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AirBaltic Cancellation Policy – 2022[updated]

AirBaltic provides customers with the most sorted procedure for canceling airfares and changes. There are no hassles with this airline when it comes to changes or cancellations.

When you’re planning a vacation, here there be dragons. You could encounter a canceled flight, or maybe your luggage disappears on the way to your first destination. In this post, we will look at AirBaltic’s cancellation and refund policies so that you can understand how to get the most out of their service.

AirBaltic Ticket Cancellation Rules

AirBaltic’s cancellation policy has many rules and guidelines in different fare types. We have covered the general cancellation procedures for all ticket types available on our website.

AirBaltic Green Fare –

AirBaltic Green Plus Fare – 

AirBaltic Green Classic Fare –

AirBaltic Business Fare –

AirBaltic Flight Cancellation Option

A non refundable charge of 50 US dollars applies where you can either receive a refund for your purchase in the form of an AirBaltic voucher, or keep your money with them.

When you contact the airline’s customer service phone number, you can use the travel credit voucher to purchase your next flight. You can also use the travel voucher to purchase additional services like luggage and car rental. The voucher has a one-year expiration date.

The terms and conditions include – 

AirBaltic 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

If you decide to cancel your AirBaltic flight and wish to be refunded the total cost of your ticket, call our team in the UK. They will help you through the process and receiving a full refund without any penalties involved.

How to Cancel an AirBaltic Flight Ticket?

You can cancel the flight online through AirBaltic’s booking portal as well as by contacting them through their customer service phone number.

Cancel Flight Ticket Online

On the airline’s website, you access the My Bookings section, which allows you to cancel one of your flights. You will need to return your booking to the relevant ticketing agent. For more information, please use these instructions.

Flight Cancellation via Call

If you’re not internet-savvy, you can also seek the airline’s assistance via the AirBaltic ticket cancellation phone number at . A cancellation fee and service charges may apply as prescribed under the AirBaltic policy.

AirBaltic Refund Policy

According to the AirBaltic policy, you can only apply for a refund within a few days of booking. You should read the policies on the Air Baltic website for more information about how to claim a refund.

AirBaltic Cancellation Fee

AirBaltic’s reimbursement policy states that the airline will only charge a cancellation fee if an AirBaltic customer chooses a Green Classic or Business fare flight. The Green and Green Plus fares are not eligible for cancellation.

Fee (applies per passenger per direction) Green Green Plus Green Classic Business
Flight Cancellation Option 50 50 not applicable not applicable
Cancellation Fee (in USD) not applicable not applicable 100 125

AirBaltic has a low charge when you cancel flights last minute because other airlines have to charge more if you decide you don’t want your flight. They also make it easy for customers as they provide a few convenient methods for canceling their bookings.

AirBaltic Cancel Flight Policy – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You can cancel an AirBALTicket up to 2 hours before the scheduled departure. The ticket can be cancelled by calling the AirBALTicket cancell flight phone number at 1-xxx-xxx-xxxx or online through the airline’s website.

If you have purchased a flight booking and decided to cancel within 24 hours, visit the ‘My Booking’ section of AirBaltic’s reservation portal or call the airline directly.

The AirBaltic cancellation fee would not apply. The airline charges 100 USD per passenger on the way out and 125 USD on the way back for both a green classic fare and a business class fare.

You can purchase vouchers and use that money to buy your airline ticket, other travel essentials and ancillary services. You only need to cancel the flight booking before the service expires. The voucher maintains the value of 100 EUR for one year from the date you cancel the reservation.

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