Air Serbia WiFi & Inflight Entertainment Service Guide 2022 | A Full Guide and Instructions

Air Serbia, former Jat Airways, is the airline of Serbia. The headquarters of Air Serbia is located in Belgrade. At Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, the hub of Air Serbia, they can easily find flights across the country and around Europe.

Okay, so does Air Serbia have inflight wifi? Yes. Passengers flying long flights of over an hour and twenty minutes will be given 30 minutes or 20 MB of complimentary wifi. The wi-fi provider is Panasonic Global Communication Services (GCS).

Air Serbia Basic Info

Airline NameAir Serbia
Founded17 June 1927
HubBelgrade Nikola Tesla Airport.
WiFiYes, Air Serbia Provides Complimentary wifi
WiFi NameAir Serbia Wi-Fly
WiFi ProviderPanasonic Global Communication Services (GCS)
WiFi Launch Year2016

Does Air Serbia provide WiFi?

Yes, Air Serbia launched wifi in 2016 for its flight to JU112 to Sarajevo. Before this, Air Serbia tested the inflight wifi on flight JU304 to Brussels. This was the first time an airline from the region had installed inflight wifi.

Air Serbia’s CEO Dane Kondić said, “Before we fully implement our ‘Air Serbia Wi-Fly’ Internet and mobile connectivity services, becoming the first airline in the region and one of few in Europe to offer the service, we are providing our guests a chance to thoroughly test the service to make sure that it provides a connectivity experience as close as possible to what they would get on the ground.”

Aircraft with inflight WiFi

Airbus A319Yes
A320 aircraftYes

Air Serbia WiFi cost

30 minutes of access (download limit 20 MB)-making and receiving phone calls
-sending and receiving SMS messages
-surfing the Internet
-social media Update
4.90 euros
60-minute access (download limit 50 MB)-making and receiving phone
-sending and receiving SMS messages
-surfing the Internet
-social media Update
8.90 euros
throughout the duration of the flight (download limit 90 MB)-making and receiving phone
-sending and receiving SMS messages
-surfing the Internet
-social media Update
13.90 euros

How To Connect To Air Serbia WiFi?

When you get to altitude of 10,000 feet, make sure that you have followed these steps before connecting to Wi-Fly.

  • Enable your device (mobile, tab, laptop) wifi
  • Search for SSID “Wi-Fly”
  • Once you click on the Wi-Fly button, you will be redirected to the welcome screen.
  • Then choose and purchase plans (if you are a new user, make sure you make a username and password for future flights)
  • Once you have completed your purchase, you’ll automatically be connected to the Wi-Fly network.

Air Serbia Inflight Entertainment:

Belgrade to JFK flights provide inflight entertainment. Air Serbia offers a number of films and TV shows that you can watch on the flight. They offer classic movies, Hollywood hits as well as Serbian shows and channels to keep your kids entertained every mile of their trip.

To improve the quality of the in-flight audio, airlines have recently decided to provide different noise-cancelling headphones for their passengers.

Inflight entertainment includes the following items

  • Movies, 
  • TV
  • Audio
  • Video Games
  • Newspapers

Air Serbia offers a seamless experience in-flight. With WIFI at 30 and inflight entertainment for your trips, you can expect to have an easy time getting some work done or catch up on your favorite TV show.

Even when you’re fleeing from the law enforcement in a city like New York, the internet is always your ally. Air Serbia offers the ability to watch videos and play some games on plane so that you can spend less time trying to avoid getting caught without WiFi.


Is Air Serbia WiFi FREE?

To access Air Serbia WiFi and the web on Airbus 320s and 320dz, buy the 77.30 or 77.00 in-flight premium onboard, follow the instructions on board.

Is there any inflight Entertainment Available?

Yes, Air Serbia provides inflight entertainment although the selections are not huge. Keeping airplane travel fun and entertaining can be done with air Serbia too.

Do I need to use a VPN in order to stream Netflix on my Air Serbia plan?

In order to use Netflix, you will have to connect to high-speed internet. Air Serbia does not support this so it is tough in the sky.

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