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Airlines That Allow Pets In-Cabin When You Fly

There are many airlines that allow our pets to travel with us. If you are traveling with an airline, be sure to read the pet policy before booking your tickets. In this blog we are going to talk about the airlines that permit a pet in-cabin.

What Are the In-Cabin Pets?

In-cabin pets are domesticated dogs, cats, and other pets that could fit in a travel carrier beneath the seat in front of you. You can find many airlines that allow pets to be carried on board. But, you cannot bring an airline agreed pet through connected international airports (i.e. Honolulu).

On this blog, you’ll find the airlines that allow pets in the cabin when you fly with a particular airline. In addition, you will be informed of their pet insurance policy as well as pet plan policy. We’ll start by taking a look at just the recently expanded policies based on these five airlines.

Delta Pet Policy

Delta Airlines services destinations as much as 60 countries all over the world. When you fly with Delta, animals and your pets get to share in the experience. Small animals like birds and cats may travel with their owners while dogs must travel with cargo for their comfort and safety.

Delta Airlines, a major air carrier in the United States, lists specific requirements for transporting animals.

Make sure the kennel you use is leak-proof and well-ventilated. Your dog should be well-constructed so that it can stay in a Delta boarding area. You can learn more about the state airlines policy for Delta Airlines on

Southwest Airlines Pet Policy

In Southwest Airline’s policy, pets such as dogs and cats are allowed on board flights, but they have to be properly vaccinated. The policy also states that pets are not allowed on international flights.

Customers can check-in online, in particular the ones traveling with pets. The Southwest airlines pet carrier policy specifies what the passengers should do for the safety and wellbeing of their animals.

Passengers can bring their dogs on the flight. They need to have one carrier for every person, and it must be a carry-on or personal item. For more information, check out our website for Southwest airlines policy about pet traveling.

United Airlines Pet Policy

Pets go on United Airlines flights with the owner. You may want to make reservations in advance to make sure there are no problems and you have a seat for your pet.

United Airlines has an animal policy that states they will only accept small cats, rabbits, dogs and household birds to travel inside the cabin. In addition, United Airlines will not fly a pet to Hawaii and have other additional information you might need.

United Airlines doesn’t fly dogs, including customers who are traveling with children, across borders. If you need to travel with your dog and you’re trying to book a flight, you should make sure to include the additional cost of their carry-on pet carrier in your itinerary.

Alaska Airlines Pet Policy

Alaska Airlines partners with Banfield Pet Hospital. They offer discounts on dog or cat travel. As per Alaska Airlines policies, you can have a pet travel to Hawaii if it’s coming back (coming home) with you. There may be restrictions based on the state of rabies not being present in the state of your destination.

For Alaska Airlines, your pet should be eight weeks old and small pets are allowed in the cabin. The carrier should be no more than three pounds and up to two feet in length. Below is a list of countries you can carry your pet with you into, along with restrictions United Airlines has on transporting animals.

You can fly with your dog if you purchase an adjacent seat. Or, you may bring your dog in the carrier, but only to the main cabin with two seats next to each other for an individual passenger and their pet. For more information, visit this website to read about Alaska Airlines policy.


Delta, United, America, Alaska, and Southwest permit domesticated pet animals to fly with their owners on the airplane. Delta, United, and Alaska also have rules and restrictions of whether you can bring your tiny feline friend when traveling. However, every other airline is fine with your fuzzy four-legged friend during travel.

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