Air France Baggage Allowance, Sizes, Weight & Fees Policy [2021]

Who is Air France?

Air France is the company that flies many people all over the world via France.

Air France has created one of the few airlines that can provide luxury travel to experiences in Europe, North America and around the world.

The merger resulted in one Europe’s largest airlines. With 200 destinations and the most up to date aircrafts, it is common for travelers of over 200 million annually.

Air France is the airline of France and serves 40 locations in France. It operates worldwide scheduled passenger and cargo services to 200 destinations in 80 countries, carried 47 million passengers in 2018.

The airline has three hubs. One is at Charles de Gaulle Airport, the other is Orly Airport, and the last is a domestic hub in Philadelphia.

Air France Baggage Allowance Policy

Have questions about your Air France luggage? Our informational article has all the answers.

There’s a lot of information you need before your trip with Air France. To make sure you’re not caught off-guard by the restrictions on the plane, know what the weight and size limits are beforehand.

On our website we have more information about the sizes and weight of Air France luggage.

Air France flyer’s handbag. Our restrictions provide users with the best features that offer protection from any size, weight or type of luggage.

 1 FREE Carry on

 1 FREE personal item choice up to  $100- Purse, Briefcase

 MAX 22″ x 14″ x 9″

 MAX 11.5KG

More information at: Baggage Policy



AirlineNo. of Bags AllowedMaximum Allowable DimensionsMax Weight
Air France
carry-on info
1/passenger22″ x 14″ x 9″26.4 lbs.

Air France Hand Baggage Sizes

People who care about the safety of their fellow travellers might want to come up with a clever way that they can travel without carrying too much luggage on the plane.

Airlines with a number of seats tend to require that the hand luggage that’s being carried onboard be smaller than the size limit to keep it as easy as possible for people to store in their seat or overhead compartment.

Carry-on bags must fit in a single overhead bin with an end of no taller than 22 inches, while some airlines will offer limits on weight. At least one airline has restrictions on dimensions and others bar electronic devices from the cabin altogether.

Air France Cabin Allowance – Personal Items

You may bring the following items with you on board and they do not count as your checked baggage or non-powertravelling item:

  • Jackets and clothes are the article of clothing you are wearing.
  • Umbrella,
  • Duty-free products are items we can purchase in airports and on flights.
  • We offer accessories for children of all ages, sizes and abilities, such as carrying baby strollers, car seats, and diaper bags.
  • Medical equipment (collapsible wheelchair*, crutches, etc).

Air France Other Special Baggage items

It is often difficult for people with disabilities to transport bulky items such as wheelchairs, musical instruments and other medical equipment.

Liquids larger than 3.1-ounce packages on domestic flights are prohibited unless they’re packed in a container that fits under the seat and will fit beneath the seat in front of you without blocking the aisle.

You can transport liquids to be checked in your hand baggage. However, the liquid must comply with aviation regulations and health restrictions.

  • To keep air-borne diseases from spreading, be sure to place your containers in a sealed plastic bag.
  • Each of the containers in the bag must be less than 100 ML / 3.4oz or else there’s a refund.
  • It should not exceed 1 liter / 34.8 fl. oz., so make sure the volume of the bag is limited to 1l
  • The dimensions of the bag must not exceed 20 cm x 20 cm / 7.8 inches x 7.8 inches

You can bring one clear plastic bag to the airport. Certain liquids are accepted with no restrictions and must be accompanied by an authorization form (baby food, medicine, etc.).

Air France Baggage Fees

Air France  offers a calculator that tells you exactly what to pay. Every user is able to refresh their screen based on their current currency.

You determine how many pieces of luggage you are allowed to take with you based on what your ticket says. Your ticket must say a weight limit or amount of pieces and the amount you pay only depends on how much over that number it is.

Passengers are allowed to check one item free of charge on international flights between Canada, the U.S. and Europe. You must not exceed a weight limit for each item, and everything you buy must be under 50 lbs. Each checked bag will incur a fee that varies by destination.

When paid online, the cost of your second checked bag is $80. If you arrive by plane and pay at the airport, it will cost $100. You can receive 3,000 frequent flier miles for free when paying this fee.

Book your baggage allowance online before you book your ticket. Our special French fares makes it easy to be prepared and save money on our flights.

Air France Lost Baggage

If there is an issue with lost baggage, then please contact the customer service of AirFrance – those contact details can be found online.

More Info on Air France Baggage Policy

AirFrance Website: Baggage Policy

Air France Company Profile

Air France was one of the major airlines in Europe, until 2003 when it merged with KLM to create a massive airline with an even more expansive travel industry. This helped Air France become Europe’s largest airline by 2004, and this spot as one of the leaders in aviation has been aided by the arrival of Hop!, stimulating a greater number of flights per year.

Air France was one of the first airlines to offer air travel on the A380 plane when it first went into service in 2005. They were also the first airline to mix a fleet of aircraft, with Airbus and Boeing’s major contributions. Their fleet of aircraft includes planes from 324 in each type and a total operating fleet of 3,900 planes.

Air France features an impressive style and numerous choices in its cabins. Many international long haul flights offer options not available with other airlines, such as personal screens in the rear of seats for all four cabins during an international flight.

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