Air Transat Ticket Change Policy – 2022[updated]

If you need to change your Air Transat booking, please know that there are different reasons why it might be necessary. But, know that any changes will most likely cost you additional money. We have the basics on all of the fees that you’ll need to consider as it relates to your changes for each flight segment.

  • Air Transat keeps it’s policy on flight changes or cancellations effective. They are able to make those changes or cancelations based on the fare types and class of service booked.
  • When passengers want to change a flight for Air Transat, credit or debit card payments are typically the only methods of payment accepted by our website and toll-free number.
  • There is no possibility of Air Transat having a schedule change. The company does not control their flight changes because it would be too hard for them to know when their schedule is going to shift or what changes may take place.
  • Air Transat does not require itinerary changes to be sent in advance. But passengers should confirm their flights about the 24-hour period before departure, and Air Transat is not required to give notification of any changes made once the flight has been confirmed.
  • Airlines provide a refund for payment in event of airline change. It typically always applies to purchase at time of booking, but to get a refund the passenger must wait for the change.
  • Reservation changes are final. If you no longer want the reservation and need to cancel, the fare for the new dates must be paid up front.
  • Air Transat sets the fee to change date depending on other currencies. We offer a variety of currency exchange options on our site.
  • If the passenger is unable to secure a change of flight and does not show up for the scheduled departure, the fare will be considered expensive before lodging a complaint with our customer service agents.
  •  As per Air Transat’s policy, an applicable change fee may apply when a passenger requests to change their ticket. For each case, Air Transat has full details that can be provided to the customer.
  • A airline change seats request allows passengers to change the seat selection up to 24 hours before departure by calling the Air Transat customer service.

Air Transat Change Booking Rules and Regulations

Air Transat has a very detailed policy on changes. Here are a few important points that we want you to know.

  • Air Transat passengers can cancel their flights within 24 hours of purchase. The intended departure date must be occur 7 days or more before air change takes place. When cancelling flights, there is are no additional costs on your side when the new date is 7 days or more!
  • If you booked your flights with an airline that changed the price, then for a refund because of travel delays or cancellations, no refund would be issued on the remaining balance if the passengers opted for a new flight whose fare is lower than the original trip itinerary.
  • Applications must be completed up to two hours before the scheduled departure time if you have an Air Transat domestic flight, or up to three hours before international flights.
  • Air Transat change your flight date if you’re disconnected just before boarding. They charge a fee for doing this, but they offer an airline penalty in addition to the kind of a no-show fee that’s applicable each trip. Passengers can change the flight up to 365 days from the original date of booking.
  • In case of a JCB fare, or if you are holding an American Express Air Transat Reward Points validated ticket, always contact the Air Transat customer service. Passengers shall be liable to pay the Air Transat flight change fee alongside an applicable fare difference.
  • Sometimes it’s important to change one booking for a different date or class of ticket. This can be done through the free Air Transat change booking portal online and by calling the Air Transat change booking number.
  • Any Air Transat flight change credit voucher remains valid up to one year from the date of booking. Passengers can use the Air Transat Flight Change Credit Voucher to purchase a new Air Transat flight within the validity date.
  • Airlines are not responsible for changes in flights for any reason other than what is within the airplane manufacturer to control. With that said, passengers can request a free rebooking if there’s an issue with their flight.

Air Transat Change Fee

Air Transat changed their fees, and the terms and conditions for their flights by updating this document last month.

Flight between Canada and Europe

Fare TypeEco BudgetEco StandardEco-FlexClub StandardClub Flex
SEAT SELECTION CHANGE55 USDStandard seat for freeAny seatFreeFree

Canada, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean are destinations that are available with Flights from United States.

Fare TypeEco BudgetEco StandardEco-FlexClub StandardClub Flex
CHANGE FEE PER DIRECTIONNot AllowedNot Allowed200 USDNot Allowed200 USD
SEAT SELECTION CHANGE25 USDStandard seat for freeAny seatFreeFree

Domestic Flights between Canada

Fare TypeEco BudgetEco StandardEco-FlexClub StandardClub Flex
SEAT SELECTION CHANGE25 USDStandard seat for freeAny seatFreeFree

Air Transat Change Flight within 24 Hours

With the Air Transat flight change policy within 24 hours, passengers are allowed to alter their flight booking for free without paying the Air Transat change date fee provided that the departure date must be at least 7 days ahead at the time of Air Transat change booking request. Fare differences may apply. Please review the terms and conditions before you submit your booking requests.

  • Air Transat pledges that their policy would be respected for customers who book a ticket through, through the Air Transat phone line.
  • If you need to make changes announcements or stop, you don’t have to worry. Just let us know by contacting our customer service team and they will try and help.
  • The rules for booking a group reservation change. A new policy states that refunds cannot be issued in less than 24 hours and changes made to the reservation cannot be made within 24 hours.
  • Air Transat has a 24-hour change policy. Any Air Transat flight changes that you have to make within this time period are not eligible for any refund.
  • If you make a reservation through Air Transat website and make changes before the booking is completed, the new time will not be available for 24 hours.

Air Transat Change Flight Booking Request

Here are the following components of a booking, which you can alter with the airlines under their travel policy, called Air Transat booking change policy.

Change Seat after Booking

Sometimes an airline may need to change the seats on their flight. This can happen for various reasons, and the airlines will try to match passengers on the next part of their journey and provide them with a seat. If they cannot find someone sitting in the seat that they would like, then they’ll ask them what their preferences are.

Change Flight Time

With the help of Air Transat’s change flight option, passengers can change their flight time. However, if you want to make a last-minute booking and there is a difference in cost then the fare difference is applicable. In accordance with the law that Air Transat has put in place, no changes are allowed within 48 hours of your scheduled departure time.

Change Date of Birth

As per Air Transat’s policy, you can change your ticket by clicking on the ‘Manage Booking’ option. Enter your ticket ID followed by the last name of the passenger. Select the ‘Air Transat Change Flight’ option and submit personal travel information to update the passenger’s date of birth. Then follow simple instructions, re-enter your date of birth, attach the photo ID to validate and confirm the change.

Travel Document

As per Air Transat’s change booking policy, if the passenger requests the name change of their passport due to a legal documents matter and provide a supporting document(s) at the time of booking, passengers will be permitted the change without additional charge. Additionally, passengers can submit their new name on the Air Transat booking portal to have this done in advance.

Air Transat Change Flight Date

You can book an Air Transat flight online in just a few clicks. When you change your date, the fee for changing date is included. Along with that, there might be variation in fare price if the original trip was cheaper.

Change Flight Destination

Air Transat has a policy for flight changes. Their prices may be more expensive or cheaper than the original ticket, sometimes it will cancel your ticket and sometimes you’ll have to pay an extra fee on top of that.

Air Transat Change Name on Ticket

If there is a minor change to a misspelled name, passengers exchanging their tickets can easily be changed for free. Tickets need to be exchanged at least 7 days before the initial departure for Air Transat change flight.

How to Change an Air Transat Flight Booking?

Here are three ways that Air Transat customers can change their itinerary, no matter where they’re headed.

Change Flight Online

This article will help you make all the changes to your flight that are possible online – step by step.

  • You can find travel information via and manage your ticket purchases.
  • Retrieve your Air Transat reservation by logging into your account. You’ll need to enter your six-digit Air Transat flight reservation code and the first name and last name of the passenger.
  • When you buy a flight with Air Transat, you are offered the option of changing your flight at no cost. Click on the segment you need to change and we will send you a reminder when it is too late to change.
  • Search for the cheapest flights and put them on your itinerary to make sure you’re receiving the best deal.
  • Air Transat charges a fee for a change of flight if it is flagged within the 24-hour reschedule period before departure. Guidelines on tailoring your booking experience and any change fees would be provided to the passenger at this time as well.
  • Provide the credit card information during checkout, and wait for the transaction to complete.
  • Passengers can see their changes right away, right after they make them. The email will provide them the itinerary and new flight information, that they can print out or save onto their computers.

Change Flight Via Phone Number

The restriction with the fare rules mentioned by Air Transat could cause passengers to miss out on making changes online. Contact them for more help at their phone number: 1-819-788-242.

  • When filling out your upcoming booking details and times, input the contact information for an Air Transat consultant.
  • In the event that your flight is cancelled, ask Air Transat if they will allow you to switch to another flight so you can still make your vacation.
  • If a booked flight is changed by an Air Transat, the changes will only be applicable on the unused portion of the ticket and further charges may apply.
  • Complete your Air Transat booking. Let us know what departure date you need and our staff will get back to you with the best options to suit your needs.
  • When you check out with your debit or credit card, the store may charge you an extra fee for any rewards points that you used.
  • When you book a flight through Priceline the reservation will include an email with the itinerary of your flight. What is included in the itinerary to consider before booking will be available as well.

Air Transat Flight Change Policy – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, you may! If the fare rules associated with your Air Transat booking permits the change in routing, passengers can request the Air Transat flight change. Please note that a routing change is subject to the Air Transat change fee plus any applicable fare difference.

You can change your booking in the Club fare if you have purchased a Club fare that also includes flight changes. If you purchase a Club Standard fare and want to change your flight, it will cost you 100 USD. If you purchase a Flex fare, no changes are required. However, if there are any differences for the new flight, those will be at your expense.

There are some passengers who want itineraries that change for certain bookings, but the EcoBudget fare is not included in those itineraries.

Some Air Transat fares do not charge change penalties, but other fares do. The company explains that passengers may only be required to pay for the fare difference with Flex fares.

Air Transat offers passengers the option to change their flights through the airline’s website. They can even call Air Transat with their flight changes to make that change happen faster.

Airlines often change the seats on the plane due to operational requirements. In such a case, airlines attempt to match the seats on the subsequent carrier and are subject to availability. If Air Transat is not able to offer passengers a seat, they will ask passengers about their seat preferences. In the event where airlines are unable to offer a passenger a seat, passengers are asked which seats they’re interested in obtaining.

If your flight is canceled due to inclement weather, Air Transat will have a change policy within 24 hours. With this policy, travelers may cancel their changing flight free of cost and still get refunded the difference made after purchase even if they’re making their changes more than 7 days before departure.

Air Transat allows passengers to change their flight time with the help of a section that allows bookings to be changed with fare difference. No changes can be made within 48 hours before your scheduled departure date per Air Transat ticket change policy.

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