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Air India Baggage Allowance, Size, Weight & Fees 2022

India is a country with many flights to many cities in the world. A good way to board a flight is to use Air India, which has high-quality service and is amazing value for money.

Let Air India transport your baggage. We have a fixed policy for bags that you can follow to ensure safe travel. If necessary, our policy allows people to take a basic carry-on bag or even one checked bag onto the plane with them but at a cost.

Carry-on Baggage Allowance

Air India has an allocation of carry-on baggage for each seat class. If you bought a Business Class ticket, your carry-on allowance is longer than if you purchased an Economy Class ticket.

Class Number of bags Weight Dimensions
Economy 1 piece 8 kg free of charge 55cm x 35cm x 35xm or a total dimensions of 115 cm.
Business 1 piece 12 kg free of charge 55cm x 35cm x 35xm or a total dimensions of 115 cm.

If you are flying a commercial flight, you must adhere to the version of policy listed above. For Alliance air operated flights, there are exceptions if you are taking those travels.

You are also entitled to carry small hand baggage or laptop bag which could include all your daily necessities and documents or laptop you need in your journey. You might have crutches and wheelchairs, so bring them if necessary.

Checked-in Baggage allowance

If you purchase a domestic ticket, Air India acts as your airline of choice. They follow the regulations specific to its domestic routes and you can clearly see what are the restrictions for different types of tickets for an easy and compliant trip.

Our regulations for domestic flights are noted below. You can bring what you need with you, as long as it doesn’t exceed the weight limits and size restrictions.

Class Dimensions Weight
Economy The total dimension must not exceed 273 cm 25 kg
Business Each piece cannot exceed 158 cm. 35 kg
First Each piece cannot exceed 158 cm. 40 kg

International flight baggage allowances depend on the route that you will be taking, as well as the ticket classes. The same dimensions of the domestic ones are applied to international flights. These speculations are drawn in the table below:

From Economy(max 2 bags) Business/First(max 3 bags)
India 30 kg 40 kg
Riyadh 40 kg 50 kg
Dammam 40 kg 50 kg
Bahrain 30 kg 40 kg
Singapore 30 kg 40 kg
Hong Kong
30 kg 40 kg
Sydney/ Melbourne 30 kg 40 kg
Rome/ Milan/
46 kg 69 kg
46 kg(each bag must not exceed 23 kg)(maximum 2 bags) 69 kg(each bag must not exceed 23 kg)
Kozhikode 40 kg 50 kg
New York/
San Francisco
46 kg (each bag must not exceed 23 kg) 69 kg(each bag must not exceed 23 kg)
40 kg 50 kg

We will match our baggage allowance UP to the ticket price. If a visitor has a child with them they can choose to add 10 kgs of weight or one (1) stroller, buggy or child car seat. They can NEVER take more than their confirmed total allowance or any other type of transportation.

Excess Baggage Fee

For domestic flights, for every kilogram of excess baggage, you will be charged a tax of 27 SAR or 600 in local currency with GST per 1 Kg. The charge for international flights depends on the route that you will take and is reported in the table below. All currencies are in USD

From/to India Band 1 Band 2 Band 3
India 15 20 40
Band 1 15 20 30 45
Band 2 20 30 45 55
Band 3 40 45 55
Band 4 12 12 12 12
Band 5 10 10 10 10

There are four routes available for when traveling to India. The first is establishing a stop in a band 1 country (Bangladesh, Myanmar, Afghanistan, and Nepal). The second involves a stop in East Asia or South Africa. Bands 3, 4, and 5 involve flights to New Zealand, Australia, or Southern California. Hong Kong or Japan is considered Band 4 if traveling from other locations outside of India. Flights from any countries not involved in the first route are within Band 5

Special Baggage

The airline allows you to bring your sports gear free of charge so long as it’s less than 6 kg. You’ll be charged extra for anything that weighs more than 6 tons before it gets capped at 15 tons. After this, the airlines won’t let you take your sports gear with you.

In addition, if you want to carry others small firearms you will have the right licensing to carry them and declare them when you are going to check them in. You are only allowed to take 50 cartridges with you and must make a handling charge of INR 5,000 per firearm.

Restricted Items

Pleas note that you are not allowed to take liquids other than water when you are flying with Air India. In addition, there are some items that have been restricted in accordance to the airport rules. These items are restricted in your checked-in baggage and carry-on bags.


What is the excess Baggage fee?

The excess baggage fee for domestic flights is INR 600 in India but different in other countries. There are also some airline-specific coupons that can give passengers a discount on their weight.

Is there a discount if you decide to pay for your excess baggage in advance?

You are eligible to receive a 50% discount from the airline authorities. If you pre-book your excess baggage, you’ll save money on your flight.

What is the cabin baggage allowance for first-class riders?

Mileage Awards are a measure of the amount of miles one travels during their trip. First-class and business class riders will be awarded 10% more miles than their coach class counterparts.

What sort f laptops can you not take along in your carry-on?

On average, the risk of overheating issues have become increasingly unlikely for the technology industry due to progressions in materials and related protective measures.

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