Air France Check-In – 2022[updated]

Air France allows passengers to check-in the day before a scheduled flight departure. Passengers can easily select their seats and order all the current dietary options available with Air France, as well as take advantage of last-minute Air France upgrades at check in. In addition, International passengers need to go through Air France’s checkin process, so that the airline can verify th

Here is the air passenger’s journey through the Air France international check-in.

It is recommended that passengers arrive at their destination airport wearing a mask and fulfill all other PPE required while traveling.

A laptop, hand luggage or a small briefcase, and other essential infant items are allowed only on board. Including all the other items would require passengers to have both checked in their luggage and purchase add-on time before boarding the plane.

  • 3 hours before the flight – as passengers will get to the airport no later than 3 hours prior to the scheduled departure
  • Passengers can make their way through the security check no later than an hour before the scheduled departure.
  • Air France will close their boarding process 45 minutes before the scheduled departure. Their gate closes 20 minutes before the slated departure.

Air France Check-In Arrival Process

Read the Air France express check in time guideline below. It will help you understand the check in process.

Air France check-in is available at airport arrival time -Passengers must plan to arrive two hours before the departure time of their flight in order to drop off their baggage and go through security. Baggage information is posted on tickets, which passengers can access.

Air France Check-In Time

The deadline for the Air France airlines flight check in is determined by when you need to be in your destination. To find out your ticket’s check in deadline, use one of these point of departure cities below.

  • Make a check in to Air France Paris at least 40 minutes before the scheduled departure time for flights from Europe to Paris – Charles De Gaulle
  • Check-in Air France Paris. Find out if there’s a connecting flight from Orly Airport to your destination from the packet of information you received when you booked your trip.
  • Book Air France Europe flights to French regional cities – about 30 minutes before the scheduled departure
  • Air France Check-in for flights within Europe – less than 45 minutes before scheduled departure
  • Air France UK Check In Heathrow – Any queries before departure can be made in advance with Air France, so no problems when you need to travel and have some extra bags.
  • When travelling by air, via a Brussels hub and checking in Manchester, you can anticipate only being required to spend about 30 minutes queuing for your trip.
  • Air France opens its check-in counter to allow passengers to check in 90 minutes before departure.
  • Please arrive to Dublin airport 2 hours before your flight in order to ensure that you can check into the gate for your departure.
  • Air France airlines checking in from Zürich before the Standard Departure Time
  • To check in on time, make sure that you are set to visit Israel’s Centcom website 40 minutes before your scheduled departure.
  • Book your flight with Air France Canada for departure no later than 180 minutes before the scheduled departure, stay tuned to the company’s website.
  • Make sure to check-in your flight Air France Dubai – 2 hours before the scheduled departure
  • South America flight tickets to and from San Pablo with great deals on flights.
  • Air France flights from Geneva International Airport to Paris Charles de Gaulle 60 minutes before departure.
  • Purchase airfares a year in advance and save time and money at the airport.
  • Allow international passengers up to 1 hour past their scheduled departure to check in at the Air France information desk.

Air France Boarding Pass Check-In Deadline

The boarding deadline is set based on certain time and people can not enter your plane after that point in time.

  • 5 hours and 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time between Paris Orly and metropolitan French destination
  • Travellers from mainland France can also purchase tickets for destinations outside France 20 minutes before the other non-France departure airports

Air France Flight Check-In Options

Save time when you check in at the airport by using Air France’s web check in option. Get your seat selection and an Air France-issued boarding pass with just a few clicks.

Please note that Air France flights departing from the United States are available 24 hours before scheduled flight departure. The Delta flights do not have this distinction, meaning check-in requests for those flights should be made at least 3 business days in advance.

Online Check-in (Web Check-in or Mobile App Check-in)

Passengers can check in via the Air France portal or the Air France mobile app. Let’s see the step-by-step methods that allow passengers to complete check-in online.

Air France provides a simple way for travelers to check in on the go. Get Air France mobile check in options through the app.

Air France app provides simple and easy check-in options for domestic flights. You can use the app up to 48 hours prior and close once 1 hour before your departure time.

Air France mobile check in is available for 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure time for international flights, and closes 2 hours prior to the departure time.

Air France has a very efficient, cool app with lots of features. The best way to check in is by using their app.

  • Air France allows children under the age of 12 to fly with them, unaccompanied and without a nanny.
  • If your traveling with a disabled individual or if you’re in need of an extra legroom seats, then please just let us know.
  • For passengers with visual and hearing impairment
  • For Air France employees, we provide rounds of agent-created discounted fare tickets along with upgraded flight voucher programs.
  • Pay for your international flight with a credit/debit card where the payee’s verification is required at the airport.
  • For groups of more than 9 passengers on the same booking.

Using the airfare-comparing tool on their website, people can compare prices and find the perfect itinerary for France.

  • Passengers are not allowed to cancel any pre-existing seat booking through the Air France Mobile Check In.
  • If passengers are carrying check in bags, they should report to the Air France Baggage Drop counter at least 60 minutes before their departure. They need to present a photo ID in order for their bags to be properly checked.
  • To make sure your departure goes off without a hitch, you need to present yourself with a valid ID at the boarding gate at least 20 minutes before the scheduled departure time.
  • Not all the emergency exit seats or legroom are covered under Air France’s cancellation, delay and baggage policy.
  • Passengers can collect a physical boarding pass for security clearance by providing their dates of birth, passport and photo ID at least 45 minutes prior to departing.

– Sign up for us before you leave – Make a booking and book your trip now with Air France.

  • Download the checkin app from the Google Play store to book your next trip.
  • We try to entice people to use Air France by mentioning how rapid rewards numbers and booking references can help them save money.
  • Select the passenger(s) on your flight needs and press check in button. Tap the check in button to proceed.
  • Complete the seat availability request. Additionally, passengers must submit their vaccination certificates online by Covid to declare their health status on flights.
  • Air France makes finding your boarding pass easy. With the convenience of being able to print a boarding pass via online or view on your mobile device.

Passengers can book their trip online and ensure their airport experience is as smooth as possible by following these simple steps, like showing up before the journey begins.

  •  Register for airfare with and then follow the steps in the Check In tab
  • To get a confirmation on your booking please enter the last name of the passenger with six-digit booking reference.
  • Select the passengers who need to be checked in. Air France may ask you to enter Secure Flight Passenger Details (SFPD) if required by the destination point.
  • Passengers must complete the checkout before boarding the plane. They will automatically be issued an e-boarding pass when they are ready to board.
  • Passengers have various methods of booking their flights. They can save the flight for later and print it, or book it straight away online.

Airport check-in (Kiosk or Counter Check-in)

Air France Check-In at the airport kiosk: Air France customers can board the plane on the day of scheduled departure, as per prescribed in their flight booking details, until the deadline occurs.

To check into the airport, passengers can use the Air France hop check-in kiosks. With this facility, they can find their departure gate and choose where they want to sit. They can then print out a boarding pass with just a few easy clicks.

With the new Air France KLM kiosks, passengers can fly with ease by simply using a few screens. If an airline is one of the more than 200 partners that works with EasyJet, each passenger can merely use an Automatic Facial Recognition System for easy check-in. To find out exactly how you can use these new “automatic” kiosks, watch this video of our CEO Giorgio beside a KLM check-in desk:

The Air France early check in kiosk makes it easy for passengers to check in early. Passengers can select their seats and find an airline boarding pass from this confortable kiosk. It is available 24 hours prior to departure.

The Air France kiosk is the quickest way to check into a flight. It allows passengers to select their seats and issue the airline boarding pass before they board. So they can make sure they are on time for their flight, simply visit this ticketing stand connected to each main gate.

  • Enter the Air France booking reference with a person’s last name so that they can be found easily.
  • We recommend that you select your desired seat for our Air France scheduled flight.
  • You need to agree with the important tenets and laws that dictate your dangerous goods and restricted articles.
  • Get to the airport safety checkpoint. If you forget your Air France boarding pass and need it, follow these directions.

Flight Check-in Over the Phone

If you need to print your boarding pass or make flight changes, simply call the Air France customer service number and they will provide a step-by-step process.

  • The person who is requesting the check-in has to provide descriptive information. While you are connected to the Air France flight executive, provide the booking confirmation details with the name of the passenger who needs to apply for a check-in request.
  • If you’ve booked a flight through, make sure you check in earlier than the 2 hour timeline so that you have time to make any last minute changes.
  • If you are interested in getting seats that are more comfortable, accessible, or offer special services such as extra legroom or exit rows, please give us a seat selection request.
  • You can find a list of all the Air France flights on your registered email account. You can either print the boarding pass or save it for the latter purpose.

Air France Boarding Zones

You will spend less time waiting to board your flight and more time planning your travel while at the airport before you are scheduled to take off with our boarding zones.

We make boarding procedures more efficient so it’s easier for us and all the passengers. People with children are able to board, which reduces travel stress and provides a better experience.

Air France reduces or maximizes boarding time by identifying the speed it takes for passengers to receive invitations. Passengers fill at the designated zone numbers and are invited based on the fluctuation of customers within those zones. They are organized by fare, status, and product types. The Air France boarding process is determined by how fast they arrive at their criteria.

Platinum and Gold members would always have the ability to check in early. Air France provides its early checking in so that customers can get their luggage faster and make the most of their travel plans.

  • Platinum and Gold members in Business class and First Class will retain Air France’s automatic check in process, as they would be allotted 1 of the boarding zones, which is labeled with their number.
  • Platinum and Gold members, who have frequent flyer status on Economy and Premium Economy will have access to Air France’s priority boarding programs. They will be allowed to board earlier than the other passengers.
  • Those who have air-France Silver memberships will be allowed to board the plane in boarding zone 3.
  • Passengers will board the plane from Air France boarding zone number 4. After that, people finishing their luggage will be allowed on the aircraft. More people will board after that, and once every person is on board, we’ll take off from this airport.

Air France Flight Check-In Policy – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Air France gives online check-in options that allow people to reserve a seat 48 hours before their scheduled departure. People can easily reserve the best available seat, order the current dietary options, and take advantage of Air France’s last-minute upgrade when they book their tickets.

Passengers can check-in for their journey through the Air France hop check-in kiosk. There is no need to queue at the airport, causing time to be saved on both ends in the process.

Here is how you’re able to have your upcoming flight booked through Air France and safely complete the check-in process online.

  •  Visit the Air France online platform, and click on the Check-In tab to proceed through your airport security process.
  • Requests will include a six-digit booking reference and the last name of the passenger to help passengers secure their desired destination more securely.
  • Passengers need to ensure that their seats are assigned before going to the airport. Check in online or have your e-boarding pass ready before you get through security.
  • Passengers can print the Air France boarding pass before they head to their flights. Airlines have a variety of other services that make travel easier.

To complete an Air France mobile check-in, you need to make sure to give them your flight itinerary and identify yourself with a prepaid card.

  • If you’re looking to plan your trip abroad with Air France, use the Google PlayStore or App store to download the app for your smartphone.
  • Generally use the Air France rapid rewards number to login or provide the reservation code for easy, with no need for a guest account.
  • If you’re already booking your flight and need to check-in for it, tap the “check-in” button. If you’re not booking your flight yet, tap the “select seats” button. If you have both checked in and selected seats, tap “view promoted products”.
  • How often do you find yourself forgetting your boarding pass or thinking, “I might need it later?” With Air France’s mobile digital boarding pass, you can select if you want to save the digital boarding pass on your device.

Passengers can request to check-in with Air France from their website or app. Passengers need a six-digit reference code along with the last name of the concerned passenger to complete the flight check-in request. Add to that, passengers can also complete check-in requests at airports.

One way to check-in on flights is through Air France. They allow you to do a pre-boarding process which can be completed before you even get to the airport, and it always helps with checking your luggage and entering security clearance.

Passengers can easily complete their Air France check-in requests up to 30 hours in advance of a scheduled flight departure. Passengers have the option to print or download their boarding pass right away, or they can download it on a mobile or laptop device.

Here are the requirements to have a hassle-free and secure web check-in with Air France.

  • Passengers can check-in within hours before the scheduled departure. You don’t need to worry about missing your flight anymore because you can still check-in with Air France
  • For your trip, you should book your baggage online because it is the only way to know when it will arrive.
  • French Airline passengers can contact Air France if they have a connecting flight from the same airport. People without a connecting flight need to change the airport at which they are travelling in order to complete the check-in process with French Airline representatives.
  • Children 13 years of age or younger with no adult guardian are not permitted online. They must complete the flight check-in at the airport.

Yes, passengers who plan to drop the baggage at the Air France airlines check-in counter need to submit a choice for their airplane to ensure that they will get on their desired flight before their schedule check-in deadline.

When checking in online, passengers either accept the suggested seat or change their seat preference by clicking “change seat preference.” A map of the plane will display the different options for a selected seat.

They have different check-in deadlines for departure depending on the destination. They usually mention this on your e-tickets, as well as your boarding pass.

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