Air Mauritius Flight Cancellation Policy – 2022[updated]

Of all Air Mauritius’ flexible scheduling and booking policies, their policy on cancellations still remains the best. If there are changes that occur while planning a trip, simply book with Air Mauitius; they offer you reassurance by offering unlimited benefits with every flight ticket.

This guide contains minute details about Air Mauritius cancelled flights. If you do not wish to surf the internet and find all the cancellation related solutions in one place, go through the information listed below.

Air Mauritius Cancellation Policy

If you book a flight with Air Mauritius, you can cancel it without any hassle. The airline has tried to keep their policies as flexible as possible and offer complete flexibility when needed without difficulty.

  • Air Mauritius will refund the cost of an airline ticket with a valid ticket if the passenger cancels before the scheduled departure date.
  • It is possible to cancel or change you ticket without penalty. If you don’t show up to the airport, we will let you know by using your personal email.
  • The passengers are charged a certain Air Mauritius flight cancellation fee for all flight changes made after the pre-authorisation was given
  • The policy clearly states that if you purchase your ticket during a peak time, your airline has the right to declare your tickets non-refundable.
  • If a passenger does not have a ticket for their booked flight and that left less than 12 hours for purchase before the departure, airlines usually allow the traveler to cancel one ticket if the passenger can show notification of dual bookings.
  • If the passengers have booked a round trip ticket, they can cancel it and travel for free. They would not pay a cent for going the extra way that they originally paid for.
  • Cancellations must be made by the source of booking. Air Mauritius does not provide passengers with liberty to make changes in their way of cancellations.
  • Passengers must contact the airline if they are involved in the booking process. If passengers want to change flights, they can only contact the airline agents. A passenger can’t make any changes directly to their flight unless the person already reached out to the airlines agents first.

Air Mauritius 24 Hours Cancellation Policy 

We provide a 24 hours cancellation policy for your convenience. Find out more about our refund, delay or reschedule policies before you purchase

  • The airline will not charge the price of the cancellation if passengers have a successful cancellation and proceed with it within 24 hours. A small cancellation charge might be applied if they miss the time frame.
  • I am going to demonstrate how the 24-hour policy exclusively applied. Basically, it applies to my targets who purchased a ticket during a high period of when the airline was experiencing traffic or other such condition that causes flight delays or cancellations.
  • Passengers who book their trip on time at the beginning of the booking period, can check whether their tickets will be eligible for a cancellation and see what happens if they cancel at the last minute.

Air Mauritius Cancellation Fee

With every benefit, there is an inevitable limitation for the smooth flow of the process. Passengers were given flexible cancellation rules and duration, but they would have to face some small consequences such as a fee if they did not cancel their tickets within 24 hours.

  • The tendency has always been for an airline to charge a hefty cancellation fee that goes up with the ticket fare. Many airlines have taken this approach. Examples of such fees are 100% of the cost of non-refundable tickets, or 100% of the cost if you’re travelling on business.
  • When you need to cancel your flight, the cancellation fee is between 25% and 50%. It varies greatly depending on the class of ticket you purchased and whether or not it’s been over 30 days.
  • The most likely cancellation rate is 100 USD in the case of end minute cancellations. The fee will normally be more, but still significantly less than 200 USD.
  • The cancellations are done at their convenience. They don’t have to be do this by calling or visiting the service center – it’s really simple even if they’re not close.

Air Mauritius Cancelled Flight Compensation 

It is not just the passengers who need to be compensated if flights are cancelled due to weather conditions. If the flight goes on, it pays extra for the mishap.

  • The passengers have two options in case their flight is canceled. They can either get a full refund or purchase another ticket on the same itinerary.
  • The Air Mauritius flight cancellation policy states that in cases where your ttansportation is forcibly cancelled, you will be provided with a seat on any plane with an empty seat.It is possible for you to upgrade your class without having to pay any additional amount.
  • If there is a delay on an airline that we fly, we will provide you meals and beverages to make sure you have something for your time away from home. In certain cases, the ground staff will give you the promised meal coupon.
  • We will search for alternative accommodation for you. Our service has a 24 hour response time, so if your flight is delayed more than 4 hours, we will be able to find and provide suitable accommodation.
  • If your flight has been cancelled or delayed, the airline won’t be forced to offer any kind of compensation. However, they will make sure that you can get home as soon as possible.
  • If an airline cancels a flight, it has to compensate for expenses if it has notified its passengers in case of the cancellation.

How To Cancel an Air Mauritius Ticket? 

With the numerous options available now, you can choose to make cancellations online in a tap or talk with an agent at an airport or a town. You can make changes in whichever way most convenient for you.

Cancelling Air Mauritius Tickets Online 

Cancel Your Air Mauritius Ticket Via A Call 

Air Mauritius Refund Policy 

Air Mauritius is a small island off the coast of Western Africa that holds one of the most beautiful set of beaches in the world.

  • If your ticket is booked and then refunded, the airline would only make the refund to the person who booked the ticket and cannot be made directly to you.
  • If the flight has been cancelled/delayed or any change in destination takes place, the airline will also provide a refund.
  • If you don’t show up for your flight, airline personnel consider you a no-show. Then if you’re issued a ticket refund will never be issued.
  • This can take anywhere from 7 to 12 business days to show up in your bank account. They will typically make adjustments for credit card payments, but for ATM refunds it may take on average of 4-6 business days.
  • Airlines want to know your preferred refund method if you paid with cash or cheque so that a refund can be easily arranged for you.
  • Airlines are not required by law to give full refunds after the validity period. So, if your tickets are cancelled under unusual circumstances, for example, if the country denies the via, you will only get 50% of your ticket price refunded.
  • Refundable tickets are the only way to get your money back if you find that your ticket is no longer necessary for travel. Non-refundable tickets are for a purchase or reservation, not travel.
  • In the case that you book your flights through a secondary agent, the airlines would only give you a refund if the agent is authorized and registered.

Frequently Asked Questions About Air Mauritius Flight Cancellation Policy

Yes. Airlines often offer different cancellation options for the convenience of its guests. Go online or call the customer service before making any decision

As per the Air Mauritius flight cancellation policy, if your flight is canceled you have two choices: either to take the next alternative flight or ask for a refund.

Yes, Air Mauritius is taking all the necessary measures to make sure passengers are safe during the collection of personal belongings on board. Passenger’s personal belongings will be scanned and those without valid certificates will not be permitted to travel. Passengers should know that social distancing and frequent restocking of food and drink will also be part of our preventive measures.

The passengers are not allowed to cancel their tickets more than 24 hours before the flight without paying a fine. There is also a window of change cancellation during which they can go back on their purchase if they are not satisfied with the product.

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