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Alaska Airlines Carry On Size, Fees, Limits Guide [2021]

Alaska Airlines makes it easy for travelers to select the size of their items.

If you’re traveling with Alaska Airlines soon, or if you plan on traveling with them any time soon, then this is a useful article to read. This piece of writing offers tips and tricks that might prevent mishaps while boarding the plane.

The best way to travel with a carry-on is to make sure you check your exact size, see what you can bring, and learn the rules.

Alaska Airlines makes it easy for passengers to fit one of their bags in an overhead compartment. The bag should weigh no more than 22 pounds and measure a total size of at least 9x14x22 inches. If your bag doesn’t fit in this size, you will have to pay extra

For personal baggage as well, Alaska Airlines only allows one personal item. These items can be a purse, briefcase, or laptop bag. You can tuck these items under the seat in front of you or put them in the overhead bin. There are several limits associated with eBags or smart bags if they are in your carry-on luggage or checked baggage. Try looking at them to see how they work for you.

After the further details in this article, we will chat about what items are prohibited on Alaska Airlines.

We offer a large selection of carry-on travel bags that can accommodate all your air travel needs.

Passengers can travel with their carry-on luggage. Traveling should be a hassle-free and hassle-free process. Bottles of water, however, cannot exceed 3 liters each. It is possible to measure your carry-on bag before getting to the airport but ensure it does not weigh more than 10 kgs.

If you are packing a carry-on bag and there is a chance your bag will be lost, please note that bags need to be smaller than 45 inches in total dimension. The limit in height and width is 9*14*22 inches with the possibility of your bag being misplaced. And if you need the identification card, it’s free.

Alaska Airlines has $15 for a small object, $30 for a medium size object, and $60 for an oversized object.

As a unique airline, Alaska Airlines charges extra baggage fees for checking bags in at your destination. Alaska Airlines applies standard bag fees only to bags under 50 pounds or those that don’t exceed the maximum dimension of 62 inches.

You only pay the full cost for checked bags if the dimensions add up. You can take as many bags as you want to board with your checked luggage so long as they each weigh less than 50 pounds and measure less than 62 inches (length + width).

Alaska Airlines changes their checked bag limit anytime during special circumstances. Please note when this happens for your trip, as you may need to check a bag or travel without luggage.

You can check some items like strollers, cars, or mobility aids into the baggage claim for free if you have a ticket from our website, or if you have a military ID from the US Military, or if you have an elite level mileage plan membership. But please note that according to our baggage policy, checked luggage is still subject to baggage charges no matter what.

There are some expensive items that can’t be brought onto a plane without paying extra, such as sporting equipment and musical instruments. These items are called oversize or overweight? baggage. The linear inches on each bag is 115 inches. When the number of bags you carry all fall into one single bag, then the weight restrictions allow only 100 pounds to be carried on.

If you need assistance with carrying luggage that is more than the above-mentioned size and weight limits, please contact our airline’s Cargo service at 1-800-225-2752. Please note that any travel flights operating by Qantas (Alaska Airlines 5000 – 5999), or those operated by Alaska Airlines 8101 – 8200 (operated by Americans) have different baggage fees and weight restrictions.

Alaska Airlines provide customers with a 20 minute guarantee baggage claim limit. This means that if you cannot claim your baggage within twenty minutes of arrival, you will receive a 25 dollar discount code on a future Alaska Airlines flight. However, if you’re an Elite member of the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan, you will receive complimentary 2500 miles for your next flight.

If you can’t claim your baggage within 20 minutes of landing, all you have to do is call the service center within 2 hours of landing and they’ll let you know if your baggage has been found.

Exceptions to Carry-On

One of the exceptions that you should keep in mind when traveling internationally is that you can’t take carry-on luggage on flights taking off from the Cold Bay Airport. Even if your destination is Cold Bay, you can check in two bags meeting the maximum dimensions of 9*14*22 inches or 45 linear inches, and a purse, briefcase, laptop bag, or backpack.

There are some exceptions when it comes to standard Alaska Airlines flights. There are items that airlines do not count as carry-on baggage. Here is a complete list of the items you can transport without being counted as carry-on baggage:

Items that meet the standard are allowed onboard without being counted as a carry-on. Examples include oversize jackets, coats, furs, bulletproof vests and backpacks.

For sensitive items,  we recommend that passengers buy a slew bag or briefcase to carry them in so they are not separated at airport. For TSA guidelines about transporting medical devices and medication for people with medical problems and disabilities, visit the TSA website.

We can carry-on liquids three ounces (across own body) and food plan on our flights.

Here is what the TSA and FAA expect of Alaska Airlines passengers with regards to liquids. According to TSA rules, you are allowed a limited amount of liquid on board- make sure you don’t have too much.

Now, let’s take a look at the foods you can carry while traveling via Alaska Airlines. There are a few things to think about when it comes to food on your flight. You can choose between bringing your own food from home or buying it at the airport after passing through security procedures.

Through security, you are free to bring any food you purchase in the airport. Liquids such as alcoholic drinks, baby food, utility products and more are considered food that can also be brought through security. We provide bags for all liquids so you don’t have to worry about filling it up with luggage weighing more than 3.4 ounces.

Below is a complete list of food and non-perishable items you can pack for the plane.

Carry-On Pet Policy

Alaska Airlines has one carry-on bag policy and also offers a rental car while in route. You’ll have to fit your pet with car seat and make sure it can be easily stored under the seat in front of you. The carrier cannot be too big, or it will get difficult to store under the seat in front of you.

There are two types of carriers – hard-sided and soft-sided. For your carry-on, customers should choose the type according to their needs at the time. Hard-sided carriers have dimensions of 17*11*7.5 inches, hence the airlines will allow them to take it on board, but a soft-sided carrier’s dimensions should not exceed 17*11*9.5 inches in size so that you can carry a personal item along with your pet in it

Alaska Airlines charges 100 dollars for one way travel with a pet. No matter which route you take, you will incur the same cost for an airline pet.

In order to ensure a safe and enjoyable flight, items that are prohibited, such as baggy pants, selfie sticks and oversized carry-on luggage will not be allowed on Alaska Airlines.

I checked the regulations and saw what items are prohibited on the aircraft prior to coming to Alaska Airlines. Since I don’t have these items in my checked bags, I believe there is no issue. So please take a look at this brief list of items that cannot be brought to the aircraft with you on Alaska Airlines.


Why are carry-ons the most important requirement of Alaska Airlines?

Alaska Airlines is very strict when it comes to their carry-on rules. They have a maximum number of bags allowed on board, and they are pretty strict about what kind of items they allow you to bring with you in your checked bags.

Can I bring a carry-on and a laptop bag on Alaska Airlines as checked luggage?

Yes, you can take one carry-on bag and a laptop bag on Alaska Airline’s flights. All passengers are allowed to bring in a personal item onboard with them. All passengers also get an allowance of carry-on bags during their ticket purchase: One for Carry-On, and the rest for personal items. Here, your laptop would be considered your personal item.

Will my carry-on get on the plane if it is slightly too big for Alaska Airlines?

If your carry-on is slightly too big, even though it meets the regulations for travel on Alaska Airlines, you may be asked to check it in for baggage claim and ask you to pay the standard checked baggage fees.

Can I put a piece of luggage that’s 26 inches long into the overhead bin on a plane?

What would be your maximum dimension if you’re carrying a 24-inch bag as your luggage? Well, our piece of 24-inch luggage can be carried on but it’s kind of hard to do.


We hope that this guide, which discusses what bags are allowed on flights and how to pack your bag ahead of time, helped you understand what you can or cannot carry on your next flight. Moreover, we hope you have a safe flight.

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