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AirAsia Baggage Allowance, Sizes, Fees & Weight Policy [2021]

The AirAsia airlines baggage allowance and fees. Check the information below for specific details about the weight and  cost of your bags according to class of tickets.”

AirAsia Carry On Baggage Summary

AirAsia Checked Baggage Summary

More about AirAsia’s baggage policy can be found at the following address:

AirAsia Airport Baggage

The best packing list for traveling is usually about the same for emergency situations: water, some food, all of your important documents, and, if possible, a travel bill.

Get the best prices and ensure that you have an extra bag included with your airline ticket! You can even book new baggage as some airlines offer great deals on their baggage. Pre-ordering your checked luggage before you fly will save you lots of money in the long run.

AirAsia Airport Baggage

If you didn’t already charge your baggage to a credit card while booking your reservation, you can still purchase your bags at the airport on the day of departure but only with a 15kg checked baggage allowance per guest and will be charged according to the prevailing airport baggage fee.

If additional weight above the permitted limit is checked in excess, I will charge per kilo.

AirAsia Excess Baggage

If you pre-book your checked luggage and keep checking in baggage that’s more than the airline allows, you will also be charged for each additional kilogram. The excess weight fee varies depending on the airport from which you depart.

You must pay the excess baggage fee on check-in in order to bring it with you. If there is a connecting flight, excess baggage fees will be charged as follows: $15 per pound for passengers that a paying each way, or $25 for passengers traveling in groups of six or more.

If you are visiting a country at which airport security rules restrict carry-on bags, please plan on spending an additional two hours at the airport.

AirAsia Prohibited items in checked baggage

AirAsia has a list of prohibited items that you can’t bring onto your flight. Make sure you complete your packing list so you don’t get caught up with the airline’s prohibited items rules.

The countries we ship to may have certain laws that restrict certain items. Please review the list of items that may be restricted, and our current list of prohibited items.

AirAsia Excess, Overweight, Oversize Baggage Fees

If you exceed the weight or linear restrictions and can’t fit your bags in the overhead compartment, you need to contact AirAsia for more information. If your bag exceeds the allowable weight or will not fit in the plane’s overhead compartment, contact AirAsia for additional fees.

Find all the additional baggage allowances with AirAsia here on its website.

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