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AirAsia Baggage Allowance, Weight, Fees & Restrictions 2022

Know what you should expect before embarking on a trip or vacation. This will help ensure the best possible outcome for your entire journey. Make sure you are able to stay within your luggage limitations and have plenty of funds with which to enjoy your adventure.

How much weight can you carry with Air Asia? You are eligible for a 7 kg carry on bag when purchasing an Air Asia ticket, and you may purchase a second separate checked bag up to 20-40 kg depending on the flight package that you purchase.

Free Baggage Allowance:

This is a decision that depends on your seat or the type of package. AirAsia has three different types of airfare packages: front row, economy and premium.

Air Asia Checked-in Baggage:

Air Asia does not have any checked baggage for free. People in value packs can check a bag for complimentary, people on premium flexi packs can, and people on premium flatpacks can do it for a charge if they travel from Dhaka to Kuala Lumpur. People who will buy ordinary tickets would have to pay.

      Package Information     Weight Allowance 
  Value Pack-Bundle            20 kg
  Premium Flex            20 kg
   Premium Flat-Bed            40 kg
 Flights between Dhaka- Kuala Lumpur             30 kg

Hand-bag or Carry on Bag:

Handbags are the most popular carry-on luggage items. They have been around for as long as airlines have. They may not be common, but they make travels easier. Here are the points: their popularity, prices, and advice.

Checked Bag For Children (2-12 years)

If you purchase a class ticket, then children under 18 will get complimentary baggage.

Package Information     Weight Allowance 
 Value Pack-Bundle            20 kg
 Premium Flex            20 kg
  Premium Flat-Bed            40 kg
 Flights between Dhaka- Kuala Lumpur            30 kg

Hand Bag For Infant (0-2 years):

Children cannot do anything unless their parents support them. They must have their mom or dad nearby so they have the tools they need to take care of themselves and their belongings when away from home.

Extra Baggage Charge:

Airlines will often charge customers to carry extra luggage, but how much someone pays for this depends on how long they plan to stay and the route they are taking.

Domestic Route:

These are the flights to/from/within a specific country that must be handled by Airlines companies. The passengers or cargo transportation can be handled in this way.

Checked-in baggage Fees during booking:

                      KG                  Fee (In USD )
                        15 KG                 Free
                       20 KG                 $ 26.53 
                       25 KG                 $ 53.10
                       30 KG                 $ 79.64
                        40 KG                  $ 132.70

Checked-in Baggage Fees after Booking:

                      KG                  Fee (In USD)
                       15 kg                 Free
                       20 kg                 $26.53 
                       25 kg                 $ 53.10
                       30 kg                 $ 79.64
                       40 kg                $132.70

International Route:

Here are some of the routes we use to ship packages around the US and more.

Baggage Fees During initial booking:

                  KG              Fee (In USD)
                     20 kg               $ 50
                     40 kg                $ 90

Baggage Fees After initial booking:

                     KG                Fee ( In USD )
                      20 kg                      $ 59
                      40 kg                    $ 105

Extra Carry on hand baggage:

You can have more hand baggage on your flight by paying for extra carry on luggage. It only costs you for the selected flights, and there is a limited number of passengers that carry it.

Medical Equipment Allowance:

AirAsia will take your medicines as long as they are prescribed by your doctor. You might want to ask them before you fly if there is a specific medicine on the list of substances they cannot carry.

Change of Schedule:

We are here to help manage all the problems you face with your reservations. We will help find solutions for them, such as rescheduling or cancelling your flight.


What should you do if you want to carry extra luggage?

You can quickly see what the charge is per KG of Weight. You can also see other options such as a different weight to check when carrying extended luggage.

Can I carry any liquid on the Airline?

You can carry liquids over 100m in your bag, with exception of e-liquids larger than 100ml.

Can infants carry baby strollers without any kind of charge?

They can take a stroller on the flight without paying extra, since they cannot carry any other checked-in luggage or bags.

How can I track my luggage? 

Downloading the AirAsia Airlines app is the most convenient way to track your luggage. After that, you should sign in to your account, and fill out the necessary fields. The app will provide a map of where your luggage is.

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