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Air New Zealand Baggage Allowance, Size, Weight & Policy 2022

If you are considering buying a ticket to Australia or New Zealand, there are important information that you might want to make sure of before purchasing an Air New Zealand ticket. You can explore the rulebook, ask one of our Travel Assistants and check out how the luggage rules and fees will apply to your specific travel situation.

Air New Zealand provides guidelines to the passengers about what they can bring on board their flight. Economy passengers can carry a maximum 7 kg worth of items with them including laptops, personal hand bags and other small items. Higher seat class passengers are permitted to take an average of 14 kg worth of luggage onboard.

Carry-on allowances

Air New Zealand has some complex rules for its baggage. There are several different classes of travelers with different weights and sizes, so it’s important for you to review your ticket before traveling.

Class Size restriction Weight allowance Number of bags
Economy 118cm total 7kg 1
Premium Economy 118cm total A maximum of 14 kg 2
Business 118cm total A maximum of 14 kg 2
Connection Business 118cm total A maximum of 14 kg 2
VIP members 118cm total A maximum of 14 kg 2

When traveling on an airline, there are many policies like age requirement, baggage and weight requirements. See the full list of policies at the bottom of this webpage.

If you’re carrying too much weight in your carry-on luggage, there is a chance that your bag won’t fit in the intended compartment. In such cases, you can choose to follow one of the options from below:

Checked Baggage

The amount of luggage you can check-in with depends on your fare type and class, but doesn’t often depend on the destination. Passengers on domestic flights, can usually bring a single bag that weighs no more than 23 kgs. Passengers on Flexi Plus fare, are allowed to have two bags, not exceeding 23 kg each.

Passengers travelling on international flights can bring in one checked bag, that does not exceed 23 kg. A ticket for premium economy includes two pieces of luggage, and a ticket for business gives you three bags to carry on your flight.

For domestic flights:

Fare type Bag size Weight allocation per bag Number of bags
Flexitime 158 cm per bag 23 kg 1
Smart Fare 158 cm per bag 23 kg 1
Flexi plus 158 cm per bag 23 kg 2

For international flights:

Seat Class Bag size Weight allocation per bag Number of bags
Economy 158 cm per bag 23 kg 1
Premium economy 158 cm per bag 23 kg 2
Business and VIP members 158 cm per bag 23 kg 3

If you are buying a ticket only for one person, the bag allocation mentioned above is complimentary. If you would like to carry more than one bag on your flight, you can purchase additional bags at the price listed in the baggage details.

It is possible to do your eTSA screening at any time, but you get a timeline before international flights. Depending on the airline and their rules, there might be additional fees for bags that exceed the 3-bag restriction.

Special cases

For special cases where you are going to take speciality instruments like bicycles, or sporting equipment flying with Air New Zealand has rules that you need to follow if you want them to be transported with you.

Item Policy Special notes
Sporting equipment Most of the sporting equipment is considered to be individual checked bags so they will not be given any extra treatment. If you need more space for sporting goods, you can buy the rights for extra baggage before you fly.
Strollers and buggies As long as you have a ticket for your child or infant, you are allowed to bring in a maximum of two of these pieces of equipment. This will take over the place of the carry-on so you cannot bring the carry-on for your children anymore.
Bicycles Can be taken as part of the checked baggage. Will not be given any special treatment. Electric bicycles will not be transported even if the battery is removed.
Smart baggage If you are using smart baggage they will be considered the same as a regular bag. They cannot be powered by anything that exceeds 0.3 g of lithium content.

Pet policy

The pets are typically allowed on the delayed cargo flights that people are taking internationally. However, you must prove to the customs agent that your pet is in fact a service animal and therefore federally exempt from taxes and duties.

If you are on a domestic flight, the animals must still be of common pedigree, and attain the IMATA live animal regulation certificate. A long as they aren’t animals for profit, and certified by the Australian government, you can transport them in an aeroplane container. If it is above 14 g, it will need to buy its own ticket.

  You will need to pay for your pets’ trips international or domestic travel. Pet pricing is usually calculated by the weight of the animal and their size.

Extra baggage policy and fees

If your bag weighs more or has a greater size than the allocated dimension, Air New Zealand charges an excess baggage fee. There are three situations where you will need to pay for your bag: when it exceeds 33% of he total weight; is larger than 112cm/44 inches (or holds more then one standard checked bag); its overall size is not smaller than 62cm/24 inch by 22cm/ 8 inch (longer side).

There are plenty of ways you can purchase rights to carry bags outside the standards set by the airport. You could either not notify the airport before hand or find out about pre-paid extra bag offers and VIP cars that allow you more space.

There are different baggage allowances and fees depending on the route of your flight. We give you the current, up-to-date fees in our table below as a guide to help you decide which route would be more suitable for you and your luggage.

Route Per extra bag Over 23 kg but less than 32 kg per bag
Domestic New Zealand NZD $45 per bag NZD $20
To Australia and Pacific Islands, excluding Perth, Honolulu and Bali NZD $90 per bag NZD $40
To Rest of the World NZD $150 per bag NZD $60

Air New Zealand frequently sends agents to the foreign airports of their flights and they have all of these charges convenient on their site. They can send you an email through instructions as well as advertise in the local papers.

This is only an option if you’re travelling on a trip that lasts more than 3 days. If your luggage weighs in at 32 kilos or more it will be denied by the airline if it’s not transported securely on the flight.

Restricted items

Every airline has restrictions on what passengers can bring onboard. Air New Zealand is no exception. The airline authorities will not allow these items onto the plane for any reason.


What type of laptop bags are you supposed to use?

You can only carry thin and slim laptops bags that will only hold you laptop and important documents that you might need. A complimentary laptop comes included with the purchase of our laptop bags.

Can you bring food in your carry-on?

The airline prohibits passengers to carry food in their carry-on baggage. However, passengers with medical conditions that may require the consumption of food can nevertheless bring a tube of biscuits into the hand luggage section.

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