Alitalia Baggage Allowance, Size, Weight, Fees & Policy

 Alitalia – Società Aerea Italiana known as Alitalia is a government-owned airline company in Italy. It operates over 34 scheduled domestic flights as well as European and intercontinental destinations.Alitalia’s baggage allowance policies change based on the destination. Stay with us to get all the information regarding Alitalia’s baggage allowances at different destinations.

Alitalia allows one carry-on baggage and one personal item into the aircraft. The carry-on baggage has to weigh within 8 kg (18 pounds) and should not exceed the dimensions of 55×35×25 cm. Alitalia only allows one free checked-in baggage for economy class. The weight limitation for checked-in luggage is 23 kg (32 kg for business class) within the dimension of 158 cm. Baggage exceeding that limit will be sent to your home, provided it isn’t too expensive to send back wherever you are from.

Carry-on Baggage Policies

Alitalia allows one carry-on bag and one personal item for each passenger. The weight limitation on carry-on baggage is 8 Kilograms (18 pounds). Bags should not exceed the following dimension:

ItemCarry-on Baggage
Length(cm)55 (22 inches)
Width (cm)35 (14 inches)
Height (cm)25 (9 inches)

They provide labels for luggage. For example, if your luggage is no more than 36cm in (height) 45cm in (width) 20cm in (length) they will make stickers that say ‘under the seat!’

Carry-on personal item: Handbag, work backpack, laptop computer, camera, camera bag, small luggage, etc. counts as a personal item. Alitalia allows one of those items on board in addition to the same literal phrase ALITALIA ALLOWS ONE. The weight and dimension of your carry-on personal item should not exceed 8 kg and (55×35×25) cm.

Passengers have to make sure that their carry-on baggage fits into the size and weight instructions by checking it with the baggage sizer before they approach the check-in counter. If anyone fails to engage in this process, they will be denied permission to board the plane.

Prohibited Carry-on Items

  • Alitalia follows international rules to allow liquids in an airplane. Passenger must be carrying up to 3.4 ounces (100 ml) of liquid per container in your handbag. All the liquid containers you carry must stay in a sealed transparent plastic bag so the liquids doesn’t leak out

If you’re traveling by air and want to bring non-liquid baggage, one plastic bag that is approximately 18x20cm or 1 litre in size would be allowed per passenger.

Objects with sharp edges are not allowed in your carry-on bags. Some examples of this include tools, knives, and glass.

  • Ice axes and ice picks
  • Razor blades
  • Box cutters
  • knives 
  • Scissors
  • Martial arts equipment e
  • Swords and sabers

Sports equipment: We can’t transport sporting equipment such as baseball bats in carry-on baggage.

  • Golf club 
  • Pole 
  • Cricket or baseball bat

Explosives and flammable substances are a threat to the safety of the aircraft. However, these following items are not allowed on the aircraft under any circumstance.

  • Ammunition
  • Blasting caps
  • Detonators and fuses
  • Replica or imitation explosive devices
  • Mines, grenades, and other explosive military stores
  • Fireworks and other pyrotechnics
  • Smoke-generating canisters, and smoke-generating cartridges
  • Dynamite, gunpowder, and plastic explosives.

Checked Baggage Policies

Checked baggage dimensions vary depending on what your itinerary is and what route you’re traveling. You may be allowed one or two bags in Alitalia economy or there are no limits when flying business class.

Travel ClassAllowed BaggageMaximum Weight Maximum Size
LightNot AllowedN/AN/A
Economy123 kg158 cm
Economy Premium223 kg158 cm
Business232 kg 158 cm
Comfort 223 kg158 cm

You can bring a maximum of two bags onto the airplane, each weighing 23 kilograms.

  • To/from Japan 
  • Europe, the Middle East and India (excluding Israel) through USA, Mexico, and Canada
  • From Brazil

Extra Baggage fees (Excluding Canada)

Travelling with an excess bagage to economy class can cost you a lot of money. In most airlines, passengers are only allowed to carry an one bag. Additional fees have to be paid if you have baggage in economy class that is not carried by every passenger.

Fees for 2nd Bag:

We offer various payment options such as set EUR/USD rates and PayPal.

You can take 6 bags of carry on luggage (or one carry-on and up to 3 personal bags – totalling 22 kg) from Beijing International Airport.

Overweight fees (Excluding Canada)

Baggage weighing more than 23 kilograms (32 kilograms for business class) will be included as overweight baggage, and all fees, depending on the destination of travel, will be charged.

DestinationEuroUSDCanadian Dollar 
Internal flights60 7595 
Europe and North Africa607595 
Middle East countries (excluding Egypt)7595 120 
From European and North African countries to Egypt100125160
USA & Mexico85100120
Rest of the world (except Canada) 125100160

The maximum amount of checked-in baggage allowed is 32 kg.

Oversize fees (Excluding Canada)

Checked-in baggage size has to be within 158 cm (height×width×length) and over 203 cm in overall dimension. Baggage exceeding 203 cm in overall dimension will not be accepted. Depending on the destination, the below fees will be applicable for oversize baggage

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Applicable Charges To/ From CANADA:

Weight restrictions for overweight people:  Within a certain weight range, use when you’re looking to buy something bigger in general.

  • From Middle Eastern countries to Canada – $75
  • From European Countries to Canada- $85
  • From Japan to Canada – $85
  • From Egypt & India to Canada- $100
  • From the South and Central American Countries to Canada – One hundred
From CanadaExtra weight Charges 
To North African Countries$75
To Jordan and Israel$100
To Middle East countries $100
To European countries $120
To India & Japan $120
To Egypt$200

Extra baggage fees are applicable for carrying secondary luggage on these journeys, so it is best to check beforehand.

  • (expensive) bags from European countries can be ordered from Canada for a cheap price.
  • Countries such as Canada and Europe, the South and Central America, get discounted shipping rates on the 2nd bag of any order.
Carrying the 3rd bag Extra Fees
From Israel, India & Jordan to Canada$200
From the Middle East, South, and Central American countries to Canada$200
From European countries and Japan to Canada$240
From Canada to European, South, and Central American countries$330
From Canada to Japan & India.$330

OVERSIZE CHARGE: People love the feeling of extra room without the need for now extra dollars! Those in the oversize range (who are over 6 feet tall) will be charged an $8 surcharge.

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  • From European Countries to Canada- $250
  • From Japan to Canada – $250
  • From Israel is a country in the Middle East.
  • From the South and Central American countries to Canada- $300
From CanadaExtra fees
To middle east countries$360
To Jordan & Israel $360
To European countries$345
To North African countries$360
To South and Central American countries$370

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Alitalia weigh hand luggage?

Alitalia allows hand baggage weighing within 8kg.

How many carry-on bags are allowed on Alitalia?

Alitalia doesn’t allow personal items to be brought onboard because we have realized that people forget about them as it is such a hassle to deal with them.

Does Alitalia allow pets?

Flights to the UK and Ireland are not allowed on Alitalia, but some other airlines do let your pets fly with them.

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