, you’ll need to take your official identification document and provide the necessary details in order to update it. You might have to contact the airlines in order to update your flight information and pay a fee.

Adding the Title/Suffix/Prefix to the Passenger’s Name

You can add titles, suffixes, and prefixes to your ticketed name. The fee for the change is around $150. The fare difference is up to a decision you would have to make. You will be issued a new ticket that could be in an identical or higher class of service. To complete the request, call Allegiant Air’s flight executive.

How to Change Name on Allegiant Air?

You can request new flight options before and after your trip online at the Allegiant Air web portal. Please speak with a customer service agent on the phone if you have any problems or restrictions.

Allegiant Name Change Online

To request the name change, go to the My Trip section. Access your booking with the flight confirmation details. Select the passenger’s name whose name needs to be corrected. Enter the correct name. Submit the passport or government ID for validation. Pay the required fee. Once the request is submitted, you will receive an email confirmation from your airline of the request been processed

  • Visit the Allegiant website and navigate to the My Trip section in the upper right hand corner.
  • We’re doing our best to communicate with your travel agent, but please provide us with the six-digit booking reference and last name of the passenger.
  • Change the last name of your co-passenger and your payment details are updated automatically.
  • It is only advised to enter the correct name in the required field when you are asked for your passport or any identity document.
  • Pay the fee for a name change then the difference in price on your ticket between your new final destination.
  • When the request is processed, you will receive a confirmation email updating your registration with the new information.

The Top Offers for Allegiant Air are as follows: non-restricted fares, frequencies that qualify for changes, and travel within 10 days of the reservation date.

Allegiant Name Change Via Phone

If your booking for an airline ticket is restricted and does not include a name change, you can call the Allegiant Air Reservation Phone Number. Travelers call the number to find out if they’re booking is eligible for switching the ticket to a different flight or getting a refund. The cost is applied over the phone with a debit/credit card and needs to be paid before travel starts.

Allegiant Name Change At The Airport

Name change requests must be completed up to three hours before the scheduled departure. Given that you have already completed the initial check-in, you need to cancel it and alter the ticket status to “open” for your request to proceed, using your new booking reference number

Allegiant Air Name Correction Rules

Deployments of the name correction refer to fixing errors in passenger’s names or adding the missing characters in their names that are already ticketed. These changes need to meet certain criteria like being on the list of people who booked a ticket (if it already exists), not having been awarded a Free Trip, not being denied boarding and having change fees approved.

  • Action must be taken and marketing must be executed by Allegiant Air. Personnel numbers are listed on their ticket.
  • If you have booked a boarding pass and planned your trip with an airline, only the Allegiant Air flight segments are applicable for the name correction.
  • If you have a name change that is necessary and cannot wait to see if the actual changes will be approved within 24 hours of purchase, request for cancellation and a refund. Then rebook with a new name without requesting any additional customer service.
  • Changing your name and date of birth constitutes a name change but it doesn’t always have to be subject to the Allegiant Air policy.
  • A person traveling temporarily should have a passport or government ID at all times. This way, minor changes like a name change can be made easily.
  • You can’t change the particulars of your travel. If you want to make changes, you need to submit a new request with the correct information.
  • You cannot change your name, gender or birth date at the same time. When you complete a name change, one set of documents will be created for each of the changes you make.
  • One name change is allowed per ticket at the airline’s discretion . If a name change is not granted, there will be a penalty to the price of airfare which can be as high as 50% more expensive.

Allegiant Air Name Change Fee

There is a fee to change your last name. Remember that the amount of money you pay depends on the type of name change request you are requesting. This table provides the fee breakdown.

Allegiant Air Name Change Fee
Type of Name Change RequestName Change Fee (in USD)
Name correction up to 4 letters225 USD + difference in fare
Change/Correct Middle Name225 USD + difference in fare
Adding the title/suffix/prefix175 USD + difference in fare

If you ask for a flight ticket change, the airline will help you find the perfect destination for your trip. To get more information on what your options are and how to process the change, contact the customer support team.

Allegiant Change Name On Ticket – Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Yes, it is that fine and with the airlines you have to comply with their laws. Many other companies don’t have name change policy restrictions like the airlines do, so if you need a new name or a private anagram name this can be done with very little fee.

The instructions for cancellation are on the back of your ticket. If you made a mistake with your passenger’s last name, or have lost your ticket, please call the airline as soon as possible.

If you want to change/correct your name after booking a flight with Allegiant Air, you can do it online. In addition, if you need to find out the details on how to do that, you can call them directly.

You can check how your fare supports online reservations by calling the Allegiant Air Reservation Phone Number. If it’s not eligible, they’ll provide you with a solution. If you need to change your name on your reservation, you would be charged one way or a roundtrip fare.

The only limit is the way we charge, if you have any questions please contact customer services. Claims are made as they’re processed through. Once your new ticket is sent on re-issue, ask to have any fare differences reimbursed.

Yes, if you try to change a booking from one passenger name to another on your flight with Allegiant Air, the airline will split the booking between two passengers. The new PNRs can include your updated booking information.

Passengers don’t want to lose their trip. They need to have their name exactly as it’s on the documents they’ll need when flying with Allegiant Air. In case of name changes, passengers can submit a revised form at least five days before they board their flight to allow flight schedules to be changed and make other arrangements for travel if needed.

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