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Headquartered in the heart of Tremblay-en-France, Air France is the country’s national flag carrier. It serves flights to 175 destinations in over 78 countries around the world. Ever since the airline started operations in 1933, its popularity has grown by leaps and bounds with several perks including Air France baggage policy.

As a passenger, you should always do your research on how to ensure the best travel experience that is both easy and quick. We provide a comprehensive article on Air France’s baggage policy. We hope this guide makes traveling with luggage less of a headache!

Key Highlights – Air France Baggage Policy

Air France offers a baggage allowance that lets you pack what you need without having to pay any additional fee. It’s easy to pack slightly more than strictly necessary here, but many travelers make sure they stick to the allowances. Air France passengers can also take one checked bag and a carry-on (or two) on some family fares which can help increase your comfort as well.

If you are traveling with your family or in a group, it is advisable to try to pool the bags. It is not possible to carry more than 10 luggage even in group traveling. Air France has easy and convenient baggage policies making it one of the best airlines in my mind.

Air France Baggage Fees  

Air France accepts and provides more on the flights their passengers travel. They help passengers increase their baggage allowance and by doing this, they keep the cost of their tickets low.

  • The passenger that was weighing more than the weight limit on their ticket exceeded the limit
  • The dimensions of the passenger’s baggage bag are bigger than the size allowed (158 cm total height, length and width).

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If a passenger is paying for a flight in MiNi fare, then they can carry no free items on board. When you book the cheapest option, you will pay LiBbyJ 20 USD (19 EUR). If you need to check your bags at the airport, it seems that around 40 USD (35 EUR) is what they charge.

  • To accompany their luggage, if passengers decide to check in a second piece of baggage they will have to pay a small fee of 55 USD.
  • Our custom printed bags can be hung or folded up and are the perfect size for people with a whole lot of stuff to carry.
  • For heavy luggage, passengers have to check in a second bag at the airport terminal.
  • If you have an oversized bag, the size of 158 centimeters, be sure to not forget that extra 20 dollars.
  • You’ll need to bring a pet carrier or kennel for your animal during travel. It will cost you $200 USD if you’re not taking the pet in a cabin.
  • If you are carrying any sports equipment, you may have to pay international costs depending on the specialty of the material, size and weight. You must find out before you go what will be your location’s pricing in order to buy back your sporting goods.
  • US dollar to pound conversion. If you wish to bring more than a single piece of carry-on baggage, you will have to pay a fee.
  • If you want to bring more bags on the trip, you can purchase them. It would cost around 285 USD each.
  • For heavy-weight suitcases, fees will be 75 USD. If a heavier luggage does not fit into these restrictions, we’ll have to charge you a little extra.
  • When your bag or suitcase weighs more than 32 kg and gets larger than 158 cm you have to pay an extra fee: 300 USD.
  • You might be asked to pay a fee when you want to bring sports gear on a flight. Before you set off, make sure that your sports equipment is able to fit within the weight and dimensions limits of the airline.
  • If you’re going to bring any pets, make sure they are licensed and arrive on time. Don’t forget to spend two-hundred USD on the transport.
  • Assume your baggage limit is a carry-on bag instead of 2 bags. Assuming that bag would weigh up to 20lbs, you will be charged $0.50 plus the unit cost of that specific service.
  • For all luggage weighing the extended weight limit of 32 kg, travelers are required to pay 200 USD.
  • Baggage that weighs more than 23 kilograms or less than 32 kilograms: Additional fees of approximately 55 U.S. dollars
  • If you are taking any sports equipment such as bikes, tandem, surfboards, scuba tanks with you, please remember to carry a copy of the completed customs form and meet the required weight and dimensions requirements.
  • You can transport your pets when you purchase a plane ticket for 75 USD. However, most countries have fees to bring your pet in the country.

If you stay for more than eight hours, the baggage fees will depend on the type of luggage that you’re carrying with you. The fare can be seen before booking, and they’ll be displayed at the Air France website.

Air France Baggage Allowance 


The weight of checked baggage is limited to 23 kg or 32 kg depending on the airfare and the class. Dimensions must be 158 cm (height length width). Air France has baggage allowances according to their type of ticket, which are listed below

  • Passengers travelling in Economy will only be allowed to carry one hard-sided or soft-sided luggage that does not exceed the weight limit of 23kg.
  • Passengers flying in Premium Economy are allowed to drag 2 bags of 23 kg each, with their children allowed to bring one additional 23 kg bag.
  • Anyone with a Business Class ticket is permitted to carry two bags along with them, weighing up to 32kg each.
  • All passengers who purchased a La Premiere pass can carry up to three bags weighing no more than 32 kilograms.

Club 2000 Skyteam Elite Members 

  • Passengers on these fares flying with this membership are allowed to carry one additional packed bag of 23 kg for free along with the allowance granted to them.
  • We allow passengers with Business Class or La Premier tickets to carry one additional bag of 32 kg along with their allowed baggage (reported above).


  • If you are buying a ticket for an economy or premium economy cabin, read the baggage airline restrictions carefully because all items have to be of 32 kg, or less.
  • Premium class seaman on International journeys are entitled to carry two pieces of 32 kg baggage without imposing additional fees.
  • For the Seamen who are checking in at La Premiere, the airline provides more allowance for luggage than other airlines.

US Military on Order 

  • Any military man travelling on government orders will be provided with tickets in the Business Class or the Economy Class, and is allowed to carry a maximum of five bags with a weight of 32 kilograms each.

US Military on Leisure

  • Passengers on board most international flights weighing less than 10 kg may carry bags no larger than 32 kg (approx. 68 pounds) each.
  • Business class passengers are allowed to bring five bags weighing up to 32 lbs each.

If your musical instrument weight is over 32kg (70 pounds) and exceeds 70 inches high, over 70 inches long, and 70 inches wide. Your musical instrument will be considered as a special item and will be charged at the Air France baggage policy’s premium rate estimate.

Air France Baggage Size 

There are different types of baggage and so there are different rules for each. Here is a list of limitations according to the main category they fall under: Passengers should adhere to these guidelines in order to avoid any unnecessary complications before, during, and after the flight.

  • Carry-on items should not exceed the following dimensions: length x height x width. Oftentimes, carry-on items are stored beneath the seat in front of you so if you have a long flight, it’s important to put these items away before you board the airplane.
  • The passenger can carry one personal item on their flight. Personal items are checked for size and weight before boarding to make sure they fit in the size and weight limits of the personal item airline policy.
  • My checked-in baggage should not be more than 158 centimeters.
  • Musical instruments that are under  115 cm/ 45 inches can be carried on-board the plane without paying any extra charges. Instruments that exceed size have to be checked in luggage, which means they will cost more and take up more space in their bags.
  • If you are travelling with infants, you must have only one very small bag that is no bigger than 55 x 35 x 25 cm (21x13x9 in), which is not allowed to be heavier than 10 kilograms

Air France Baggage Claim 


If a passenger loses any items during transit, they must contact Lost Property within 24 hours of their arrival. To report a claim online, enter your baggage number: 102501. For claims made through the app, please use the “Lost something?” function and provide your booking reference as well as your Bag Reference: 102501

If a passenger is making the baggage loss claim online, they are able to enter their receipt number. The passenger will receive a file number at the end of a declaration process. Airlines use this information to track the lost baggage and in necessary purchases such as toiletries, health-related materials, or anything else that you purchased due to services being cancelled due to the late arrival of your baggage.

Air France is your window to an unforgettable flight experience. They have everything from ground services to flight services, and all the important baggage policy information. With Air France’s easy change of flights policy, you can also make travel more comfortable with their top notch amenities.

Frequently Asked Questions – Air France Baggage Policy

If your baggage is lost during travel with Air France, you can get up to €1,607. The airline will use the value you provided during your flight if it’s lost or damaged. This can help passengers so make sure to go through the Air France Baggage policy before taking the flight

If you need to cancel your airfare and make any special requests, do so by visiting the airline’s website. If you have some special questions and need to contact the team, visit our website.

If your flight is cancelled due to any mishap, you are entitled to get a 100 % refund from the airline or you will be provided with a ticket for the next flight. The passengers will receive food and beverages while they wait their flight’s arrival. However, if they wish to cancel their tickets right away and receive any refund, they can contact the customer service executive.

The airlines have a different baggage policy. It is as liberal as it can be. They don’t charge any fees if you are within the additional weight or dimensions without limits set by the airlines.

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