AirAsia Flight Change Policy – 2022

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AirAsia has been called Malaysia’s largest carrier. It serves over 165 destinations in 25 countries around the world with a variety of on-board services. If you are planning to fly with the airline, get familiar with AirAsia’s flight change policy inside out in case you need a change of plans.

AirAsia Fight Change Policy: Key Highlights

  • The AirAsia change policy states that the carrier will charge the full ticket fare as a change fee if you purchase your flight through an unauthorized portal.
  • We offer Low Fare and Value Pack tickets for sale. However, we prefer you to choose one of our low-cost carrier’s flights and come up with changes in your scheduled destination by contacting our specialists during well-defined risk-free periods.
  • Airlines are under no obligation to refund unused portions. However, they can always be used for future travel or transferred to other people in the same purchase unless the customer requests this not be done.
  • We note that if the ticket value is refundable and the passenger has paid for their trip with a non-refundable discount, then AirAsia will reimburse the value of their ticket over three months.
  • People on a Premium Flex or Flatbed ticket can make changes to their ticket for free up until the risk-free period has passed.
  • AirAsia customers who find themselves unable to travel are eligible for a refund. They can choose any available form, whether that be express mail or bank transfer. The money will be refunded to the original form of payment used.

AirAsia Flight Change Policy for Passenger With Low Fare and Value Pack Ticket

  • Customers who were disappointed they did not secure a low fare and value pack ticket will be required to seek an alternate flight by paying the change fee.
  • Travels on AirAsia are different from other carriers in three main ways. They don’t charge change fees, because it is such an important part of their business model, and they want loyal customers to be able to travel for as long as possible.
  • Passengers without fare and change fee will not be charged if they change their booking date by the same amount in which they’ve changed it.

AirAsia Flight Change Rules for Passenger With Premium Flex and Premium Flatbed Ticket

  • Passengers with Premium Flex and Premium Flatbed tickets have the option to change their booking at no extra charge.
  • As per AirAsia’s Premium Flex ticket holders are entitled to two free changes to their scheduled tickets. Depending on the type of ticket that a customer chooses, they can alter the itinerary in their eyesight.
  • When passengers change their AirAsia booking, they must submit proof of payment (such as a credit card) to avoid paying additional service fees.
  • With Premium Flex and Premium Flatbed tickets, passengers don’t need to worry about paying airasia change flight date charge even if they decide to make changes after the risk-free period.

How to Make AirAsia Flights Change?

The best way to get AirAsia flights changed is by selling your flights back to us. We’ll give you a fair amount of money.


AirAisa does not charge change fees if your flight changes are made in a risk-free period. For you to save, visit the site and switch for Premium Flex or Premium Flatbed tickets. Switch online by using multiple methods such as your hardcopy ticket or the site’s booking engine.

Official Website 

Go to and sign up for Mega benefits

Now it’s time to login. There are three ways to login. First, use your credentials and go the My Bookings section. Second, you can search using the filter on our site. Or lastly, you can browse directly through some of our stays and book something around your work schedule

Click on the Choose Your Flight button. If you need to change the date of your trip, use the search filters to find dates with and without layovers. Select that date. And then click on the flight again to make your final selection.

Purchase the new date, if necessary. You may purchase add-ons for your flight. According to the airline’s rules, some airline tickets and services can’t be added after your original purchase.

Pay a change fee of up to 150RSD or the fare difference. If you hace payed via debit card, credit card, PayPal wallet or cash to reach the departure city, you are eligible to re-change flights without additional fees.

When the payment is done, you will see a message letting you know that your transaction has been completed successfully.

Mobile App

Log into your AirAsia mobile app. You’ll need your account credentials to complete the BIG Member login procedure.

Contact the passenger, use a confirmation code for their last name, choose the flight and make changes as per your requirement (date, time, flight, cabin class, etc).

Edit steps. This button lets you select, copy, or remove text within a process without leaving the step and also adds checkmarks next to each task when you finish it

Step 4

  • We welcome payments from all available methods: debit cards, credit cards, online payment systems like PayPal, etc.
  • AirAsia changes the flight date charges sometimes. Find out if they charge you anything by calling them.
  • AirAsia name change. AirAsia proudly introduced the new name of this wonderful airline and also even allow fees to be applied per person in case you decide on changing the name of the passengers due to some personal circumstances and/or emergencies.
  • We charge a change fee if you’d like to change (not cancel) the scheduled flight.

You will be able to see the completed purchase within minutes. You will also be able to check out whenever you get home from work.


If a passenger changes their flight, they have to pay additional fees. Besides the AirAsia service fee, that is excluded for purchasing the new ticket within the risk-free period, if you purchase a premium ticket, then there is no change fee.

AirAsia counter

With your BIG Member login credentials, simply go to the AirAsia counter and you can enjoy even more discounts!

We want to make changes on the trade truck so that it meets your company’s requirements.

The agent will ask the insurance company to intervene by filling out the change form.

Using this electronic signature proposal form is easy, efficient, and secure.

Whether you are travelling with AirAsia, Garuda or SojournAir, the agent will inform you of your change fee and help book the trip.

If you need to get a refund or exchange anything, return to the ticket counter.

Customer Service Number   

To reach the US number, dial either international or toll-free numbers. By selecting your preferred language in the drop-down option, and following the prompts provided, you should be meeting with a customer service representative soon!

Find out which airlines have the lowest prices on your desired routes. Then have an agent search for those flights. For these changes, make your required changes to the flight and request that the airline confirm the change before you book your flights

Step 3: After the agent fills out the form, you can pay your security fee and pick up your ticket in an instant.

AirAsia Flight Change Policy – FAQs

You have to ask the AirAsia agent before you book your flight if you can change your destination. Along with the AirAsia change flight fee, the airline will also charge a fee for changing your original point of departure or final destination.

Yes, you will be able to change your seats after the booking has been confirmed. For that, an air ticket agent will need to authorize such a change. The price for changing seats depends on how close the flight is and whether or not it has already pushed back from its gates.

AirAsia changed the way their customer service worked.Passengers that booked a flight before the Pandemic don’t need to pay any extra because AirAsia changed how they charge for flights. Passengers whose flight falls within “Coverage Duration” can get a deal and get their money back.

Yes, you can change your AirAsia seat selection anytime after you book through the customer service number, live chat feature, or visiting one of the many store locations near you.

To change the date of birth on an AirAsia booking, you will need to contact the customer service staff to see how they can assist with changing your booking.

Those who want to change their flight plans can do so with AirAsia premium flex tickets, whether it’s online or offline.

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